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2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle Review Price

Golf clubs may benefit from specialization, but we believe great bikes should be capable of doing it all. 2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle, for instance, is from 2021. This motorcycle is for riders who value adaptability and skill in their off-road vehicles. We significantly enhanced this model this year. More force a bigger built-in storage space. Lower seat height and less weight. A redesigned frame, improved bodywork, selectable riding modes, updated instrumentation, and included ABS are some further significant technological advancements. The twin-cylinder engine’s core creates a broad torque curve as well, which makes it enjoyable to ride. A standard six-speed manual-clutch gearbox or Honda’s ground-breaking automatic DCT are the two transmission options available. The most recent NC750X will be the ideal single-bike option for the rider who wants to do it all.

The NC750X’s capabilities for 2021 are enhanced by an innovative fusion of performance- and utility-focused features. The model’s engine, already praised for its adaptability, now boasts more power, a higher redline, and updated gearbox ratios for thrilling reactions at low rpm. In addition to enabling three riding modes and a sophisticated Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system, throttle-by-wire also contributes to the bike’s exceptional fuel economy. An entirely new frame, more angular design, and functional upgrades like a more oversized up-front storage compartment, 30 mm lower seat height, safer windshield, and LED lighting go hand in hand with these performance advantages. Both DCT and manual transmission variants are offered.

2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle

2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Price

Design / Styling

The NC750X is now even sharper, with styling that appeals to commuters as well as those looking for adventure. The muscular fuel tank draws attention to the bike’s smaller top and lower fairings, while a new LED headlamp and running lights improve its frontal appearance.

The windshield is new, greatly enhancing wind and rain protection for all commutes inside the city in less than ideal circumstances and longer journeys. In contrast, the NC750X’s side panels, side covers, and slimline seat add to the vehicle’s lightweight design without sacrificing overall comfort. LED turn indicators are combined with a new LED taillight that complements the headlamp.

The NC750X’s front storage box has been increased, demonstrating that valuable features are just as vital as a thin, athletic look. The storage space is positioned where the gasoline tank would typically be, has a capacity increase of 1 liter to 23 liters, and is designed to accommodate an adventure helmet. While the inside of the lid includes four hooks for employing rubber straps that may aid with baggage organization, the outside has rails for installing a tank bag. A place made to accommodate an auxiliary USB-C socket is another 2021 innovation.

The LCD dash has been modified to make it simple to access relevant data and control the riding modes. The turn signals also automatically cancel; instead of a primary timer, the system analyses the difference in front and rear wheel speeds to determine when to balance given the circumstances.

Engine / Drivetrain

The parallel-twin cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC engine of the NC750X is designed to provide robust performance in the low to middle. A front cant lowers the center of gravity for maximum stability, while the engine’s comparatively long-stroke design, uniquely shaped combustion chamber, and high-inertial mass crankshaft work together to provide significant quantities of accessible torque from extremely low rpm.

For 2021, the valve timing has been changed such that it now varies between the two cylinders. The engine produces more power and has a sharper torque curve beyond 5,000 rpm thanks to new technologies, such as Throttle By Wire and an improved exhaust system. Additionally, the engine is 2.6 pounds lighter and has a higher redline of 7,000 rpm.

2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle

First, second, and third gear ratios have been shortened (for manual and DCT), which enhances standing start and roll-on acceleration through those gears. Fourth, fifth, and its sixth gear ratios have been significantly increased for optimal fuel economy.

An engine that runs smoothly and has a distinct “throb” because of its 270-degree crank and irregular firing intervals is made possible by dual balancers, which offset vibration caused by higher-rpm inertia—77 mm for the bore and 80 mm for the stroke. Components are designed to perform several functions wherever feasible. For example, the camshaft operates the water pump while one of the balancer shafts runs the oil pump. The engine is lightweight, efficient, and dependable by reducing the number of components.

For 2021, a slipper clutch is included, which decreases lever load by 20% and controls rear-wheel lock-up during rapid downshifts of the manual 6-speed gearbox when slowing down.

To produce a deep, recognizable sound and exhaust pulse, a lightweight pentagon-shaped muffler employs two chambers connected by a hole-punched link pipe. For cleaner emissions, the built-in catalyze features a two-layer design.


Honda’s distinctive motorcycles With DCT technology, which is now in its eleventh year of production, gear changes are quick and straightforward. The system employs two clutches, much like previous Honda products. One clutch is used for starting and the first, third, and fifth gears, while the other clutch is used for the second, fourth, and sixth gears. It allows for more compact packaging.

Each clutch has a separate electro-hydraulic circuit that controls it separately. The mechanism per-selects the target gear for the grip that is not presently used when a gear change happens. The second clutch then engages while the first clutch is electrically disengaged.

The end effect is a smooth, quick, and consistent gear shift. Furthermore, since the drive is transferred from one gear to the next with no interruption of the drive to the rear wheel via the dual clutches, there is little to no machine pitching or jolt during a gear change, giving the transition a direct sensation in addition to a smooth one. Additional advantages include durability (because skipping a gear cannot harm the bags), the inability to stall, less tension when riding in cities, decreased rider fatigue, and more mental bandwidth for improved attention on all other elements of riding.

The cyclist may switch speeds manually using the DCT gearbox by pressing triggers that resemble paddles on the left handlebar.

Four shifting schedules are available for the NC750X’s automatic mode, with three as defaults: Levels 2 and 4 shift up at greater rpm and are associated with STANDARD and SPORT riding modes. Level 1 is the most relaxing and is utilized in RAIN mode.

For the USER riding mode, a fourth DCT shift pattern is available that is between the aggression levels of STANDARD and SPORT.

2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle

The NC750X’s DCT has Adaptive Clutch Capability Control, which controls how much clutch torque is delivered. It makes the ride more comfortable by adding a natural “feathered” clutch sensation while opening or closing the throttle.

2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle – Price

The new 2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Bike is available at $8,999 only.

2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 745cc liquid-cooled four-stroke 55º parallel twin
Valve Train SOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 77.0 mm x 80.0 mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Induction PGM-FI electronic fuel injection w/ 36mm throttle bore (throttle-by-wire)
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission 6-speed automatic DCT
Clutch 2 multiplate wet
Final Drive #520 chain; 16T/43T


Front 41 mm Showa telescopic fork; 4.7 in. travel
Rear Pro-Link® w/ single shock; 4.7 in. travel


Front Single hydraulic caliper w/ 320 mm wave disc; 2-channel ABS
Rear Single hydraulic caliper w/ 240 mm wave disc; 2-channel ABS


Front 120/70ZR-17
Rear 160/60ZR-17

2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle


Rake (Caster Angle) 27º
Trail 110 mm (4.33 in.)
Length 87.0 in.
Width 33.3 in.
Height 52.4 in.
Seat Height 31.6 in.
Ground Clearance 5.6 in.
Wheelbase 60.1 in.
Fuel Capacity 3.8 gal.
Color Grand Prix Red
Curb Weight 493 lbs.


The new 2021 NC750X DCT Honda Adventure Motorcycle upgrades maximize performance and usefulness. The engine’s power, redline, and gearbox ratios boost low-rpm responsiveness and the motorcycle attracts commuters and explorers. The gas tank has a 23-liter storage space. The NC750X’s liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder, SOHC engine is powerful, plus its long-stroke, unique combustion chamber, and high-inertial mass crankshaft give accessible torque at low rpm.

The DCT gearbox may be manually shifted using paddle-like triggers on the left handlebar. USER mode adds a fourth DCT pattern between STANDARD and SPORT. The NC750X DCT has Adaptive Clutch Capability Control.

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