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2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Since the off-road category has grown tremendously, there has been a high demand for 450cc motorcycles. Some riders want the newest technology, while others prioritize value above performance and are still not prepared to compromise much in terms of performance. As a result, Honda has created the all-new 2021 CRF450R and a second manufacturing run of 2020 bikes sold at a permanent price drop.

Ken Roczen and Justin Brayton will race on the same platform as the 2020 CRF450R in the AMA Supercross series, which features proven performance and electronic rider aids like Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). HSTC maximizes rear-tire hookup to keep all of the Unicam® engine’s power driving the bike and rider forward.

2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle – Features and Specs

2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle


We’ve made some significant adjustments to the chassis of our 2021 CRF450R to help it handle better. First and foremost, it weighs less than half as much as the previous model. We were able to reduce the weight of the chassis by 20 percent by lowering the lateral stiffness of the frame’s significant spars. There is an increase in cornering speed as a consequence.

Narrower Swingarm

We’ve matched the swingarm’s lateral stiffness to the rest of the chassis by employing thinner prominent members (much as the frame utilizes narrower main spars). As a result, the frame stiffness is balanced and completely integrated, allowing for quicker and more precise handling through turns.

Lighter Subframe

As part of our effort to decrease the weight of the rear subframe, we rebuilt it from the ground up to create it more streamlined and efficient.

New Battery Box

Here are three significant changes: The battery compartment has been lowered to provide a more stable platform. First and foremost, it’s easy to maintain. For the third time, the rig is entirely watertight and ready to race in any weather.

2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle

Front Suspension

The front suspension’s stroke has been raised by 5 millimeters for 2021 to improve handling and rider comfort. To further improve steering accuracy and suspension performance, we revised the axle holding fittings at the bottom of each fork leg.

New Triple Clamps

The CRF450R is the ideal combination of components. We used new upper and lower triple clamps to combine the retuned lateral rigidity of the frame and swingarm with the new, more robust axle fixture in the fork legs. Together, they assist in developing and maintaining a healthy balance between overall stiffness, responsiveness, and the ability to turn.

Rear Suspension

Engineers were able to attach a new rear shock to the 2021 CRF450R because of its revised frame construction. They have tweaked its settings and reshaped it to fit the new chassis better. The improved responsiveness is achieved by resetting the valving more quickly. A new steel spring has also been installed, which reduces weight without sacrificing performance.

2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle

Showa Spring Fork

CRF450R’s front-suspension accuracy and handling are improved by the Showa fork, which utilizes a conventional spring design. Improved handling and bottoming resistance may be achieved by increasing the spring rate.

New Exhaust Pipe

The 2021 CRF450R has a redesigned single-pipe header in addition to the single-muffler exhaust. We’ve shifted the routing 74mm to the center of the bike as well. It’s more lightweight, which aids in a more even bodyweight distribution.

New Single-Muffler Exhaust

For improved rider ergonomics and reduced weight, we changed the muffler’s design to a pressed-alloy design. Please, tell me how much lighter I am. It weighed more than 3.5 pounds!

New Clutch Assembly

There has been a massive buzz about our brand-new hydraulic clutch, but the clutch assembly itself has seen even more advancements than that. We’ve increased the number of clutch plates from seven to eight to enhance longevity and connection, so say goodbye to clutch fading. That equates to an 85 percent reduction in peak horsepower slip and a 27 percent increase in overall clutch pack torque transmission. Even though the spring is more substantial, the clutch-lever pull is lighter than ever because of the hydraulic actuation.

Engine Mode Select Button

To change the mode of the engine’s power delivery, all you have to do is press this handlebar-mounted button. Standard, Smooth and Aggressive are all options that may be selected based on the track’s circumstances.

Compact Fuel Pump

For our engineers, there is no such thing as a trivial detail, mainly if it means making something smaller and lighter. It is what they changed to the fuel pump of the 2021 CRF450R. When you don’t have to, why burden yourself with unnecessary weight? They also lowered the number of fasteners for attaching from six to four while they were at it.

New Radiator Shrouds

The CRF450R’s radiator shrouds have been fine-tuned using computer-aided Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Having a more efficient cooling system means more constant power for the duration of a race, particularly when you’re pressing the gas pedal hard and using your engine hard.

Rear Brake Pads

More than stopping, braking is an essential part of bicycle handling. This attention to detail is because we pay so much attention to things like brake pads. To help you win, they’re built to endure longer and provide you with greater stopping power.

New Switch Assembly

Check out the new 2021 CRF450R controls. They’ve been lightened and made more user-friendly due to our efforts. Authorities consisted of your bike’s shifter/clutch/brakes alone. Things like launch aid, customizable power options, and more are now available. We believe that they should be simple to use, and we have just made them more straightforward.


Designed for racing, the CRF450RWE Works Edition includes all of the significant improvements made to this year’s CRF450R, as well as a unique hand-ported cylinder head, Hinson clutch basket and cover, Twin Air filter, Throttle Jockey graphics, seat cover, upgraded DID DirtStar LT-X rims, an exclusive Yoshimura exhaust system, and revolved suspension.

449cc Unicam Engine

Cylinder heads using Honda’s Unicam technology combine the advantages of both single- and double-overhead cams. Compared to a similar dual-overhead-camshaft engine, the layout adds to a compact engine that saves weight and also provides a narrow-included valve angle. Flattening out the combustion chamber allows for a higher compression ratio, facilitating the spread of the igniting flame. The camshaft may be placed lower in the cylinder head, making the engine more compact and lowering the center of gravity.

Revised Decompression System

Unless you dismantle the engine, you won’t view this. Auto decompression hardware was modified and shifted from the right to the cam’s left side. Stalls at very low RPM (imagine deep into a corner without downshifting) are reduced as a consequence, as is ride quality.

New Cylinder Head

The cylinder head of the 2021 CRF450R is all new. The oval-shaped center exhaust vent is its most notable feature. From 5000 to 7000 rpm, the new single-muffler exhaust enhances power and exhaust efficiency.

Titanium Intake Valves

Reduced reciprocating mass and smaller valve springs allow lower overall engine height with titanium intake valves.

New Fuel Injector Body Position

The angle at which the CRF450R’s fuel injector is inserted into the intake tract has been altered. The injector now streams gasoline back to the throttle butterfly after steepening the angle from 30 to 60 degrees. Fuel is charged to the engine at a colder, denser temperature, which results in increased power and torque. The CRF450R stands out because of its attention to detail, such as this.

Downdraft Fuel Injection

The downdraft intake tract and FI body of the CRF450R contribute to more power and better fuel metering. CRF450R’s explosive power and massive torque, particularly in the critical opening 100 feet of racing to the first bend, is partly due to this.

Double-Spray Injector Settings

Each intake cycle, the CRF450R’s fuel-injection system sprays twice. There is no additional weight or complication associated with using a second injector for this purpose. As soon as you race, you’ll notice a noticeable increase in power in the mid-range and on overrev.

Dunlop MX33 Tires

As the skins of choice for professional MX racers right now, we had no option but to use them on the 2021 CRF450R. The Dunlops connect with the CRF450R’s better cornering capability in a broad range of circumstances.

2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle

Cylinder Head Layout

CRF450R has our newest finger-following rockers. Unicam cylinder heads are among the most efficient in the MX world, offering the design and performance of a double overhead cam arrangement while maintaining the compactness of a single overhead cam design.

2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle – Price

The new 2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle is available at $9,599 only.

2021 Honda CRF450R Trail Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 449.7cc, liquid-cooled, 10-degree, single-cylinder, four-stroke
Valve Train Unicam® OHC, four-valve; 38 mm of intake, titanium; 31 mm exhaust, steel
Bore x Stroke 96 mm x 62.1 mm
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Induction Programmed fuel-injection system (PGM-FI); 46mm throttle bore
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Push-button electric starter
Transmission Constant-mesh 5-speed; manual
Clutch Multiplate wet, hydraulically actuated (6 springs, eight plates)
Final Drive #520 chain; 13T/49T


Front 49mm of fully adjustable leading-axle upturned telescopic Showa coil-spring fork having 12.2-inch travel
Rear Pro-Link system; fully adjustable Showa solo shock having 12.4-inch wheel travel


Front 2-piston caliper (30mm, 27mm) hydraulic; single 260mm disc
Rear 1-piston caliper hydraulic; single 240mm disc


Front Dunlop Geomax MX33 80/100-21 w/ tube
Rear Dunlop Geomax MX33 120/80-19 w/ tube


Rake (Caster Angle) 27°7’
Trail 114mm
Length 85.9 in.
Width 32.6 in.
Height 49.9 in.
Ground Clearance 13.2 in.
Seat Height 38.0 in
Wheelbase 58.3 in.
Fuel Capacity 1.7gal
Color Red
Curb Weight 244 lbs.

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