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2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer Review Specs

The new 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer is designed for those who regard traveling as a detour, both on and off the road. Designed from the bottom up to be competent, self-assured, and entertaining no matter where the road takes you, this rugged, powerful, and technologically sophisticated multi-purpose vehicle is anything from ordinary. With a price tag of $13,995, the Pan America 1250 Special is a top-of-the-line adventure motorbike.

For example, there is an industry first, Adaptive Ride Height (ARH), a suspension system that automatically transitions between a low stopped position and the ideal ride height while the motorbike is in motion. Built to last, made to explore, and constructed for adventure, Pan America is a two-wheel multi-tool. 2021 will be the year you discover new paths to self-determination. Exploring the world on a motorbike is an exhilarating experience that stimulates all senses. With its new Pan America 1250 adventure motorbike, Harley-Davidson has designed a vehicle to go anywhere you want to ride, no matter where the road takes you. In search of new experiences, adventure touring riders go in all directions and terrains, sleeping beneath the stars and immersing themselves in the voyage. These intrepid explorers needed a ship like the Pan America to take them farther into the unknown.

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer – Features

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer

For a new Generation Of Iconic Bikes

One hundred years of renowned V-Twins have come to an end. Revolution® Max is a 145-horsepower liquid-cooled engine with plenty of torque and a broad power band fine-tuned to improve rider control.

Dual Purpose Powertrain

An integral part of the chassis, the Revolution® Max 1250 lowers total weight and improves handling by doing away with the conventional motorcycle frame. With a low center of gravity and a solid chassis, you can feel the performance here.

Peak Performance Where It Counts

Higher peak horsepower is made possible by DOHC and VVT, which have independent control over the timing of the valves. To summarize, you’ll be able to twist as much low- and high-RPM horsepower as you like.

Revolutionary Suspension

This year’s Pan America 1250 Special has adaptive ride height. As a factory-installed option, this lowers the seat height and maintains a consistent sag in the suspension at all speeds by constantly monitoring weight input and preload adjustments.

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer

Semi-Active Front & Rear Suspension

Rear shock with electronic preload adjustment and semi-active damping and 190mm (7.48 inch) of front travel on Showa® BFFTM (Balance Free Forks). Front Showa® BFFTM (Balance Free Forks) travel. The shock, swing arm, and frame are linked together through a linkage system in the rear suspension, resulting in a smooth ride throughout the stroke.

Different By Design

The design and technical teams at Harley-Davidson have developed a concept based on functionality and inspired by classic off-road vehicles from the United States. In an environment where motorcycles are becoming more and more homogenous, Pan America is a gritty take on Harley-signature Davidson’s style.

All Terrain Long-Hauler

As a result, Pan Americas is built to preserve its high-speed handling and riding characteristics even after its baggage, and weight capacities are exceeded. Regardless of how hard you push the Pan Americas, it maintains its composure and self-assured nature.

Great Expectations

A 6.8-inch touchscreen display, a six-axis IMU, adjustable riding modes, Bluetooth connection, and moving map navigation are all included in the Pan America 1250 versions.

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer

Stainless Steel Laced Wheels

The stainless steel spokes, which may be added at the manufacture, are put into the aluminum rim outside the tire bead. Off-road, these wheels provide the rider with several benefits over cast-wheeled counterparts. One advantage of this design is using a tubeless tire, which reduces weight by eliminating an inner tube. Spokes may be changed without removing the wheel from the motorbike or removing the tire from the wheel if they become loose or broken.

Adaptive Lighting

High-Performance, Multi-Functional Daymaker® Lamp

Because it uses the ABS IMU to identify the motorcycle’s lean angle, this headlight automatically illuminates portions of the road that a standard LED headlamp would obscure. There are three LED components on each side, directly above the Daymaker® headlamp’s primary light source. Depending on the angle of the motorcycle’s lean, the adaptive lights glow in the following order: 8, 15, and 23 degrees. As opposed to just turning on and off, the adaptive parts progressively ramp up the current so that the increased illumination is smooth and seems seamless.


TFT touchscreen (thin-film transistor, a form of liquid-crystal display known for its excellent picture clarity and contrast) comes standard on the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special versions. The screen’s mount allows it to tilt, giving the rider more flexibility in where they see the screen. When the motorbike is moving, the touchscreen capability is disabled, but the rider may still use hand controls to operate many of the screen display’s capabilities. All lighting situations are accommodated with non-reflective glass on the screen. The display’s colors and style were chosen to make it more pleasant to look at. The touchscreen is housed in a weather- and dust-resistant sealed housing to endure the off-road conditions. When a rider is wearing gloves, the touch screen works, but rain or other natural inputs do not influence it.


Infotainment provided by a Bluetooth-equipped mobile device may be shown on the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special versions. There is no onboard entertainment system or speakers on the motorbike. To use most of the system’s features, a Bluetooth headset and speakers mounted within the helmet are required. Music may be played over the system while the rider listens through a headset to music saved on a mobile device or music streamed from a mobile device. On display, the artist and track name will be shown, and the rider may browse between music files and change the volume using the hand controls (or the touch screen while the motorbike is stationary). This feature allows riders to receive or make phone calls using voice instructions from their headsets. An incoming call’s caller ID may be shown on the screen.

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer – Price

The new 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer is available at $19,999 in Black, $20,249 in other colors, and $20,349 in two-tone color combinations only.

2021 Harley-Davidson Pan-America 1250 Special Tourer – Technical Specifications


Length 89.2 in. (2,265 mm)
Overall Width 38 in. (965 mm)
Overall Height 59.4 in. (1,510 mm)
Seat Height, Laden 31.1 in. (789 mm)
Seat Height, Laden (with optional suspension) 30.4 in. (772 mm)
Seat Height, Unladen 33.4 in. (850 mm)
Seat Height, Unladen (with optional suspension) 32.7 in. (830 mm)
Static Ground Clearance 8.3 in. (210 mm)
Dynamic Ground Clearance (with optional suspension) 8.3 in. (210 mm)
Rake (steering head) (deg) 25
Fork Angle (deg) 25
Trail 6.2 in. (157 mm)
Wheelbase 62.2 in. (1,580 mm)
Tires, Type Michelin Scorcher “Adventure”, Radial
Tires, Front Model Scorcher Adventure
Tires, Front Specification 120/70R19 60V
Tires, Rear Model Scorcher Adventure
Tires, Rear Specification 170/60R17 72V
Fuel Capacity 5.6 gal. (21.2 l)
Reserve Fuel Capacity, Fuel Injection (warning light) One gal. (3.8 l)
Oil Capacity (w/filter) 4.75 qt. (4.5 l)
Transmission Capacity N/A
Primary Chain Case Capacity N/A
Coolant Capacity 2.32 qt. (2.2 l)
Weight, As Shipped 527 lb. (239 kg)
Weight, In Running Order 559 lb. (254 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1,003 lb. (455 kg)
Gross Axle Weight Rating, Front 399 lb. (181 kg)
Gross Axle Weight Rating, Rear 665 lb. (302 kg)
Luggage Capacity -Volume N/A


Engine Revolution Max 1250
Valves All-new chain-driven, hydraulic self-adjusting lifters, DOHC, intake and exhaust VVT; four valves-per-cylinder
Bore 4.13 in. (105 mm)
Stroke 2.84 in. (72 mm)
Displacement 76.3 cu in (1,252 cc)
Compression Ratio 13.0:1
Fuel System All-new Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Air Cleaner All-new Downdraft intake, tuned velocity stacks, washable filter media
Exhaust 2-into-1-into-1; catalyst in header
Lubrication System Pressurized Wet Sump


Primary Drive Gear, 49/89 ratio
Final Drive Chain, 19/48 ratio
Clutch Mechanical, 8 plate wet, assist & slip, 1090N
Transmission 6-Speed
Gear Ratios (overall) 1st 13.11
Gear Ratios (overall) 2nd 9.687
Gear Ratios (overall) 3rd 7.509
Gear Ratios (overall) 4th 6.057
Gear Ratios (overall) 5th 5.08
Gear Ratios (overall) 6th 4.436


Frame Stressed-member, greater strength low alloy steel trellis frame; stamped, cast, and forged junctions; MIG welded; aluminum forged mid-structure
Swingarm One-piece cast aluminum
Front Fork 47mm inverted fork with electronically adjustable semi-active damping control. Aluminum fork triple clamps.
Front Fork, Optional 47mm inverted fork with electronically adjustable semi-active damping control and Adjustable Right Height (ARH). Aluminum fork triple clamps.
Rear Shocks Linkage-mounted monoshock with automatic electronic preload control and semi-active compression & rebound damping
Rear Shocks, Optional Linkage-mounted monoshock with automatic electronic preload control and, semi-active compression & rebound damping, and Adjustable Ride Height (ARH)
Wheels, Optional Style Type Annodized aluminum tubeless laced
Wheels, Front Type Aluminum cast, satin black
Wheels, Front Width Three in. (76 mm)
Wheels, Front Height 19 inches (483mm)
Wheels, Rear Type Aluminum cast, satin black
Wheels, Rear Width 4.5 inches (114mm)
Wheels, Rear Height 17 inches (432mm)
Brakes, Caliper Type All-new Front: radially fixed, 4-piston caliper, monoblock; Rear: floating, single-piston caliper
Brakes, Rotor Type Front: dual-rotor, floating, tower-mounted; Rear: solid uniform expansion rotor
Brakes, Front Diameter 12.6 in. (320 mm)
Brakes, Front Thickness 0.17 in. (4.5 mm)
Brakes, Front is dual Yes
Brakes, Rear Diameter 11 in. (280 mm)
Brakes, Rear Thickness 0.2 in. (5 mm)
Front brake lever free travel N/A
Rear brake pedal free travel N/A
Brakes, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Standard
Suspension Travel, Front 7.5 in. (191 mm)
Suspension Travel, Rear 7.5 in. (191 mm)


Engine Torque Testing Method J1349
Engine Torque 94 ft-lb (127 Nm)
Engine Torque (rpm) 6,750
Power (Hp/kW) 150 HP / 112 kW @ 9000 rpm
Lean Angle Testing Method J1168
Lean Angle, Right (deg.) 42
Lean Angle, Left (deg.) 42
Maximum hill-starting ability N/A
Fuel Economy Testing Method Estimated City/Hwy
Fuel Economy 46 mpg (5.1 l/100 km)
CO2 Emissions Testing Method N/A
CO2 Emissions N/A


Battery All-new Sealed, maintenance-free, absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery, 12 V, 12 Ah, 225 CCA @ 0-degree F
Charging 3-phase, 45Amp system
Starting 0.9kW electric including direct drive starter motor engagement
Lights, Headlamp Daymaker Adaptive LED Headlamp with 6-segment LED banking lamp
Lights (as per country regulation), Tail/Stop All LED Tail/Stop lamps, including signature tail lighting
Lights, Front Signal Lights All-new LED Bullet Turn Signals
Lights (as per country regulation), Indicator Lamps LED Bullet Turn Signals
Lights, Rear Turn Signals N/A
Gauges 6.8-inch viewable area TFT display with speedometer, gear, odometer, fuel level, clock, trip, ambient temp, low temp alert, side stand down the watch, TIP over attention, cruise, range & tachometer indication BT capable – smartphone pairing to access phone calls, navigation (H-D App ONLY), music
Auxiliary Lamps N/A
Electric Power Outlet USB C-Type , Output 5V at 2.4 Amp
GPS System N/A
Reverse Gear N/A

Warranty And Service

Warranty 24 months (unlimited mileage)
Service Intervals 1st 1,000miles, every 5,000miles after that

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