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2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike Review Specs

Dual-purpose motorcycles have a lot to offer: they’re easy to maneuver in tight city traffic owing to their low weight and slender dimensions, while their suspension, ground reach, and seat height make for an enjoyable and comfortable ride on bumpy pavement and trails. Regardless of the rider’s degree of skill, it provides a wide choice of two-wheeled options. As a trail-ready version of the CRF250L, HRC’s CRF450 RALLY Dakar racer, the CRF250 RALLY debuted in 2017 with a fresh take on the market. Riders looking for an easy-to-manage machine that can compete in a desert stage will be delighted by this machine’s ability to provide an authentic flavor of adventure. The 2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike will debut in 2021 with the CRF300L. In terms of power, weight, and versatility, the CRF300 RALLY is ready to take on any challenge.

2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike – Features and Price

2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike


A 63mm stroke instead of a 55mm stroke gives the single-cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC engine an additional 14 percent cubic capacity – from 250cc to 286cc. The 76mm bore, and 10.7:1 compression ratio aren’t changing. When the engine revs to 8,500 rpm, it produces 20.1 kW of peak power and 26.6 Nm of peak torque. More than just peak power and torque gains, the whole dyno graph curves reveal that the new engine is much more powerful across the rev range.

Because the engine is more powerful, the gear ratios 1 through 5 are shorter, but the 6th gear is taller, allowing for more leisurely highway riding. There are several advantages to adding an assist/slipper clutch to your vehicle, including a 20% reduction in lever load and management of the rear tire hop that occurs during quick downshifts. The maximum speed on the motorway ranges from 129 to 135 kilometers per hour.

Redesigned air filter, muffler, exhaust downpipe, and ignition timing all work together to improve low- to mid-range rpm responsiveness, which is the most common rpm range for city and off-road driving. To further boost combustion efficiency and environmental credentials, the PGM-FI injection system includes an iridium spark plug and accurate fuel metering.

Because of the offset cylinder and molybdenum coating on the piston, the engine has lower internal friction losses. The oil pump has an internal relief device that prevents the oil freed from aerating. The crank bearing is a cast-iron bush, while the crank journal utilizes a half-split, press-fit metal bearing. Adding the main balancing shaft lowers the vibration much further yet.

On the left side of the motorcycle, a 12.7kW heat-release radiator is shielded by a polypropylene grill baffled to promote airflow. Small guide-ring cooling fans are employed to maintain consistent temperatures at low speeds, whether in heavy traffic or dangerous off-road conditions. The Honda CRF300 RALLY’s engine is fully EURO5 compliant.

2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike


All in all, 4 kilograms have been saved off the CRF300 RALLY’s chassis, bringing its wet weight down to 153 kilograms. The new steel semi-double cradle structure provides 2.15kg of weight savings. Its lateral stiffness has been reduced by 25% to improve handling sensation and interaction with front/rear traction.

It has been accomplished by lowered width (-30 mm) for the central down tube and slighter, 25.4 mm in diameter lower down tubes (from 28.6 mm) and a 20 mm drop in width across the center bracing tube.

One-piece cast aluminum spindle is 550g lighter and 23% less stiff than its steel counterpart. A smooth cross-sectional shape and 15mm narrower slightly below the pivot point is also used to provide equal deflection. The new chain adjustment collar is made of extruded aluminum. Aluminum has replaced the steel bottom yoke of the old design, which reduces 730g from a location high concerning the center of gravity, resulting in a quicker steering reaction.

Refined spring weight and damping settings allow the Showa inverted fork to maintain precise control in all types of terrain and speeds. The Showa shock absorber is a solo tube design with a 260mm axle stroke like the Pro-Link rear suspension.

The lower frame, engine crankcases, and the oil drain cap have all been revised, increasing ground clearance from 270mm to 275mm. The rake and trail have been changed to 27.5°/109mm (from 27.6°/113mm) with a 10mm larger wheelbase of 1455mm.

The rear master cylinder is now lightweight and integrated, similar to the CRF competitive bikes, and grips a 220mm disc with a single-piston caliper. The front brake has a single 296mm disc grasped by a two-piston caliper. Also, based on the CRF250/CRF450R, these discs have excellent self-cleaning properties under challenging environments. ABS with two channels is the norm.

The new Alumite surface has been polished to a glossy sheen for the 2021 model year, substantially reducing unsprung mass. Front and rear enduro-style tires have block patterns that give traction in various riding conditions.

2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike

The 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear enable additional off-road specialist tires to be fitted if necessary. Using a machined rear sprocket, M8 bolts (instead of M10), and a hollow rear axle save 160g.

Styling & equipment

The appearance of the CRF300 RALLY is a nod to the motorcycle’s ability to go long distances. As with the CRF450 RALLY, the ‘floating’ screen, upper/lower fairing, and side shrouds are derived from CRF450 RALLY components and provide excellent protection for the rider. Hand shields protect the hands and brake and clutch levers from injury. The gear lever has a folding tip and is protected from the bottom by a skid plate.

Front and rear mudguards have been reworked in an MX-inspired form, and the number plate bracket has been reduced in size by 300 grams for even more weight savings. The gasoline tank level increases by 2.7 liters to 12.8 liters, allowing for a cruising range of nearly 410 kilometers in WMTC mode with a fuel consumption rate of 32.3 km/l.

Rubber inserts have been added to the footpegs and the seat for added comfort. There is a 5mm difference between the seat height of the CRF300L and that of the previous model, which is now 885mm. To accommodate long riding days, it has the same smaller front profile as its sister, but it is wider in the seating region by 20mm.

It has been made simpler to shift gears in heavy off-road boots by lowering and moving back the footrests and handlebars, letting riders maintain light control. Internal weights on the handlebars of the CRF300 RALLY further reduce vibration. There has also been a 10% increase in the area of the side stand’s foldable footplate.

Large black numerals on a bright white background make it easy to see the LCD, which has been revised to be 70 grams lighter. At 23mm, the speedometer digits are also more significant. Gear indication, fuel economy and consumption, average speed, a timer, and a rev counter are just a few of the features of this device. The LED taillight is paired with a dual-LED headlamp that is small and asymmetrical. The indicators have also been upgraded to LED technology and may now be installed in various positions.

2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike


RALLY-specific accessories include a 38L top box, rear carrier bracket, and mounts for the CRF300.

2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike – Technical Specifications


Type Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder DOHC
Engine Displacement (cm³) 286cc
No. of Valves per Cylinder 4
Bore x Stroke (mm) 76mm x 63mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Max. Power Output 20.1kW/8500rpm
Max. Torque 26.6Nm/6,500rpm
Oil Capacity 1.8L

Fuel System

Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 12.8L
Fuel Consumption 32.3km/L

Electrical System

Battery Capacity 12V-7AH

2021 CRF300 Rally Honda Adventure Bike


Clutch Type Wet multi-plate, assist/slipper clutch
Transmission Type 6-speed
Final Drive Chain


Type Steel semi-double-cradle


Dimensions (LxWxH) 2230 x 920 x 1415mm
Wheelbase 1455mm
Caster Angle 27.5°
Trail 109mm
Seat Height 885mm
Ground Clearance 275mm
Kerb Weight 153kg
Turning radius 2.3m


Type Front 43mm telescopic USD fork
Type Rear Prolink


Wheels Front Aluminum spoke
Wheels rear Aluminum spoke
Tyres Front 80/100-21M/C 51P
Tyres Rear 120/80-18M/C 62P


ABS System Type Two-channel ABS
Brakes Front 296 mm x 3.5mm disc with two-piston caliper
Brakes Rear 220 mm x 4.5mm disc with single-piston caliper

Instruments & Electrics

Instruments LCD
Headlight LED
Taillight Bulb


CRF250L, CRF450 RALLY The 2017 CRF250 RALLY was a new Dakar racer. Riders searching for an easy-to-manage machine for a desert stage will love this one.

The CRF300L RALLY will launch in 2021. The CRF300 RALLY is powerful, lightweight, and versatile. The single-cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC engine’s 63mm stroke increases its capacity by 14%, to 286cc. The bore and compression ratio won’t change. The CRF300 RALLY’s wet weight is 153 kg when the engine revs to 8,500 rpm. The gasoline tank grows by 2.7 to 12.8 liters, enabling a 410-kilometer cruising range in WMTC mode at 32.3 km/l.

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