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2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype Review

With the 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype, the BMW Group shows the near-series version of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link at #NEXTGen 2020. As a mode of transportation and communication, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 serves urban commuters by connecting the analog and digital worlds. Set to reinvent the scooter market with its electric propulsion, revolutionary design, and unique networking options.

2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype – Features

2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype

A New Form of Urban Two-Wheel Mobility

With its electric propulsion system, groundbreaking design, and unique connection solutions, the 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype is setting out to redefine the face of the scooter market as we know it. The “Plugged to Life” further evolution of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link connects the analog and digital worlds of the client.

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It serves as a transportation and communication center for city commuters. It is near to production. Intelligent rider equipment adds an all-encompassing and emotionally engaging new mobility experience.

“Electric mobility is a vital kind of drive system for the BMW Group, and we are utilizing this technology consistently in our sustainability plan,” says Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad.

Additionally, BMW Motorrad is interested in exploring electric propulsion, mainly city driving. With the BMW C evolution scooter, we’ve been a pioneer in this space since 2013. With the release of 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype, we can see what a near-production bike for pushing two-wheeled electric mobility in cities to a new level – both technically and artistically – may look like.”

Innovative Architecture and Pioneering Design

The 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype’s segment-shaping design represents a new urban style and a stylistic shift. The BMW Motorrad Concept Link, viewed as a daring vision for the far future in 2017 and is now nearing production-ready, has several novel components and details.

To meet the requirements of today’s riders in terms of simple functioning, a clear aesthetic, and their digital world, the electric drive system provides a revolutionary design that breaks away from traditional scooter aesthetics. With its clean lines and large surfaces in Mineral White metallic, this room has a contemporary feel. It is further emphasized by the use of a two-tone color scheme.

2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype

The drive system, single-sided swingarm, spring strut, and tooth belt are all matte black on the 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype’s technological heart. In addition, the small underfloor batteries and the small rear-wheel-drive unit provide room to explore new directions.

A good example is a side-access compartment, which may be used to store a helmet, for example. The low-mounted battery pack lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, making it easier to handle and more dynamic to ride.

Practical and Ergonomic

The drivetrain and battery pack were developed for an everyday bike that could move people from their homes to their places of employment or social gatherings.

Although the seat should be comfortable, it doesn’t need to be too padded for urban clients, who typically ride less than 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) a day.

When it comes to single riders, the floating bench design makes it easier to get on and off and enhances ergonomics for all riders, regardless of leg length or body size.

Connecting the Rider with their Surroundings

The 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype focuses on practical and user-friendly digital applications. There’s plenty of room for improvement in safety, comfort, and overall enjoyment of the ride for both the rider and the vehicle.

For instance, a combination of the 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype and a smartphone allows the rider to stay in touch with their surroundings. One of the first scooters to include a 10.25-inch touchscreen display has been unveiled, making it the greatest of its kind in the industry.

2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype

Rider Equipment joins the Outward Communications Toolkit

Additionally, the new riding gear improves connection. It may also be used to transfer with the scooter’s surroundings if desired. The 2021 BMW Definition CE 04 Prototype apparel line is centered on a casually tailored warm parka for daily usage.

Improved visibility on the road is provided by light guides incorporated into the sleeves and hood. Sensors in the sleeves allow them to be triggered and change color.

The parka’s interior pocket contains an inductive smartphone charging panel to guarantee that the rider is always accessible. Because of this, the rider equipment is easy to use and has a stylish, modern vibe while still being incredibly functional.

They can carry on with their day with ease thanks to the new assortment, which comprises black riding pants, chic shoes, and an open-face helmet in white. Additionally, the rider’s kit naturally provides the protection riders expect from BMW Motorrad and even serves as an on-bike external communication.

Graphics as a Unique Styling Feature

The fresh idea is highlighted to its entire potential thanks to the subtle visual design. Customers may express their individuality via various design options, ranging from contemporary elegance to an urban style.

BMW Motorrad e-Mobility

BMW Motorrad, as part of the BMW Group, is committed to a long-term focus on electric mobility. As early as 2011, BMW Motorrad’s Concept e demonstrated how electric vehicles might be used in urban areas.

Next, in London, the prototype of the BMW C evolution was shown out at the 2012 Summer Olympics. A first for a luxury brand, BMW Motorrad introduced the C Evolution in 2014 as the world’s first mass-produced all-electric two-wheeled vehicle. It was just the beginning, however.

Designers and developers were given full rein on the follow-up model. What emerged was a brand-new structure with an iconic look. As the BMW Motorrad Concept Link demonstrates, the future of emission-free, urban single-track transportation is now in sight.

The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 shows what a modern production vehicle may look like, continuing BMW’s urban conurbation concept for electromobility.

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