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2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike Review Price Specs

Concepts like “essential line,” “pure design,” and “unique sports content” are all connoted by the term “V9 Bobber,” which emphasizes the bike’s all-black finish. The V9 is the only representative of Moto Guzzi’s custom sports bike in the mid-size bobber series sector. Riders in the United States began to build bobbers following World War II. They stripped them down to the bare essentials to make them faster on dirt tracks. Oversized tires were mounted on the bikes to compete in these circumstances, allowing the bikes to have a large footprint. The V9 Bobber, in keeping with this aesthetic, has no chrome plating or glossy finish, instead opting for matt black accents. There are just a few yellow or red graphics on the side panels and the fuel tank. A “Dark matt” paint has been applied to the exhaust, mirrors, and both metal mudguards. Because the rear mudguard has been carefully cut and reduced in size, it not only holds the optical unit but also adds a lot to the overall look of the bike.

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike

The motorcycle features black 16-inch wheels with grey Moto Guzzi logos on the rims, and the front edge has a larger tire (130/90). As a result of its distinctive design and great tires, the bike retains excellent ride quality and handling qualities. As a genuine Moto Guzzi, the V9 Bobber does not compromise rideability for aesthetics. As a result of the lower, black-painted drag bar handlebar and the aluminum footpegs positioned 100 mm further back and lifted 35 mm, the MY 17 V9 Bobber differs from the V9 Roamer. An active and extended posture is guaranteed by this technological decision, which also provides more onboard room and comfort for taller riders. The V9 Bobber can also be fitted with the forward-mounted footpegs kit. The 2016 models can be retrofitted with the new series footpegs and saddle for better ergonomics, which can be done for a fee.

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike – Features

The 850 Twin-Cylinder Moto Guzzi Engine

The Moto Guzzi 850cc engine, always made at the Mandello del Lario facility, is fitted to the MY 2018 V9 Roamer and Bobber models. These are 90-degree transverse twin air and oil-cooled engines, common to all contemporary Moto Guzzi models, even though their capacity and performance may vary. They provide outstanding riding characteristics and an exceptional sound. It was designed to maximize torque and flexibility, two critical attributes of on-the-road enjoyment, to give an enjoyable ride. For an active engine and proper engine braking, the new aluminum crankcase is supported at crucial spots, has a worthy oil pan, and has an all-new inertia-calibrated crankshaft.

The improved heat capacity and lower power absorption within the lubricating system increase performance while lowering fuel consumption. Because of pumping in the crank chambers and a low-flow oil pump, the ventilation system decreases power loss. New piston cooling oil jets are also employed, connected with a control valve and flow management. The oil pump intake duct and the associated bypass valve are unusual. The blow-by gas output has been added to the alternator cover.

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike

Aluminum heads, pistons, and cylinders are used in the engine’s top portion to their full potential. The bore and stroke parameters of 8477 mm result in the cubic capacity. Using a rods and rockers timing scheme, each cylinder has two valves positioned at an angle in the head. A one-piece Marelli electronic injection system is used to feed the fuel, and a particular ECU controls it. To bring the Moto Guzzi Twin 850 into conformity with Euro 4 emissions rules, the auxiliary air system, three-way catalyst, and double lambda probes are all included in the intake heads, along with the overall design of the engine.

Even at 3,000rpm, the engine delivers 62Nm of torque and 55HP at 6,250rpm, showing Moto Guzzi’s dedication to deliver high torque even at low rpms. An exhilarating ride is made possible by this engine’s startling character and responsiveness. According to the A2 license’s rules, and because it’s excellent for new Guzzi riders, there’s a model with less power that’s also very light and easy to ride.

Moto Guzzi’s 170mm diameter single dry plate clutch is another revolutionary feature of the 850 engines. It improves the bike’s durability and reliability over time, as well as the rider’s control and comfort. Extraordinary ratios in the six-speed transmission make the most of torque and engine power, making the most of the car’s performance. An offset, double-jointed driving shaft and bevel gear allow stable, dependable handling of the high torque generated by the twin engines’ massive output. To increase engine performance and handle the 150 mm tire, the cast aluminum swingarms were constructed and scaled to this specification.

Chassis Features

Guzzi was perhaps the first to realize the significance of a frame that could use the engine to its full ability and a suspension system that could adapt to the flaws of a road surface with ease. A “spring frame” motorcycle, like the Norge GT from 1928, was the first of its kind to include front and rear suspension, making it much safer and more enjoyable to ride. The Moto Guzzi heritage is filled with models known for their excellent riding characteristics, such as California, purchased by the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) in 1970 following a series of severe testing.

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike

As a result of this heritage, Moto Guzzi can now produce bikes like the V7 III and the large 1400s that set the standard for handling in their respective classes. The Moto Guzzi V9 is yet another gem in the company’s crown for both enjoyment and performance. All bikes made at Mandello del Lario are known for their rideability and dynamic balance because of the steel twin tube cradle frame. With gussets in the steering head and improved slope and trail capabilities, the designers devoted particular attention to the front of the vehicle, resulting in a great ride that combines handling and stability with accuracy and emotion.

To top it all off, the welding and painting were meticulously attended to and finished to perfection. Traditional long travel (130 mm) inverted forks and a new set of spring preload adjustable shock absorbers attached to the frame deliver a smooth and regulated response at all times. Customized for the V9, the front end of the brake system is equipped with an integrated master cylinder and Brembo 4-piston caliper. In contrast, the rear end is equipped with a two-piston floating caliper and master cylinder with a built-in reservoir.

Equipment: all for safety and riding pleasure

There are innovative electrical features on the V9 that make it safer and more straightforward to ride, much as on other Moto Guzzis. It is equipped with advanced two-channel ABS, which is not invasive in everyday riding but prevents wheels from locking when needed, and the well-known MGCT (Moto Guzzi Traction Control), Moto Guzzi’s innovative traction control integrated with an electronic engine management system and adjustable in two different levels of operation, which can be deactivated, ensuring better grip of the rear tire on any road surface, reducing engine torque if necessitated. In addition, the car comes with an immobilizer and a USB port on the steering wheel.

Also similar to the aesthetic of the two V9s is their electrical instrumentation: a single circular display. The speedometer, odometer, partial trip, and daily trip (with automatic reset after eight hours after shutdown), the trip time (with automatic reset after eight hours after shutdown), instantaneous and average fuel consumption (clock, outside temperature, average speed), and MGCT level (which the user can adjust idle and maximum value) are all contained in a digital box that can be accessed via a touchscreen. When riding a motorcycle, you may want to maintain the engine RPMs within a specific range to maximize performance or minimize fuel consumption. MG-MP is Moto Guzzi’s multimedia platform that connects a smartphone to the car and gives essential information about driving. It’s part of a wide range of accessories.

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike

The Moto Guzzi Media Platform connects the V9 to the world.

Riders of the Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber have the option of adding a multimedia platform to their bike. MG-MP is an innovative multimedia system that links the bike to your smartphone and the internet. Your smartphone (iPhone or Android) turns into an onboard computer and the link between your car and the Internet when you download this free app from the App Store or Google Play. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up much space.

With the wireless connection, you can keep an eye on various vehicle data on your smartphone screen, making it easier to plan your route. On the smartphone’s touch screen, you can see five different parameters at once, including the speedometer, instant power, rev counter, instant torque, instant, and average fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage, longitudinal acceleration, and the extended trip computer. These parameters can be chosen from an extensive menu on the smartphone. The “Eco Ride” function quickly reviews the findings achieved throughout the journey and helps restrict fuel usage and maintain an environmentally friendly driving style.

Versions and Colors

The MY 20 Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer comes in two color options: Verde Nobile and Grigio Eleganza. Both have a glossy finish and glossy black front and rear mudguards. If you want to buy a blue Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber for the New Year, you can get it in Blue Impeto or Nero Notte, both of which have a completely matte look.

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike – Price

The new 2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike is available for $10,490 only.

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 90-degree, 4-stroke, V-twin, 2-valves per cylinder
Cooling air and oil
Displacement 853cc
Bore and stroke 84 mm x 77 mm
Compression ratio 10.5: 1
Maximum power 40.44 kW (55 HP) at 6,250rpm
Torque 62 Nm at 3,000rpm
Fuel system Marelli MIU solo-body electronic injection, integrated management of traction control on two levels
Starter electric
Exhaust system stainless steel, 2-in-2 type, three-way catalytic converter including double lambda probe
Approval Euro 4


Transmission Six speeds (with overdrive top gear)
Primary drive Having helical teeth, ratios 21/25 = 1: 1.190)
Final drive Double universal joint & double bevel gear units (8/33 ratio = 1: 4.125)
Clutch Ø 170mm solo disc with integrated, flexible couplings

2020 V9 Bobber Moto Guzzi Street Bike


Frame ALS steel twin tube cradle frame
Wheelbase 1465 mm
Trail 125.1 mm (116.1 mm)
Headstock angle 26.4°
Steering angle 38°
Front suspension standard fork, Ø 40 mm
Front-wheel travel 130 mm
Rear suspension swingarm including two shock absorbers, having adjustable spring preload
Rear-wheel travel 99 mm (91 mm)
Front Brake stainless steel floating disc, Ø 320 mm Brembo opposed four-piston calipers
Rear brake stainless steel floating disc, Ø 260 mm Brembo opposed two-piston calipers
Wheels Aluminum alloy
Front-wheel rim 2.5” x 19”
Rear-wheel rim 4” x 16”
Front tire 100/90 – 19” (130/90 – 16”)
Rear tire 150/80 – 16” (150/80 B 16”)

Electrical System

System voltage 12 V
Battery 12V – 18 Ah


Length 2240 mm (2185 mm)
Width 865 mm (840 mm)
Height 1165 mm (1160 mm)
Saddle height 818 mm (808 mm)
Kerb weight 199 Kg
Fuel tank capacity 15 liters
Reserve 4 liters


Consumption (WMTC cycle) 4,99 l/100 km
CO2 Emissions (WMTC cycle) 114 g/km

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