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2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Motorcycle brand 2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle has a distinct character and frequently goes against the trend. Audace Carbon is the brash contemporary interpretation of this rebel attitude. The Larian eagle’s past is littered with unusual decisions: the transversal V 90, a knack for ingenuity, sporting records, and the storied eight-cylinder engine. When it comes to showcasing its individuality, Moto 2020 Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle has never been one to hold back. It hasn’t changed in 95 years.

The 2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle Audace Carbon is ostentatious, strong, and ferocious. Its front end stands out instantly thanks to the circular headlamp unit and genuine carbon components like the front mudguard placed on a fork without a telescopic cover and the tank sides.

2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle – Features and price

The Moto Guzzi Media Platform

Motorcycle multimedia system MG-MP (2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle Multimedia Platform) is optional and connects riders motorcycle to rider smartphone and, therefore, the internet. The rider can turn the rider’s smartphone (Android or iPhone) into a powerful onboard multi-purpose computer and the bike’s Internet connection with this free software, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Due to the wireless connection, the rider will always be aware of the rider’s trip’s characteristics thanks to real-time vehicle information shown on the rider’s smartphone. Smartphone touch screens help the rider see five various parameters at once, including the speedometer and instant power, rev counter, and torque, and average fuel consumption. Other features include longitudinal acceleration and a trip computer that can track rider progress for a more extended period. The “Eco Ride” function reduces fuel usage and promotes environmentally-friendly driving habits while also giving a quick summary of the trip’s environmental impact.

2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle

Store rider journey data on rider computer or immediately on the app to examine rider route and the vehicle’s performance characteristics later on. When the fuel reserve indicator turns on, MG-MP tells the rider where the nearest gas stations are, and it also makes it easier to locate the rider’s car when the rider’s parked in a strange place since it remembers where the rider left it when the rider shut it off last.

With the “Grip Warning” feature, MG-MP may offer real-time information on rider riding performance in connection to road surface conditions by simulating the traction control operation’s indicators for optimum visibility. A dedicated indication light indicates excessive usage of the available grip. In combination with information from the car, gyroscopes and other sensors on a smartphone may provide a very accurate reading of the vehicle’s lean angle during turns. Slight angle, vehicle speed, and engine speed all have restriction levels that may be customized. A related indication light or virtual dashboard flash will appear if these limitations are exceeded.

A Vast Range Of Dedicated Accessories

The Audace Carbon’s original accessory line was developed to meet the demands of style-conscious bikers who want to amplify their bikes’ resolute and decisive image by adding even more muscle (such as the black anodized hand grips that are installation-ready for black «Corsa» ends, short shank black mirrors, and CNC billet aluminum sleek and lightweight brake and clutch levers) or a sportier look to their bikes (with fuel cap cover and injectors cover and the footpeg covers completely in aluminum).

Stainless steel heat shield kits in either mirror-polished or black finish are also available in the line. Custom-made Audace Eagle motorbike cover for indoor storage. It keeps dust off the rider bike while it’s in the garage. Bespoke elastic fabric and a unique design are used exclusively for the Audace.

They have anodized black billet aluminum “Dark” short shank mirrors. These three-axis-machined short shank mirrors represent the pinnacle of manufacturing technology. They’re allowed to be used in every country across the world.

2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle

Black anodized billet aluminum “Dark” handgrips improve the rider bike’s handlebar, giving it a personalized and beautiful appearance while being installation-ready for “Corsa” ends. To complete the look of the rider bike, choose the “Corsa” hand grip ends in black anodized billet aluminum to match the “Dark” hand grips.

A front brake lever with “dark” black anodized aluminum improves riding comfort and enhances the bike’s appearance due to its feel and adjustability. The “dark” black clutch lever, constructed of black anodized billet aluminum, improves riding comfort and characterizes the Audace Carbon’s aesthetics due to its feel and adjustability.

High-quality billet aluminum covers replace the original rubber footpegs on the motorcycle and in the passenger vehicle. The face gives the wheel a unique look and ensures that it will have optimum traction no matter what the riding conditions are. Set of four billet aluminum cosmetic spacers that replace the cylinder head cover fastening fasteners Screws made of polished stainless steel are included in the package. Laser-cut and black anodized aluminum engine crankcase hole covers to protect the engine from damage. ‘1400’ has been laser inscribed.

Fuel cap made of aluminum matches the rest of Audace Carbon’s original parts: this cap is made of genuine carbon. Another component manufactured from high-quality carbon: a pair of injector caps.Compact, self-powered alarm system with wireless remote control for the newest generation of electronic anti-theft devices. Engine lock, motion sensor, and a high degree of security are some of its characteristics. Stainless steel cylinder heat shields with ABS inlays enhance the overall aesthetics. They shield the rider from the cylinder’s heat, resulting in a more pleasurable ride.

2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle

Crankshaft cylinder head guards: black coated or mirror-polished unique cylinder head guards constructed of billet aluminum. They’re an excellent fit for Audace Carbon’s aesthetic and design. Mounts made of stainless steel are included. Swingarm washers are unique aluminum billet washers used on swingarms. The billet aluminum rear brake fluid reservoir cover with a polished finish gives the rider bike a special appearance. It fully encloses the brake fuel reservoir body and, as far as we can tell, does not affect how it works. Installing it is a snap.

Additional lighting: the other headlights improve vision at night and blend in seamlessly with the vehicle’s appearance thanks to their chrome finish. With the Fast Click attachment method, these canvas side bags are fast and straightforward to attach and remove. They are made of luxurious, water-resistant, soft material with leather accents. The gel insert on this seat improves comfort while also absorbing vibrations. Comfort Gel’s logo appears on the seat cover.

2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle – Price

The new 2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle is available for $18,290 only.

2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle

2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 90-degree, 4-stroke, V-twin engine, 4-valve, double ignition
Cooling Oil and air with an independent cooling pump Oil radiator having thermostat controlled fan.
Displacement 1380 cc
Bore x stroke 104 mm x 81.2 mm
Compression ratio 10.5: 1
Timing system diagram

(1 mm checking clearance)

The intake valve opens 19-degree BTDC
The intake valve closes 55-degree ABDC
The exhaust valve opens a 49-degree BBDC
The exhaust valve closes 12-degree ATDC
Maximum power 71 kW (96 HP) @ 6500rpm
Maximum torque 121Nm (12.3 kgm) @ 3000min-1
Fuel supply / Ignition phased electronic Multipoint sequential injection, Magneti Marelli IAW7SM; “ride-by-wire” Ø 52mm throttle body, IWP 243 Magneti Marelli injectors, double oxygen sensor, traction control, integrated management of 3 engine mappings, cruise control
Starter Electric
Spark plugs NGK LMAR8F, 2-per-cylinder
Exhaust system painted steel, 2-in-2 type, 3-way catalytic converter with a double oxygen sensor
Approval Euro 4
Transmission Gearbox 6-speed
Gear ratio values 1st (1: 2.235)
2nd (1: 1.700)
3rd (1: 1.348)
4th (1: 1.115)
5th (1: 0.968)
6th (1: 0.8)
Primary drive With helical teeth (1: 1,346)
Final drive double Cardan joint & fixed bevel gear seat, drive ratio 10/36 = 1: 3.6)
Clutch single-disc including integrated anti-vibration buffer


Frame Steel tubing, closed double cradle including elastic-kinematic engine mounting system to isolate vibrations.
Wheelbase 1695mm
Trail 145mm
Headstock angle 33-degree
Steering angle 37-degree
Front suspension Standard fork, Ø 45mm, with radial caliper mounting bracket
Front-wheel travel 120mm
Rear suspension Swingarm having a double shock absorber, including adjustable extension and spring preload with remote tank.
Rear-wheel travel 120mm
Front brake Dual 320mm of stainless steel floating discs, Brembo radial calipers having four horizontally opposed pistons
Rear brake 282mm stainless steel fixed disc, Brembo floating caliper including two parallel pistons
Wheels Aluminum alloy
Front-wheel rim 3.5” x 18”
Rear-wheel rim 6” x 16”
Front tire 130/70 R18.”
Rear tire 200/60 R16.”

Electrical System

System voltage 12 V
Battery 12V – 18 Ah
Alternator 12 V – 550 W


Length 2445 mm
Width 920 mm
Height 1145 mm
Saddle height 740 mm
Minimum ground clearance 165 mm
Fuel tank capacity 20.5 liters
Reserve 5 liters


The new 2020 Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon Custom Motorcycle is one of the best and highly impressive custom bikes with plenty of remarkable features. The bike has got a powerful 1,380cc V-twin engine that is tuned specially to deliver instant throttle response. The chassis is beautiful and has a classic design that constantly demands to have another look.

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