2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike Review Specs Price

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike

The 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike is one of the best and extremely famous off-road motorcycle. With an electric starter, an 18-inch wheel, and a wide-range 6-speed gearbox, the YZ250FX is a light and powerful machine, designed for victory in the countries. Let’s shed some light on the review, price and specifications of the bike

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike – Features and Price

Key Features

Based on the championship winner YZ250F, with the revolutionary 4-stroke DOHC power plant, tilted back and liquid-cooled, with symmetrical vertical movement input, positioned forward. With a new sixth gear transmission and wide ratio, the YZ250FX is a “ready to use” Hare Scrambles / GNCC competition machine.

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike

The engine design is based on the award-winning YZ250F and it includes all the same race-winning features: an updated cylinder head, lightweight forged piston, two rings, and a flat top. A shorter and more durable piston pin with a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC). A revised piston oil jet and advanced connecting rod, crankshaft, and counterbalance designs. Together, the result is improved peak power, energy supply, and overall durability.

A large proportion of 6-speed transmission is used to ensure that the right gear is available for the inclusive variety of terrain found in cross-country racing. Almost the same bilateral beam frame found on the championship winner YZ250F is used on the 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike. The forged section on the swingarm pivot. Engine mounting brackets help to develop a light and agile feel on the tight technical terrain, while still providing stability in fast parts.

The industry-leading, fully adjustable KYB spring fork with speed-sensitive damping features revised valves to improve the feel and balance of the suspension. The articulated rear suspension features a KYB rear shock with configurations optimized for cross country racing. With the electric starter system, a 2-liter fuel tank, a sturdy plastic plate, 18 inches of the rear wheel, and XC racing tires, the YZ250FX is ready to win immediately.

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike


The revolutionary tilted back, 4-stroke, 4-valve engine, and high-performance, liquid-cooled fuel injection has been tuned to challenge racing victories in the highly competitive GNCC and Hare Scrambles racing series. The electric push-button operation makes starting the YZ250FX easy and convenient.

The position of the engine moves along the rotational mass of the cams towards the center of the gravity of the bike, which allows for a straight shot, the airflow inlet, and the straight exhaust inlet to maximize engine performance. Besides, this layout keeps the air box high, free of dust, and mud/water.

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike

The fuel injection system of 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike uses 3D mapped electronic control for fuel and ignition timing optimized for cross-country racing. A large proportion of 6-speed transmission is used to ensure that the right gear is available for the variety of terrain found in cross-country racing.

Chassis / Suspension

A bilateral aluminum beam structure similar to the YZ250F provides strength, lightness, and durability for race conditions and comes standard with a sturdy plastic skid plate. Dunlop AT81 tires special for cross-country racing are used to maximize traction and provide excellent wear.

The new fully adjustable KYB forks, industry favorites having speed-sensitive cushioning and Kashima Coat gives a superb performance. The KYB rear shock was containing Kashima Coat and a massive 50 mm piston is another main feature of the 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha. The fork and rear shock are tuned explicitly for cross country racing, with fork seals designed for durability in harsh conditions.

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike

The large 270 mm front disc brake, together with the high-performance pad material, offers excellent machine control and performance to 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike, with exceptional stopping power and controllability.

Additional Features

The GYTR Power Tuner extra permits proprietors to modify the air/fuel blend and start timing maps to coordinate motor execution qualities with driver and race conditions surprisingly fast, by squeezing a couple of catches. The great O-ring chain is strong and sturdy.

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike

Quick-adjust clutch, full 55 mm platform feet, four-position rubber-mounted handlebar clamps, aluminum handlebars, and side support are standard for greater pilot convenience. The 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike is also pre-installed for an optional radiator fan for the most challenging conditions.

The air filter cover helps prevent contact with Dzus quick-release quarter-turn fasteners for tool-free access to the air filter. Thanks to a WR style fuel level sensor in the tank, the YZ250FX includes a convenient fuel level, along with an engine warning indicator on the handlebars.

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike – Price

The 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Motorcycle is available at $7,999 in the Team Yamaha Blue color option.

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 250 cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-stroke; 4 titanium valves
Bore x Stroke 77 mm x 53.6 mm
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Fuel Delivery Keihin® fuel injection, 44 mm
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission Wide-ratio constant-mesh 6-speed; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive O-ring chain

You must have a look at the following Spare Parts and Accessories.

IMS Fuel Tank Yamaha YZ250FX / YZ450FX 2015-2016
Price = $349
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Zeta Forged Pivot Clutch Lever Yamaha YZ250FX / YZ450FX 2015-2019
Price = $44.06
[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8815181-13548403?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revzilla.com%2Fmotorcycle%2Fzeta-forged-pivot-clutch-lever-yamaha-yz250fx-yz450fx-2015-2019&cjsku=1784853″ ]
Rekluse Standard Clutch Cover Yamaha YZ250F / YZ250FX / WR250F 2014-20
Price = $169
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Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust Yamaha YZ250F / YZ250FX / WR250F 2017
Price = $611.96
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2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike Specs


Suspension / Front KYB® spring-type fork having speed-sensitive damping; fully adjustable, 12.2 inches of travel
Suspension / Rear KYB® single shock; fully adjustable, 12.5 inches of travel
Brakes / Front Hydraulic disc, 270 mm
Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 245 mm
Tires / Front 90/90-21 Dunlop® AT81F
Tires / Rear 110/100-18 Dunlop® AT81

You may like to purchase these Accessories.

FMF MegaBomb Header Yamaha YZ250F / YZ250FX / WR250F 2014-2019
Price = $341.99
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Acerbis Mud Flap Yamaha YZ250FX / WR250F / WR250R / WR450F / YZ450F /
Price = $26.96
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Cycra Fork Guards Yamaha YZ250F / YZ250FX / YZ450F / YZ450FX 2010-2018
Price = $35.96
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Moose Racing Clutch Cable Yamaha YZ250FX / WR250F 2015-2018
Price = $16.95
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2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike Specs


L x W x H 85.2 inches x 32.5 inches x 50.4 inches
Seat Height 38 inches
Wheelbase 57.7 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 26.3°
Trail 4.5 inches
Ground Clearance 12.8 inches
Fuel Capacity 2 gallons
Wet Weight 249 lb

You should wear a proper protective gears during ride.

Alpinestars Supertech-R Boots
Price = $499.95
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Spidi Squared Gloves
Price = $44.9
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LS2 Xtra Yard Carbon Helmet
Price = $429.98
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Biltwell Overland 2.0 Goggles
Price = $79.95
[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.jdoqocy.com/click-8815181-13548403?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revzilla.com%2Fmotorcycle%2Fbiltwell-overland-20-goggles&cjsku=1312940″ ]

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike Specs


Warranty 30 Day (Limited Factory Warranty)

2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike


Overall, the 2019 YZ250FX Yamaha Dirt Bike is a strong competitor in the GNCC racing category and a fantastic track bike for those looking for a performance-oriented option. The low power reduced almost explosively makes the bike fun to ride fast, and the overall handling looks better in speed.

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