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2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility ATV Review Specs

The world’s first four wheels ATV Suzuki was introduced by Suzuki in 1983. King Quad is supporting its rider in every task from remote areas to rural. King Quad lineup across the globe is an extraordinary group of ATVs. 2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility ATV has minimalistic features like semi-automatic clutch and 5-speed manual shift transmission. It gives an adequate amount of torque for smooth performance.

Alongside this, it has a catalyst-equipped exhaust system, Pulsed-secondary Air Injection (PAIR) and high rated performance of Iridium spark plug, which gives an outstanding fuel efficiency and cleaner emission. A spark plug is only a device for delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber. Spark ignition engine, which helps to ignite the compressed fuel or air mixture through an electric spark, while featuring combustion pressure within the engine. Whereas ATV meets emission standards when maintaining a high level of performance. Manufacturers have designed a new King Quad logo with the body for 2019 in an idealistic camouflage. The impressive Camo features of 2019 King Quad 400 FSI is as given:

2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility ATV – Features and Price

2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility ATV

Main Features

The idealistic elements of King Quad 400FSI comprise of a 4-stroke engine with a powerful injector and also availability for an outdoor task with camouflage bodywork of True timber. It has a large fuel tank with massive fuel capacity. It has high long-lasting and durable manual transmission with a semi-auto clutch.

Transmission Features

The main transmission features of 2019 king Quad 400 FSI comprises of Semi-automatic clutch and five-speed transmission which reverse allows you to choose an ideal gear to gain adhesive grip and fuel efficiency forsooth performance. It has an availability of 4WD or 2WD through its flips of a handlebar-mounted lever. The shaft drive of the Quad system is more durable, maintenance-free and incredible than the rest of the other vehicles.

Setting it in 4WD mode, the torque-sensing limited-slip from differential gives maximum traction for movement specifically in a closed area. It has a Wide-ranging of versatility through the selection of High and low sub-transmission. It has an Engine control unit (ECU) which is also called engine control module ECM that is located behind the dashboard and under airbag that controls actuators on internal combustion. Different modes high, low, neutral or reverse range can be selected through automatic gate Type gear shift lever.

2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility ATV

Chassis Features

The main chassis features with High clearance and sharply angle fenders along with sportier bodywork. It is Bed for easy transportation due to its overall perfect length of 82 inches, which is much favorable. It’s a perfectly designed T-shaped seat, which provides exceptional mobility or balance to the rider while drifting or riding on tackling the terrain. Its Front A-arm suspension provides a remarkable grand clearance with 6.7 inches (170.1 mm) of wheel travel. Twin shock absorbers and swingarm rear suspension with 6.7 inches of wheel travel give agile handling and riding. Have Strong plastic skid plates in lightweight.


In terms of utility, it’s Wrinkle painted front bumper and rack is entirely scratch-resistant and durable. It has Dual 35W headlights. It works on two different modes of selection. Alongside dual headlights, also Bright twilight enhances the ATV visibility in doom, dusky and dark conditions. The load capacity is also perfect. Front fender with an automotive-style DC power clutch is available in it.

Exclusive features including LCD instrumentation along with odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, hour meter, speedometer, clock and specific indicators for reverse, neutral and oil purpose With a limited warranty of 12 months. It has a fuel capacity of 4.2 gallons (15.9 liters) fuel in its tank with an exclusive riding range. It has a great ease of genuine accessories including windshield, winches, snowplow, rack extension, admission skidpans and utility box.

Special Features

The minimum age for an operator must be 16 years. Not for them who are below 16 years.

2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility ATV – Price

The 2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility Quad Bike is available in $6, 899.

2019 KingQuad 400FSi Camo Suzuki Utility ATV – Technical Specifications


Type 376 cc (22.94 cubic inches) 4-stroke, air-cooled having SCAS, OHC single cylinder
Bore x Stroke 82mm x 71.2mm (3.228inches x 2.803inches)
Compression Ratio 9.0: 1
Fuel System Suzuki electronic fuel injection
Starter Electric
Lubrication Wet sump

Drive Train

Transmission 5-speed forward constant mesh, with high/low range, and reverse
Clutch Dry shoe, automatic, centrifugal type
Driven Wheels 2WD & 4WD
Final Drive Shaft drive


Suspension Front Independent, double wishbone, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear Swing-arm type, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes Front Disc brakes, twin rotors
Brakes Rear Single drum brake
Tires Front AT25 x 8-12, tubeless type x 2
Tires Rear AT25 x 10-12, tubeless type x 2
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2 US gal. (16.0 L)
Color True Timber XD3


Ignition Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Headlight 12V 35/35W (HS1) × 2
Tail Light 12V 21/5W


Overall Length 81.1 inches (2060 mm)
Overall Width 45.1 inches (1145 mm)
Overall Height 48.0 inches (1220 mm)
Wheelbase 50.0 inches (1270 mm)
Ground Clearance 9.8 inches (250 mm)
Seat Height 33.1 inches (840 mm)
Curb Weight 615 lbs. (279 kg.)


Warranty The 12-month unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Extensions Coverage extension and additional benefits are available

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