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2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour Comparison Review

Today’s article concerns the comparison review of the 2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour. Many Cruisers are available in the market that claim to be the best. Many manufacturing companies claim that they have manufactured the world’s best cruisers that offers comfort all day long. This article is dedicated to comparing the 2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour.

The BMW K1600B, on the other hand, goes hand in hands with the Gold Wing in terms of specifications. It features a six-cylinder engine, superb front-end design, swoopy lines and plenty of touring chops. It features the latest top box version, an integrated GPS and heated seats for both rider and passenger.

The 2018 Honda Gold Wind, no doubt, has a great history and features the high performing Honda engine. This cruiser was redesigned from top to bottom, and it has made an impact in the world of motorcycle touring world. The new G-Wing is the smooth, stable, and friendly touring bike to ride on. Let’s have a complete comparison review between 2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour.

2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour

2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour – Comparison Review

Luggage Battle

Well, a lot of riders want to take luggage with them, especially during long rides. The BMW’s K1600B provides the total carrying capacity of 123 liters, 37 in each of its side bags and 49 in its top case.

The Honda Gold Wing provides the 150 liters luggage capacity. It contains two 30-liter bags and the 50-liter top case giving the 110 total liters of luggage. An electronic button triggers the Honda’s case to open the lockable fasteners to open the mechanical latch on the Beemer’a bags. It shows that BMW is better in luggage battle.

2019 K 1600 B BMW Touring Motorcycle

Comfort Battle

Comfort is another critical factor among those riders who use to ride tourers and cruisers for long rides. The BMW k1600B comes with the 1.2-inch lower seat height, and the pegs feel high, giving extra comfort. The looped handlebars provide superb handling experience. The dash and windshield are prominent from the seat.

The rider can also stretch his knees due to the forward-set of floorboards. The redesigned Gold Wing provides neutral riding position with an upright, feet slightly behind knees and comfortable reach forward into the handlebars. It contains the full seat giving the warm, relaxed, and commanding riding style.

Handling Battle

The handling of both bikes is very close to each other. Both are easy to manage in offering a comfortable ride. BMW’s tourer is more agile and robust. It features the heavy crosswinds on the freeway. It is incredibly light in weight and gives a lot of feedback from the front end, making it easy to handle this monster. The Honda Gold Wing is the tourer bike that shows ultimate stability. The rear tire features the full and flat profile that contributes to the Honda’s rock-solid feel plus the handlebars give maximum controls in the hands of the rider.

Suspension Battle

The next thing that counts the most is the suspension battle in tourers. BMW’s famous Telelever system is not replaced in K1600B with the latest Duolever system. This system ties to the girder-like fork to two wishbones that compress the single shock. It is a similar function to the previous method but gives better results.

The Gold Wing features an ultra-stable suspension, but K1600B is more agile. The tie-rod in Gold Wing connects the bottom of the handlebar to the top of the fork exposed make it better than BMW’s K1600B. Both bikes feature electronically adjustable suspension while the Honda’s setting is less noticeable.

2018 Gold Wing Honda Touring Motorcycle

Power Battle

The BMW K1600B features the 1,649 powerful straight-six cylinder engine, which is much smaller than the Honda Gold Wing’s 1,833 flat-six cylinders. The BMW engine steals the shows with 184 fewer cubic centimeter it gives 26 more horsepower.

Pricing Battle

The BMW K1600B Grand America comes with the price of $23,195 while the Honda Gold Wing cost $26,700.

2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour – Technical Specifications

Specs \ Bikes BMW K1600B Grand America Honda Gold Wing Tour


Price $23,195 ($27,015 as tested) $26,700


Engine 1,649cc straight-six 1,833cc flat-six
Measured Power 125.9 hp @ 7750 rpm 97.9 hp @ 5500 rpm
Measured Torque 106.1 lb.-ft. @ 4200 108.4 lb.-ft. @ 1250 rpm


Rake/trail 30.5°/4.3 inches 25.3°/4.2 inches
Wheelbase 63.7 inches 66.7 inches
Measured Weight 810 lb. (wet) 838 lb. (wet)
Seat Height 30.7 inches 29.3 inches
Fuel Capacity 7.0 gallons 5.6 gallons


Fuel Economy (hi/low/avg.) 44/36/39 mpg 42/38/40 mpg
Range 273 mi. 224 mi.


Warranty 24 months, unlimited miles 36 months, unlimited miles


The article provides a comparison review between the 2018 BMW K1600B Grand America vs 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour, and it is covered under bikescatalog.com. Both feature high performing equipment and engine. But the pricing BMW K1600B has won the pricing battle by saving about $3,500.

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