2014 Yamaha MT 07 Review Specs

2014 yamaha mt 07

Project Leader of 2014 Yamaha MT 07, Shin Yokomizo says “Our preliminary tip was riding pleasurable”. “So about supremacy in delivery and its light weight construction, we had a very obvious confront. We determined to construct a factual next generation engine. That engine is compact, powerful, and much lighter along with being more fuel efficient.”
Product Planning manager Oliver Grill adds in saying “The European motorcycle market with all diverse countries, segments, riding atmospheres and purchaser necessities is a wide field to think when discussing about riding fun. Our MT model proposes riding stimulation in a number of tips so far.


It includes the mighty MT-01, the playful MT-03, and the explosive MT-09. The aptitude of the 2014 Yamaha MT 07 is to envelop an extensive area of capabilities. It is very athletic but can also go chill and unfussy. It is tremendously nimble yet even and impartial. It has plenty of pleasant spec and is yet very reasonable. It will carry riding fun to a lot of groups no matter if they just shift to work on a weekday or go for stimulating rides.” Here you can read 2014 Yamaha MT 07 Review: Price Along With Specs in detail.

2014 MT-07 Vs MT-09:

MT-07 arrives in the market just after the 3-cylinder MT 09. They are quite different with one another.  MT 07 with its 75HP and muscular underneath and midrange torque is also a very athletic roaster but in a less grim approach. It takes the more perceptive side of riding fun. MT 07 is easier to utilize the performance. 2014 Yamaha MT-07  is sportier, feels cool also at lesser speeds. The feedback of this engine is enormous.

yamaha mt 07

Highlights Of MT 07:

  • 2014 Yamaha MT-07 comprises of a Rear suspension along with the link system
  • Having Instruments
  • Have Slim body
  • Frame made of high tensile steel
  • 2014 Mt 07 includes a fat rear tyre

 2014 Yamaha MT 07 Specs:

2014 yamaha mt 07

MT 07 Features Details
Company Yamaha
Model MT- 07
Year 2014
2014 Yamaha MT 07 Price £6,799
Starter System Electric
Ignition System TCI
Length 2,085 mm
Width 745 mm
Height 1,090 mm
Seat Height 805 mm
Wheel Base 1,400 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 140 mm
Wet Weight (including full oil and fuel tank) 179 kg / ABS 182 kg
Clutch Type Wet, Multiple Disc
Engine Type 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves
Fuel system Fuel Injection
Power In Maximum 55.0 kW (74.8PS) @ 9,000 rpm
Torque In Maximum 68.0 Nm (6.9 kg-m) @ 6,500 rpm
Tyre Front 120/70 ZR 17M/C or 58W
Tyre Rear 180/55 ZR 17M/C or 73W
Bore X Stroke 80.0 mm x 68.6 mm
Compression Ratio 11.5 : 1
Rear Travel 130 mm
Brake Front Hydraulic dual disc, Ø 282 mm
Brake Rear Hydraulic single disc, Ø 245 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 14 L
Oil tank Capacity 3.0 L
Lubrication System Wet Sump
Front Travel 130 mm
Caster Angle 24º 50
Displacement 689 cm³
Rear Suspension System Swing Arm
Transmission System Constant Mesh, 6-speed
Final Transmission Chain
Trail 90 mm
Frame Diamond
Front Suspension System Telescopic Forks

New Engine 689cc Inline 2-cylinder:

What provides the innovative 2014 Yamaha MT-07 such an extraordinary quality is its all-new 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine, developed by means of Yamaha’s ‘cross plane philosophy’. With a rough firing interval, the 270-degree crank provides strapping sentiment of acceleration and immense grip, along with the profound linear torque ensuring a wonderful performance.

2014 mt 07

Light And Slim Tubular Backbone Frame:

For effortless maneuverability and extraordinary quickness, the new 2014 Yamaha MT 07 runs with a light and slim steel backbone-type frame which helps in utilizing the innovative engine as a hassled member. Joint with its solid wheelbase and luxurious suspension systems, the whole chassis offers a receptive and appealing ride.

Engineered For Most Advantageous Riding Pleasure:

This thrilling count to MT series has been intended to convey lofty levels of riding pleasure along with a sensation of immediate control ability. Dimensions for chassis and distribution of weight have been cautiously set to exploit the pleasure felt all through speeding up and grant the rider an associated sense with the new 2014 Yamaha MT 07.

yamaha mt 07

Receptive Performance With Affordability And Cost-cutting Measure:

With the brand new innovative liquid-cooled engine and its lightweight backbone frame along with the cutting-edge style, the 2014 Yamaha MT-07 is an astonishingly resourceful exposed bike that succeeds in combining approachable show with a reasonable price and exceptional fuel saving which in return makes it a perfect bike for new and returning riders both.

Mass-forward Blueprint And Sculpted Body:

The new 2014 Yamaha MT 07 is differentiated by its mass-forward devise so as to stress its sporty build and makes an instant sentiment of supremacy. The slim fuel tank draws out attention to the bike’s dense looks and suggests superb knee hang on – even as the lightweight air scoops and aluminum side covers grant the MT an athletic and resolute image.

2014 yamaha mt 07

Attributed MT-styling Features:

With its raw-boned mirrors, LED light and mass-forward body blueprint, there’s no inaccuracy the 2014 Yamaha MT-07‘s similarity to the better 850cc 3-cylinder MT-09.

Link-type Motocross Rear Suspension:

The link-type Motocross rear suspension system specifies a straight alarm that is escalated unswervingly to the engine’s crankcase to keep room and improve chassis performance. And for a more pleasurable sensation as accelerating, the 2014 Yamaha MT 07 is fixed with a short 530mm vacillation arm that boosts the coupled sensation connecting the rider and bike.

yamaha mt 07

Mounted Handlebar:

The high-tech gadgets are escalated directly on top of the handlebars to offer the rider a lucid analysis of the road ahead. The easy-to-read LED show involves a gear position meter and fuel gauge along with a bar-type tachometer featuring its tallest blocks in the 4,000 to 8,000 rpm band.

Yamaha MT 07 2014 appears to be a bike that is embedded with the advanced features keeping in view the mechanism for providing ease to the rider; the new one or the typical one. It provides the rider with the particular sensation that counts pleasure at its peek during the ride. This is a great bike and it happens to crank up its popularity in the few more weeks. Enjoy the rider and for more information keep visiting our site.

2014 Yamaha MT 07 Review: Price Along With Specs  is Written by Shekinah Edwin.

All pics Are taken from the official website of Yamaha.