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Top 10 of the best motorcycles to begin on the road

Accessible in term of price and catch in hand, the perfect motorcycle to begin on the road above all must offer a healthy behavior, thanks to a part modern and right enough power cycles to leave itself the embarrassment. Other factors, the choice of the segment, seem

LML 125 Automatic Star

Heritage Importation, distributor of the Indian brand of scooters LML, exposed to the new JPMS 2013 the LML 125 Automatic Star. Modified on the driving level of integration, equipped with an automatic transmission, the 125 Star A should finish convincing the undecided ones and the undecided ones!

2013 JPMS Mash 125 Seventy Five

In 2013, a news 125 Mash will arrive in the market. Mash 125 Seventy Five intends quite well to allure new customers with its pretty small look of scrambler! And the SIMA did not spare its sorrow to offer a beautiful very retro behavior to him. We