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Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

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Initials VFR evoke for many motorcyclists a label of reference of the motorcycles sport-GT. Honda VFR preceded this segment and still occupies it, thanks to its versatility and its reliability. As many qualities which deserve to be delayed on the 800 VTEC on occasion!

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

Really Reliable Reference

At long time one of the rare Honda motorcycles motorized by V4, the Honda VFR 800 VTEC still remains today the sport-road reference for many motorcyclists. Even recent the VFR 1200 did not put at evil this statute, because qualities of versatility and reliability of the bike which remains for all the “very short” VFR remain exceptional.
Even recent the VFR 1200 did not put at evil this state of affairs, because qualities of versatility and reliability of that which remains for most motorcyclists the “very short” VFR remain exceptional.
Other motorcycles, at Honda or other brands are shown more sporting, still others are more typified GT, but the subtle balance which makes the extraordinary versatility of the VFR since 1986 the class except for production motorcyclist, year of exit of the first VFR: the Honda VFR750F.

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

After 14 years of reign in this cubic capacity and two principal versions of V4 750 (RC24 in 1986, RC24II in 1988, RC36 in 1990 and finally RC36II in 1994), Honda presents at the end of 1997 the Honda VFR 800 FI (RC46). At the end of 2001 the version 800 VTEC arrives current (RC46II). In 2010, the world giant leaves V4 1200 on the VFR 1200 and launches one year Cross runner later, motorized by V4 800 re-examined and corrected for a program plus trail. Finally in 2012, Cross toured takes again the motorization 1200 V4.
But let us return to our “anti-sheep”! Because where a sheep stupidly follows the herd, the VFR is an initiator of a kind which proves very difficult to imitate, without speaking of equalizing it.
Today still, to take the handlebar of a Honda VFR 800 since 2002 – quasi unchanged! – is to profit fully, and very a long time thanks to an almost irreproachable reliability, of a motorcycle which joins together qualities of sportsmanship and facility of control that no other machine gets to date.

Points to control on Honda VFR 800 VTEC

The VFR wins unanimous support on its reliability. Not touched by the tuning or the stunt, it preserves a justified dimension!


The abandonment by Honda of the indestructible distribution by cascade of pinions – the trademark of the VFR since 1986 – on the VTEC caused some fears, moreover partially justified. Indeed, the only flat to be poured in the passive of VFR VTEC is a weakness of the tension less distribution, but only during a very town use including low frequent modes.

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

The adjustment of the game to the valves (580 Euros the revision of the 24,000 against 180 Euros that of the 18,000, the difference being due to this famous adjustment) is thus a requirement to be respected, in particular for the townsmen. One of deduced that the least rustles mechanical must involve a mistrust particular to the purchase, just like the least suspect trace. And without rational explanation on behalf of the salesman, only one solution: seek another!

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC


One listed only one recurring concern on the level transmission: the wear of the shoe which protects it will monograms chain. From 40,000 km, this shoe can prove too worn to make its office and one then starts to file will monograms it on the level of his axis, side pinion. Acknowledge that it would be damage: if it is a beautiful piece!

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

Part cycles

The back loop was the object of recall on the models for the year 2002, but it is not great deal to be checked except the general state of the motorcycle. The bearings are prone to a premature wear, which they are those of direction like those of wheels. Check that the direction is quite free: motorcycle on the central crutch, take along of a finger the handlebar on one side to the other. No resistance must be felt.

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

For Side bearings of wheel, it is easy for the back but more delicate to test for before: it is necessary to check the absence of side game while making the raised wheel play with two hands, one in top, and one in bottom.

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

It is also necessary to check the absence of hard point or slapping, while making gently turn the wheel after having left the clamps brake…


The regulator, even if it were changed for the VTEC, remains fragile. It proves particularly sensitive to heat, therefore especially of town use and in hot weather.

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

Indeed, the motorcycle with weak mode does not take its current on the alternator but on the battery, which thus requests the regulator.
Another problem which does nothing but amplify the potential concern for regulator via an insufficient refill of the battery: the alternator misses a little power, over the years before 2004 in particular.


Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

Body and completions

CLOSE-CROPPED side body, whose painting and varnish always were of neatest on the VFR. As on all the motorcycles equipped with an integral careen-age, check its lower parts which can suffer from rise-descents of pavements.

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

For the very large “anglers”, the collector can end up rubbing: to check, but it is unusual except at the heavy weights (very). There, only one solution if prestressing were not enough to solve the problem: to change compound-shock absorber!

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

The nut of side crutch can tend to be loosened: to check regularly because the rebound of the crutch in a casing – or worse, a leg – can cause large damage! A replacement of the nut of origin by a Nylstop will be welcome…
As often, the passages of cables are to be checked: they can cause a abrasive wear, especially if they were badly replaced after disassembling.

Assessment occasion motorcycle: Honda VFR 800 VTEC

In short

The main part of the specific problems comes from a very town use. On the VFR, the distribution and the load circuit do not appreciate especially this program of use. The VFR is before a whole road motorcycle!

Official recalls

Honda proceeded to two recalls of the VFR 800 VTEC and one of the VFR 1200:

Recalls of the VFR 800

2003: Control loop postpones of framework

Motorcycles concerned:

  • Standard of JHRC46B.2M400001 with 2M401217
  • ABS of JHRC46D.2M400001 with 2M400870

2005: Control valve of control of distribution of braking PCV

Motorcycles concerned:

  • VFR8002-F: JH2RC46B*2M400984 with 401465
  • VFR8003-F: JH2RC46B*3M500001 with 500753
  • VFR8004-F: JH2RC46B*4M600001 with 600254
  • VFR800A2-F: JH2RC46D*2M400371 with 401460
  • VFR800A3-F: JH2RC46D*3M500001 with 500151
  • VFR800A4-F: JH2RC46D*4M600001 with 600470

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