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V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle Review Specs

Custom Moto Guzzis have long been popular because of their adaptability. It’s very uncommon for Guzzi devotees to ride both enormous California and the compact Nevada in the city and on long and adventurous adventures. Stylish, comfortable, and fun to ride, the V9 Roamer is a Moto Guzzi specifically built for the global community of motorcyclists. With help from the PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena, California, the home of motorcycle trends that eventually expanded globally, the Piaggio Group Centro Stile designed the design. With its traditional and simple design and high-quality finishing, the V9 Roamer showcases the 850 twin-distinctive cylinder’s construction. The 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheel rims are coated in matt black and give a diamond-cut finish, while the multi-function digital dashboard has a single circular clock.

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle – Features and Price

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle

The 850 Twin-Cylinder Moto Guzzi Engine

V9 Roamer and Bobber models for MY 2018 are powered by a Moto Guzzi 850 cc engine, manufactured in Mandello del Lario once again. These are all 90-degree transverse twin air and oil-cooled engines, which are common to all contemporary Moto Guzzi models, but with somewhat differing engine capacities and outputs. These engines are known for their excellent handling and distinctive sound. As a result, it was designed to have the highest possible torque and flexibility, two essential characteristics for a pleasurable ride.

For a lively engine and proper engine braking, the aluminum crankcase is strengthened at crucial spots, has a good oil pan, and has an inertia-calibrated crankshaft. For the sake of both performance and fuel efficiency, lubrication systems are intended to remove heat and limit power absorption. The ventilation system decreases power loss owing to pumping inside the crank chambers and a low flow oil pump that absorbs less power. As well as the new bypass valve and piston cooling oil jets, the intake duct for the oil pump is a first-of-its-kind innovation. The blow-by gas output is now included in the alternator cover, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory.

The aluminum heads, pistons, and cylinders in the top portion of the engine are engineered to maximize the engine’s performance. Bore and stroke values of 8477 mm are responsible for its cubic capacity. Two valves per cylinder are angled in the head and actuated by a rods and rockers mechanism. A one-piece Marelli electronic injection system feeds the fuel, controlled by a particular ECU. Because of the auxiliary air system and other components including a three-way catalytic converter, a double lambda probe, and other changes made to the engine, the twin 850 Moto Guzzis now meet Euro 4 emissions requirements in their entirety.

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle

Even at 3,000 rpm, the engine produces 62 Nm of torque and 55 HP at 6,250 rpm, showing Moto Guzzi’s dedication to producing high torque even at low RPMs. With its personality and reactivity, this engine makes for an exhilarating ride. An entry-level model with less power and lower overall weight than any previous V9 from Guzzi is available, making it perfect for first-time riders who may not yet be familiar with the more experienced rider-friendly characteristics of the V9.

As an additional innovation, the single dry plate clutch on the Moto Guzzi’s new 850cc engine is 170mm in diameter. It improves the vehicle’s durability and dependability over time, as well as the rider’s control and comfort. Unprecedented ratios in the six-speed transmission make the most of torque and engine power, making the most of the car’s performance. Using a bevel gear and a double-jointed drive shaft offset by the larger diameter, the twin engine’s strong torque is managed solidly and reliably in the final gearbox. To boost engine performance and handle the 150 mm Tyre, the cast aluminum swing arms were constructed and scaled to this specification.


As far as I know, Carlo Guzzi was perhaps the first person to realize the value of a frame and suspension system that is capable of using the full potential of the engine. A “spring frame” motorcycle, like the Norge GT from 1928, was the first of its kind to include front and rear suspension, making it much safer and more enjoyable to ride. Among the several models in the Moto Guzzi lineage that have been lauded for their superior handling and handling characteristics are the California, which in 1970 was purchased by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) under the designation “V7 Police” after a series of rigorous testing.

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle

Continuing with this history, Moto Guzzi is known for producing world-class handling machines like the V7 III and the large 1400 models. The V9 is yet another Moto Guzzi gem for riding enjoyment and performance. All Mandello del Lario bikes are known for their exceptional rideability and dynamic balance because of their steel twin tube cradle frame construction. New slope and trail capabilities and gussets in the steering head have been included in the design, resulting in a ride that is both precise and stable, as well as a joy to drive. As a result, the whole construction, including the welding and painting, received meticulous attention to detail.

Traditional long-travel (130mm) inverted forks and a new set of spring preload adjustable shock absorbents attached to the frame deliver a steady and regulated reaction at all times. Brembo’s four-piston front caliper grips a 320 mm steel disc. A two-piston floating caliper and a master cylinder with a built-in reservoir are used for the V9’s rear braking system, an integrated pool.

Equipment: All For Safety and Riding Pleasure

As with other modern Moto Guzzis, the V9 has a comprehensive range of innovative technological features that make driving more comfortable. Moto Guzzi’s MGCT (Moto Guzzi Traction Control), an advanced traction control integrated having the electronic engine management system and adjustable in two unique levels of operation that can be deactivated, ensures better grip of the rear tire on any road surface, reducing engine torque if necessitated. In addition, the steering wheel has an immobilizer and a USB connector for charging external devices.

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle

Also similar to the aesthetic of the two V9s are the electronic instruments, which have a single circular display. The odometer, partial trip and daily trip (with automatic reset after eight hours after shutdown), the trip time, instantaneous and average fuel consumption, the clock, the outside temperature, the average speed, the MGCT level, as well as the gear position and shift indicator, whose the user can adjust idle and maximum values, are all displayed in the digital box. A specific engine rpm range might be maintained in this manner, for example, to operate the bike as efficiently as feasible or to cut fuel consumption as much as possible. The Moto Guzzi MG-MP multimedia platform links a smartphone to the car. It provides an extraordinary amount of information necessary for the ride, included in the vast accessory catalog.

Versions and colors

There are two color options for the MY 20 Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer, both of which have a glossy finish: Verde Noble (green) and Grigio Eleganza (black). Blue Impeto, Nero Notte, and Grigio Tempesta are the three colors offered for the MY 20 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber.

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle – Price

The new V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Bike is available for $9,990 only.

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle

V9 Roamer 2020 Moto Guzzi Street Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 90° V-twin, 4-stroke, 2-valves per cylinder
Cooling air and oil
Displacement 853cc
Bore and stroke 84 mm x 77 mm
Compression ratio 10.5: 1
Maximum power 40.44kW (55HP) at 6,250rpm
Torque 62Nm at 3,000rpm
Fuel system Marelli MIU single-body electronic injection with integrated management of traction control on two levels
Starter electric
Exhaust system Stainless steel, 2-in-2 type, three-way catalytic converter having double lambda probe
Approval Euro-4


Transmission Six speeds (including overdrive top gear)
Primary drive having helical teeth, ratios 21/25 = 1: 1.190
Final drive double universal joint & double bevel gear units (8/33 ratio = 1: 4.125)
Clutch Ø 170mm single disc containing integrated, flexible couplings


Frame Brand new ALS steel twin tube cradle frame
Wheelbase 1465mm
Trail 125.1mm (116.1mm)
Headstock angle 26.4-degree
Steering angle 38-degree
Front suspension standard fork, Ø 40mm
Front-wheel travel 130mm
Rear suspension swingarm having two shock absorbers, having adjustable spring preload
Rear-wheel travel 99mm (91mm)
Front Brake stainless steel floating disc, Ø 320mm Brembo opposed four-piston calipers
Rear brake stainless steel floating disc featuring Ø 260mm Brembo opposed two-piston calipers
Wheels Aluminum alloy
Front-wheel rim 2.50-inch x 19-inch
Rear-wheel rim 4-inch x 16-inch
Front tire 100/90 – 19” (130/90 – 16”)
Rear tire 150/80 – 16” (150/80 B 16”)

Electrical System

System voltage 12 V
Battery 12V – 18 Ah


Length 2240 mm (2185 mm)
Width 865 mm (840 mm)
Height 1165 mm (1160 mm)
Saddle height 818 mm (808 mm)
Kerb weight 199 Kg
Fuel tank capacity 15 liters
Reserve 4 liters


Consumption (WMTC cycle) 4,99 l/100 km
CO2 Emissions (WMTC cycle) 114 g/km

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