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Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

Feel like spending your 5000 pounds somewhere where you can enjoy and go on an adventure with than below we tell you about the top ten sports bike under 5000 pounds. All these bikes we are about to mention are nearly close to 1000cc. These bikes are random choices from the market, which are a classic cult, and some of them also offer the exotic bargain price, so without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000.

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000 – Top Rated

10. 2005 Aprilia RSV-R Factory

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

The RSV was one of the most famous, but it never captured the imagination of the buyers. But the version which was invented in the factory is an eye-catcher. And this factory version has lighter wheels with Ohlin’s suspension front and rear, brakes are Brembo, and the steering is also Ohlin’s damper and carbon quality. And its version 2005 in the black model is the most exciting one to see with 6,300 miles and cost around 4999 pounds.

9. 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

Yamaha 2008 R1 was established at the time when Fire blade and RC8 were getting the most attention. Not getting so much fame, but it doesn’t matter because it still has the best to give the advantage for many bike users. They are heavier in weight, and they are fast in speed with the price of 12000 pounds in retail, but the model of Yoshimura, including with exhaust and 8100 miles model 2008, is around 4995.

8. 2001 Honda VTR1000 SP1

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

It is one of the good bikes, and they are also known as their name SP1 with high mileage quality, and they stand out in the crowd due to the reason of great performance level they give. They are steady but are not so comfortable and have a handful of fuel ranges, but you can cover a large amount of mileage without the expectation of fuel storage. It is one of the standard models in 2001 with 2400 miles and cost around 4195 pounds.

7. 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

Evening wanting the 2004 and 2005 ZX-10R original model because they are the most fun to travel on but these original bike multi-owner with higher mileage and limited standard. This model ZX-R is exciting, but due to the model 2006 and 2007, Kawasaki should take back what ugly model they made, but at last with the model of 2008, they started winning the heart again with the old school technology and faster in speed. Cost around 4995 pounds model 2008 with.

6. 2006 Triumph Daytona 955i

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

It’s hard to understand why this bike is included in this list of top ten, because of its quality as working as the headbanging losing missiles. Yes, of course, it is an amazing bike; you would surely love to try a lap on it because it works fast enough for the tracks. Comfort level is good with a wider space room not to forget it’s a three-cylinder engine bike, which with pipe sounds awesome. And once again, be surprised by its quality of being so reasonable and affordable costing around 3299 pounds with 4,500 miles in 2006 model also finishing in British racing Green.

5. 2008 KTM RC8

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

This bike KTM RCB is also included this list of top ten even though the model which was introduced in the beginning had few troubles like fueling and with gearbox adjustment. Still, even with these flaws, the originality of this bike is pure. With 22000 miles, which you will see that works around 4000 years. You can the cost of this bike of model 2008 is 4991 pounds covering 22000 miles.

4. 2003 Ducati 999S

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

If you’re the one with a sharp taste and eye, then definitely you would prefer buying a bike which is a handful with many advantages, choosing this bike was the reason of its modified version. Even though preferring my bike to be all stocked up but this bike is all dressed up pretty just like 999R. featuring 999R carbon fiber fairing, a red frame, and Thermionic exhaust also with few carbon extras. The price of this bike is 4999 pounds, with 6000 miles.

3. 2004 Honda CBR954RR Fire blade

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

One of the high performing and fastest bikes of the Era Honda CBR954RR Fire blade, a modern version of 2008 scrapped less than 5000 pounds, even it has a boring look, but it still won many hearts with high mileages going in 954 direction it is a bike to remember. Especially it’s the color red you would want the most, model 2003 with 1700o miles costing around 3495 pounds.

2. 2001 MV Agusta F4

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

This bike is unique from all the bikes above, and it is the one if you own it you will love it, especially from F4 750 because of the 1000cc engine. It is a rocket ship if you fit the 1000cc engine into it with the 750 chassis, and it has no different than the factory version. With 5500, you can get 750 standard engines. But if you are willing to increase your budget. but with 11000 miles, the 2001 model is 4999 pounds.

1. 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000

Even though it is getting hard to choose from the list of this amazing bike option, I still cannot see a good reason where I wouldn’t want to buy this bike. It is the superbike of all time with comfort and with excellent built included with manageable torque and powerful engine. The speed is fast built for the concept of riders bikes. It has a Yoshimura exhaust. The 2005 model with 9,800 miles and is up for 4,250 pounds.

Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Sports Bike Under £5000 Price
1 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5 £4,250
2 2001 MV Agusta F4 £4999
3 2004 Honda CBR954RR Fire blade £3495
4 2003 Ducati 999S £4999
5 2008 KTM RC8 £4991
6 2006 Triumph Daytona 955i £3299
7 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R £4995
8 2001 Honda VTR1000 SP1 £4195
9 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 £4995
10 2005 Aprilia RSV-R Factory £4999


This article provides the list of Top Ten Sports Bike under £5000, and it is covered under Bikes Catalog. These bikes are not only high performing, but they are stylish as well. Undoubtedly, the owner of these bikes is happy with the ride. Those riders who have ridden those sports motorcycle must share their experiences with us.

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