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Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

Top ten custom bikes were chosen from the list of the AMD World Championship custom bike designing competition. With designs from around the globe, the finals in Sturgis in September and showcased the amazing talents and creativity of the best custom bike builders around the world. These guys aren’t TV lovers with over-inflated egos and stupid mustaches; they are the men who work hard, sweat blood and tears to create moving masterpieces of motorcycle art. So, instead of talking about more, hers is the list of Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made.

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made – Top Rated

10. Proto Slug

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

Proving American and France is not the only country that makes wine and cheese. That’s why they created the Proto Slug. And to create this bike, it took about a year. Being influenced by many motorcyclists like Ducati, Moto GP, and the new VMAX got proved for what I wanted. Building a sports bike with a big V-twin engine was very hard because of its size of the motor, unexpectedly also found the average balance of look and function. It has the dub and it works. The sensation while opening the throttle is fantastic. The slug makes over 120 bhp and it is difficult to use the throttle wide open, especially as the bike is very light in weight. Using 180 section rear type tires, this bike has a 300 section, and a smaller tire would make the bike handle easier but the Americans like their front gear a little heavy in size.

9. Ren Star

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

The background of this racing design is to be handled roughly, and it is one of the hard rides. Ren star is there for fun. It, not a journey where it only looks pretty. That’s why it is one of the separate functions I give as a builder. I’m not saying they don’t do riding stuff, but mine is on an ultimate level. For example, in 2003, I started adding Öhlins forks and radially attached brakes on all my bikes to offer better performance and handling, I don’t go over on my wheel size I remain under 240-section. Lots of buyers enjoy the look but it has no favor in processing .personally I don’t even go above 180 miles per hour.

8. Harrier

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

ISR helped me build this hub steering, and my skills are building frames, sheet metal work, and things like that. They are fabulous and made the hub and geometry, and it works well enough. Even though this bike not 100% legal for the road but still I ride it on the road using the old BMW license plate. My daughter loves the ride just like as I do. I have also taken this bike on the tracks and a professional has helped me with the set it up. This bike will be legal soon. So using a legitimate license plate will be easy to use very more quickly last week. The police stopped me but they didn’t know why they stopped me. I didn’t ask a question either.

7. Re-flex-tion

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

Re-flex-tion has essentially two points also has a very long rake but a small trial. We also used the geometry of the bike and replaced it differently. The actual bike and its ride functions are almost the same. This design gives so many concepts of frame building and motorcycle design, and the ride is very well. This bike on the road is very slow but it feels like a chopper but with the high speed, it has a very natural motion which is very smooth because the ride makes you feel like one it involves through your body. It is one hell of a ride.

6. Ventidue

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

Building bikes on my own for 13 years and the Ventidue was one of my hardest creation yet. Each design I build, I try to make myself work harder for a proper and better function each time and make the mechanical parts more challenging. But working around my business, we also provide the services for repairing bikes as well as creating them from scratch. Even though this bike look has a wild touch to it. Also, riding this bike for magazine shoots was one of the most memorable moments I took with this baby. But it takes a lot of cleaning once it starts riding the road.

5. Lucky 7

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

Custom made Building the bike now have four on the go, which will take about a year. Riders like pilots love such a ride. And for them, it is like an airplane world is like a knucklehead to the Harley rider, and it’s nothing new they are radial engine motorcycle in the late 1980s.

4. Snatch

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

If someone starts piling on a load of sheet metal work, you lose some of the raw essences of the motorcycle; a bike should have enough to go down the road fast but no more. The tank is raw aluminum, while the frame is bronze. It’s all-new metal and the bronze is an attractive coating that I polished back living in a place where the roads are terrible. Snatch has two fully-adjustable shocks on its swingarm from a mini motocross bike and they make the bike nice to ride. Cutting down its fins to show off the bronzed push-rods and giving the cylinders a rounded-style for an old drag motorcycle look to make it appear fancier. There are tuns of neat small details on Snatch.

3. Speed Junky

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

A new standard for custom bikes I think nobody has manufactured a bike before, and nobody has used a single-sided front fork style. It sets new rules and the norms and is an activation for the custom bikes world. It has been hard creating, and I searched for a proper planning balance with Speed Junky. I would want the right amount of mixture between economic, technical ability, and staggering and extreme appearance look.

2. Bender

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

Russian’s bike is building its empire on a massive scale, and people are surprised by it how big it has become. Only 39 bikes entered Moscow Custom and tunning show in April and we are seeing more builders appearing every year. I won the competition and was asked to take this Benderto USA which was one of my dreams though. I started building this bendra in 2006. inspired by many other bike manufacturers, I took this bike and three years later had a successful output.

1. Black Beauty

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made

This beauty was built to be a chopper and a black core chopper I try putting lots of function and performance into this bike Trying to keep the Harley-Davidson geometry; we added inverted forks, lightweight but strong wheels, and an all-new swingarm so the bike would steer quickly. I decided on the single-sided swingarm design as it looks like sports bike designed and I thought it would be superb to give Black Beauty an old chopper look with the high bars yet still use the road race style back end, turning out great we managed to keep the tire size down to a 200-section to retain the better handling. The front wheel of Black Beauty is the standard Harley 21-inch diameter; this is a problem because it was big in size problem and the problem was nobody makes a 21-inch tire, but I was lucky I knew few who made it happen.

Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes Ever Made – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Sexiest Custom Bikes
1 Black Beauty
2 Bender
3 Speed Junky
4 Snatch
5 Lucky 7
6 Ventidue
7 Re-flex-tion
8 Harrier
9 Ren Star
10 Proto Slug


In the end, we are saying that all of the motorcycles mentioned above are superb because all of them have a slightly attractive and distinctive design. Anyone can fall in love with their graphics and styling. They are as good as the other bikes infect some gives better performance than standard bikes.

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