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Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Here is the new product of Honda in 2019. It launched Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle, which is a unique model with many upgraded versions based on the bikes in Team Honda HRC racetrack. This motorcycle and stopwatch battle has taken another big step forward, combining the specially designed cylinder head and factory hand-polished port, titanium Yoshimura sliding muffler, and particular ECU in the already useful CRF450R kit Settings. CRF450RWE’s sports inspiration comes from the factory, inspired by Ken Roczen’s No. 94 racing bicycle throttle jockey graphic and seat cover; its appearance matches the incredible performance.

After another heat, Honda’s CRF450R has attracted unprecedented drivers. If there is a machine that can give you an almost incredible vulnerability advantage, this is it. In 2019, we selected this outstanding open classroom and made it better. How about it? For beginners, it is even lighter. Then came the brand-new chassis and rear rocker arm, designed to work together to increase traction and cornering. The engine has a longer front tube, which provides better throttle response and high-end pull. The new fuel injection is setting sprays twice per cycle to atomize the fuel better. It is the first time in history that there is a unique startup control setting. So, it’s easier than ever to catch a loophole and firmly grasp your lead. What else is new? A lot of CRF450R in 2019-better than ever.

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle – Features and Price

Main Features

CRF450R’s next-generation double spar aluminum frame lowers the mounting point of the rear shock absorber to a lower position. Thereby expanding the airbox area and lowering the center of gravity, thus adding more voids. The geometry of the frame also helps improve traction, feel, and steering accuracy.

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle

The 49mm Showa fork uses a traditional spring design, which helps improve the CRF450R’s front suspension accuracy, handling and feel. Spring stiffness provides better resistance to bottom impact and enhanced maneuverability. This year, we have changed the manufacturing method of the CRF450R rocker arm, fine-tuned the flexibility so that it can be used with the new chassis. It provides you with better rear traction and turning accuracy.

We reinforced the CRF450R’s chassis to better match the new rear rocker arm. At the same time, we took some stiffness from the rear subframe to help maintain the overall balance and feel of the bike. The dual exhaust system of the Honda 2019 CRF450RWE powerful dirt motorcycle is lightweight, compact, and located near the bottom of the frame to reduce the weight of the rear end. It brings more mass to the center of the bicycle, thereby improving handling. It also allows more airflow, which is equal to increased horsepower.


We are discussing an extraordinary ECU program here: press the catch to choose the mode, keep the choke open, and discharge the clutch. The CRF450R will do everything else, giving you a significant advantage when entering the first corner. It turns your bicycle into a hole-seeking machine. Start your bike in 2016. By giving up Kickstarter completely, our engineers can make CRF450R lighter. Electric starters and lithium-ion batteries are so lightweight that putting them on a bike like this is a win-win combination and victory is the whole meaning of CRF450R.

We have reduced the weight of this year’s Honda 2019 CRF450RWE powerful dirt motorcycle by 1.75 pounds-considering that this bike is already light, this is surprising. Where did it come from? It usually starts with canceling the kickstart option, but the weight is the weight. On a car, the weight reduction is almost always better. The large front-brake disc of CRF450R is 260mm long. You will get an excellent braking feel and reduce weight. The front and rear brake-disc protective covers are also part of the package.

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle

Gram weight and performance are critical; CRF450R uses a titanium alloy fuel tank. It is light and robust, thinner than our previous plastic device, while maintaining the same capacity, freeing up more space and helping to concentrate fuel. This simple button mounted on the handlebar allows you to dial in the engine power output characters with your thumb. According to the track situation, choose between “standard,” “smooth,” and “radical.”


Honda 2019 CRF450RWE powerful dirt motorcycle Works Edition is tailor-made for racing, limited quantity. It includes all improvements to this year’s CRF450R, as well as individual manual cylinder heads; black DID LT-X rims, proprietary Yoshimura muffler, titanium nitride, coated fork legs and shock absorber shaft. This bike also has an RK gold chain, particular ECU setting, black triple clamp, refurbished suspension, factory-specified gripper seat, and HRC decal packaging.

Honda’s Unicam cylinder head combines the best single-overhead and double-overhead-cam designs. This configuration helps to achieve a compact engine, which can reduce the weight and reduce the included valve angle compared to similar double overhead camshaft motors. It flattens the combustion chamber to promote the propagation of the ignition flame, thereby achieving a high compression ratio. Since the space occupied in the cylinder head is small, the camshaft is located at a lower position in the cylinder head. It is to achieve a more compact engine and a lower center of gravity.

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle

The fuel injection system of CRF450R is injected twice during each intake cycle. It helps increase fuel atomization without increasing the weight or complexity of the second injector. Better fuel atomization means more power in mid-range and speeding-you will feel it during the first race. Lengthening the head tube of the CRF450R helps you better control the throttle and increase the pulling force.

The CRF450R has a downflow air intake and FI body, which helps to improve power and fuel-metering accuracy. It is part of the reason why the CRF450R provides such a powerful explosive force and plentiful torque, especially at the starting gate and the critical 100 feet before the start of the game. CRF450R’s MX3S tires are developed using Dunlop’s latest “block by block” design technology. It provides excellent feedback and is a perfect complement to the CRF450R frame and suspension.

The CRF450R uses our latest finger follow rocker design. The Unicam cylinder head is still one of the most efficient cylinder heads in the MX world. It provides you with the design and performance of a double overhead cam layout but provides you with the compactness of a single overhead cam design. CRF450R has a beautiful press area, which helps to increase the compression ratio to an impressive 13.5:1. It means higher combustion efficiency and greater power.

All the time, you will spend in the victory circle, so you need to show the best. 2019 CRF450R covers you. Our “in-mold” graphics look great and can maintain a more extended appearance. Do you want to fine-tune the power output of the CRF450R to a specific riding style or track? Using 2019 CRF450R’s programmable ECU is easier than ever. The factory’s anti-skid plates are lightweight and provide the engine and lower-frame protection that racers need.

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle


The new aluminum Renthal Fatbar also has new elbows. The old Honda “CR” elbow is legendary because of its correctness, and this new fat stick is even better. It is a new standard of excellence-you will love it. The Honda 2019 CRF450RWE powerful dirt motorcycle has a flat seat/fuel tank connection, including a titanium alloy fuel tank. The excellent ergonomic design makes it easier to move back and forth on a bicycle, thereby enhancing control. They may not help you speed up, but this year’s new black DID rims certainly look good.

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle – Price

The Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Off-Roader is available in $11,499.

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 449.7cc liquid-cooled 10-degree single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train Unicam® OHC, four-valve; 10.0mm intake, steel; 8.8mm exhaust, steel
Bore x Stroke 96mm x 62.1mm
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Induction Programmed fuel-injection system (PGM-FI); 46mm throttle bore
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Push-button electric starter
Transmission Constant-mesh 5-speed return; manual
Clutch Multiplate wet (6 springs)
Final Drive #520 RK gold chain; 13T/49T

Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Powerful Dirt Motorcycle Specs


Front 49 mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork, Kashima the coating on fork tubes, the titanium-nitride layer on fork legs
Rear Pro-Link system, fully adjustable Showa single shock, titanium coating on the shock shaft


Front 2-piston caliper (30 mm, 27 mm) hydraulic; single 260 mm disc
Rear 1-piston caliper hydraulic; single 240mm disc


Front Dunlop Geomax MX3S 80/100-21 w/ tube
Rear Dunlop Geomax MX3S 120/80-19 w/ tube



Rake (Caster Angle) 27°22′
Trail 116mm (4.6 inches)
Length 85.9 inches
Width 32.6 inches
Height 49.6 inches
Ground Clearance 12.9 inches
Seat Height 37.8 inches
Wheelbase 58.4 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.66 gallons
Color Red
Curb Weight 247 lbs.


Are you looking for a limit of 450? Then check out our new Honda 2019 CRF450RWE Dirt Motorcycle Works Edition. You will get all the improvements of this year’s bike, as well as individual manual cylinder heads. All-New Black DID LT-X rims, unique Yoshimura muffler, titanium nitride coated fork legs, and shock absorber shaft. It also contains RK gold chain, individual ECU settings, black triple clips, refurbished suspension, factory-specified grippers, and full HRC decals. The only thing missing is the factory contract.

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