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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market


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However, with the new usually the old means, the implementation of Euro-5 standards accelerated a process that signaled the end of the track for some more particular, low-selling models. While it is true that in the EU zone (whether Brexit or not, British bikes are still aligned in terms of motorcycles), a few old bikes survive, and certainly not without modification (BMW’s 2013 R9T, for example, has now been updated. Euro-5 – with its K16 sixes), is a very different story to the rest of the world.

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market – Top Rated

10. Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

To begin with, a soft/clear. Although Harley-Davidson discontinued all of its older, air-cooled 883/1200 sportster in the EU in 2021 due to Euro-5 non-compliance, they are still available in the United States with entry-level 883 iron, which previously Of history By 2015, being the oldest.

Of course, you could argue that the smaller Block EVO engine dates back to 1986, which it does, but with continuous development (sic), belt drive, fuel injection, and so on, it Shakes the rating a bit.

9. Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

Another one most people would expect to see here. Although the air-cooled, single-cylinder bullet (in the 500 version in the UK) was eventually phased out this year due to Euro 5, this is a different situation in India – but not as much as you might guess.

Although it is still available in the 350 version, it will soon be replaced by Enfield’s brand new Classic 350, a derivative of the Meteor 350, introduced in the UK earlier this year. Also, the Bullet 350 is not as old as you might think.

8. Kawasaki Vulcan 900

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

Do you remember the old VN900? One of Japan’s Top V Twin Cruisers? Although it was discontinued in the UK (and Europe) in 2016 due to Euro4, it is happily overseas and is still available in the US under the name Vulcan 900.

Interestingly, a few other ‘obsolete’ Kawasakis survive on ‘The Pond,’ most notably the ZZR1400 (ZX-14), the 1400 GTR, and even the KLX300 trailer.

7. Honda CB1300S

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

Honda’s big, four-cylinder, half-fired CB1300S died in the UK in 2013, so you’d be surprised to hear that it still exists – in Japan.

The 113bhp CB Vintage is powered by the rebuilt version of the CBR1000 motor. It remains sophisticated and widespread, even the police version is used, and it has always been the most adaptable, fashionable in the first wave of the four-cylinder. (And the best lace) was one of them. Retro Roadsters

It’s a shame we can’t get it here. In addition, Honda’s 2014 VFR800F V4 and its ‘adventure’ style twin, the 800 cross-runner, are still available in Japan.

6. Suzuki DR650SE

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

We have been moving forward for years now. Suzuki’s 644cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke trail bike dates back to the late 1980s, and its last SE version was last available in the UK at the end of the millennium.

However, like many other Suzukis, it is still alive in production and available in Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, among other places, at about £ 4,200.

5. Yamaha XV250 Virago

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

Who can forget Yamaha’s stunning entry-level air-cooled V-Twin Cruiser, the XV535, and an even more new friend, the younger brother, the XV250, from the 1990s? Given that the latter was discontinued in the UK in 2001 but is still available in the United States, it seems we have … and the Americans can’t.

The charming little twin, now renamed the VStar 250 (Yamaha has renamed all its cruisers in the US ‘Stars’, is slightly modified, mainly with its aesthetics, but more No, an air-cooled, carb-fed twin known as Eurocrates would hate.

4. Honda XR650L

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

If you know where to look, you may still find brand new motorcycle oddities in the United States of America.

The VTX1300 Fury, Honda’s full-on V-twin cruiser that debuted in the UK in 2013, is still available, as is the Honda CBR600RR, and there’s even a Yamaha monster, 1900cc V-twin full-dress cruiser, the Star Venture, that never made it to the UK in the first place.

The oldest Honda, though, is undoubtedly the XR650L trail/enduro, which was first presented in 1992 and can trace its ancestors back to the XR600 of 1985, but hasn’t been available in the UK for almost a decade.

3. Suzuki LS400 Savage

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

Remember the Suzuki 650 Savage single-cylinder cruiser? Given that it was first released in the mid-1980s, you’ll need to be in your fall to do so.

As surprising as it may sound, it’s still alive today – in Australia, the United States, and a few other places. It is also basically unchanged. Although now only 400cc (the original 650 was always offered 400 to comply with domestic Japanese licensing laws), the power train and chassis have not been effectively replaced. Instead, the most significant change is in the name – it’s no longer the LS400 Savage; it’s now called the Boulevard S40.

2. Yamaha DT125

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

No way – two strokes from the 1980s! Yes, it is still in production and new sales, especially in South Africa – however, there is a catch (and catch).

For starters, the DT125 is a bit off-putting, using a chassis from 1983 DT125LC (with front drum brakes and motocross cantilever rear suspension) but with an older air-cooled engine.

Second, and more importantly, this road is not legal. Instead, it is being sold as a ‘farm bike.’ But, hey, there’s also a DT175 variant, and the fact that these air-cooled two-strokes are still available on this green crazy day warms our hearts … and the atmosphere.

1. Suzuki GN125

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market

Well, we know that Suzuki is not the best in general. Would we say that forward-thinking when it comes to upgrading its models (the current SV650 hasn’t changed much since 1999), but the discovery of this bike is still quite remarkable on the New Zealand website and the 2021 Hayabusa.

It is one of the most frustrating motorcycles ever created. The Suzuki GN125 made its debut in 1982 as a learner/passenger cruiser, powered by a capable, air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine.

Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Old Bikes Still Available in Market
1 Suzuki GN125
2 Yamaha DT125
3 Suzuki LS400 Savage
4 Honda XR650L
5 Yamaha XV250 Virago
6 Suzuki DR650SE
7 Honda CB1300S
8 Kawasaki Vulcan 900
9 Royal Enfield Bullet 350
10 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

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