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Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

The best thing a biker could get is a cheap horsepower bike for a minimal cost in price. Below we will tell you about the top ten fastest naked bikes, which are less than 3000 pounds, and you will be shocked to see the 125 cc bike at such a fast speed with a fantastic cost for your pocket. Why we prefer naked bikes is because they are the preferable monsters in sports bikes with a great look and with a hunch in the back. So, here is the list of Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000.

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000 – Top Rated

10. Aprilia Tuono

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

Aprilia Tuono established in 2003 an RSV Mille essential strip fairing off and a smoldering look that has been looked at a refined look. It has a hefty chest, and the model Rotax has 1000cc, 123 bhp, 75 lb-ft, and V twin it has one of the biggest toques with a high level hurl. This bike cost about 3000 pounds with the 2004 model you have earned a great nick.

9. Cagiva Raptor 1000

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

This TL1000S bike has a poor reputation, but the suspension account is not so fast it has around 125 bhp with a V twin engine, it has the chassis of Cagiva, and with re-injected fuel and because of all this adds a nice bike was invented. It has a considerable grunt plus 150 mph top couples, and wit great bikes and the handling is impressive, so basically It means the Raptor is firmly a big surprise. This model of 2004 is less than 3000 pounds, and the 2001 model cost around 2,500 pounds. This model is not so much available, but you can quickly get the spare parts.

8. Honda X-11

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

CBR1100XX, the blackbird which came with Hayabusa, arrived at the end of the 1990s, it was one of the fastest motorbikes. Honda changed the look of a blackbird into a sleek and little modification in 1999 plus with the addition of the 1137cc engine. It has the 160 mph speed limit power with brakes, which are combined and over the entire Honda is a high-quality bike. 2,800 up to 3000 pounds is the 2002 model and has higher mileage.

7. Honda CB900F Hornet

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

CB900F Hornet is almost the same as 600cc Hornets included with a dispatch rider. With 110bhp from tuned midrange 919cc. The sound of the bike is not so much of it is expected. This bike is for those bikers who drive and love to handle control firmly with their own hands. The 135bhp is more than enough for this baby to ride fast. Parts are readily available with great support. This bike is between 2,300-2,500 pounds of cost.

6. Kawasaki Z1000

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

This bike has a loud, intense noise with a very aggressive look, and the performance of this bike is very much stable, and it became famous because of all these great features. It has the firmest power which can be easily be used in town rides. This sports bikes 1000 has 935cc, 125bhp engine, and it can easily reach up to 150mph with the extreme rush. It’s up t0 3000 pounds, but if you go back to the 2004 or 2005 models you could save a few hundred,

5. Suzuki SV1000

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

SV650 Most friendly bike with middleweight quality, and even after many years, it still has a great sale. But after the launch of SV 1000, it got punched. It has 118bhp of torque with V twin, and for people who love to wheelie will love this bike, remaining in the group of Hornet 900 and Z1000 over a quarter-mile, and if you maintained the throttle, you could take it up to 150 mph. Riding it slow is also great because it also has a very sleek, smooth engine. You will these in the UK a lot the model 2006 cost up to 3000 pounds, and if you see the 2003 or 2004 bikes it will be around 2,300 pounds.

4. Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

This bike was made in 1995 and ended in 2006, one of the cheapest and fastest bikes made. The 80s GSX-R lineage has been proven with an 1157 cc motor. Suzuki maintained on leveling up the bottom end; its 100bhp output seems shaky, factor in 67 lb-ft of torque. These bikes are on sale in huge amounts with a higher-mileage 2000-01 model bikes for about £2,000 – we have also seen the deal around £1,500 – and for a complete mint condition, you will get it for 3000 pounds.

3. Suzuki GSX 1400

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

Suzuki’s GSX1400 is the quintessential brawny naked. With a train-like 90 lb-ft available from as low as 3,000 rpm, it can easily take you up to 150 mph in a fancy ride. The look of this bike is handsome and very pretty. GSX1400s model 2001-2003 little as £2,500. 2006 model or low-mileage older models are up to £3,000 cost.

2. Triumph Speed Triple 955

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

The triumph bike, which was announced as the best model on the world stage the model 1995 and 2004 speed, is triple the 955 with a big thrash. Including twin round light, this bike has the beauty of rushing clouds and smoke while giving it a startup, with triple exhaust and added effects; this bike can be heaven to ears. The Naked T595 Daytona, the Speed Triple, gives an impressive 11.5-sec quarter mile and a 150 mph top because of its 120 horses.

1. Yamaha XJR1300

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000

Yamaha GSX1400’S is the main rival for the retro bikes, this bike is a little slower than the other bikes but still included in the sports car group. It has 1251cc inline-four with 80 lb-ft of torque. And if you demand the bike to go faster, it will go up to 140 mph, costing around XJR1300s is 2,400 pounds and 2,500 pounds, and if you buy 2004 well-kept model, it will be 3000 pounds.

Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000 – Top List

Sr. # Naked Bikes under £3000
1 Yamaha XJR1300
2 Triumph Speed Triple 955
3 Suzuki GSX 1400
4 Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit
5 Suzuki SV1000
6 Kawasaki Z1000
7 Honda CB900F Hornet
8 Honda X-11
9 Cagiva Raptor 1000
10 Aprilia Tuono


The team of experts in Bikes Catalog always tries their best to provide the best and economic list of different categories. Today’s list is about the Top Ten Naked Bikes under £3000 so that those people who are worried about their budget can easily make up their mind in purchasing the bike that suits their budget. Those who own one must share their experience in the form of a comment.

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