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Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

Honda consists of numerous exciting bikes and the right ones have received the attention they deserved. However, certain bikes have been removed from the mainstream even what it has terrific styling, intentions or engineering. Here’s the list with Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times that you might haven’t seen earlier. Most of the bikes produced by Honda have gained popularity and success, but the motorcycles mentioned in this list are small capacity models.

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times – Top Rated

10. Roller Through GoGo

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

The bike was made to create something new that didn’t quite reach the expectations and the bike doesn’t have a great engine. You’d have to kick the lever at the ground to start the bike and the authentic model had a tilting three-wheeled bike for kids. In 1976, the bike came with adult size three-wheeled and another two-wheeled version. As a result Of in house ideas at Honda for competition, the bikes were a success and were sold out within weeks. The bike discontinued production in 1976 even when it sold a good amount because two kids got into an accident and were killed while riding the bike.

9. Z100 Monkey

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

We don’t know the bikes that came before Z50 and 1961 Z1600 even if we see the monkey. This bike was made six years earlier than the Z50M Classic which was copied by many and is still in production. It has a fuel-injected form and suspension that’s rear which was imitated by the J version in ‘74. It was followed by CZ100 and Z100 which were made to be used in amusement parks. These bikes weren’t sold much to the ordinary public and the bikes that are still in good condition are very valuable even now.

8. ZB50 Monkey R

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

the bike is mentioned in the list which is ZB50. It was manufactured in 1987, and was a follow up by the series of tuning Z50s with a full-beam frame, better suspension and disk brake. It was the only in production for a year and discontinued in 1988.

7. CT50 Motra

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

This bike had a three-speed gearbox which was identical to the C90, had a new two-speed milestone to give ratios of low or high, this bike was a recreational machine with its two-wheeled Jeep. The bike had a unique and attractive look with a weight of only 76kg. Its production was limited like several other bikes as it started in 1983 and ended after a year. It would be difficult to find one now as it was only sold in Japan.

6. Juno M80/M85

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

This original model from 1954 bike was considered odd as it had tilting sunshade above windscreen with fiberglass glass bodywork. But the other version that was the M80 looked better and had great mechanical qualities. It has a boxer twin engine and hydraulic clutchless transmission. It has less than 6000 bikes made of both types and the production stopped after a year.

5. FC50 Beat

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

The bike in 1983 was considered a future scooter, but to a lot of people it is regarded as the two-seater sports cars made at the beginning of the 90s. It is included in the list because of looks more than its technology and innovation. It used a pedal that was operated by the left heel of a rider to engage it instead of the automated style. The bike’s power was increased by the system above 5500rpm, but below the speed it had a detrimental impact on its performance. The boost pedal is an attraction but other than that we can see why it didn’t succeed. Then comes it’s a style which also wasn’t satisfactory like the Perspex used for bodywork at the level of the knee.

4. Zook

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

The concept of scooter now has changed to being heavy equipment laden machines rather than being only the alternative for walking. The Zook shows how scooters shall be made of focusing on simplicity rather than another characteristic. It has a big tube with an engine that has a swing arm with only handlebars and seats over the thaw shin level. The bike was made to be the most straightforward and minimalist as possible and was discontinued after a year of its production in 1990.

3. Road Fox

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

The Honda gyro was a bike with the whole rear section, three-wheeled, including the engine which was on the ground level and the seat including bars were made like a regular bike. The road fox model was rare as compared to the Gyro X, Just or Joy versions which looked like a scooter. This bike was a combination of beach buggies and a chopper and the racing cart sensation could also be felt with its low seat. It was also in production for a year only from 1984 to ‘85.

2. AX-1

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

The bike was considered odd and might have missed some time when it was introduced in Japan in 1988, derived from NX250. The combination of semi knobby tires and alloy wheels were pretty unique back in that time but now they are familiar. It has an air-cooled engine, 25bhp by four-stroke. If the option was given for a TDR250 or this bike, we could see why the buyers chose the Yamaha. But in today’s era, it would be a good idea to keep an AX-1 in the garage.

1. VT250 Spada

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times

The bike would go down if Honda introduced it with cast aluminum frame, 2500cc water-cooled engine and a 40bhp if presented in this era. The newly made CB300F has a steel chassis and 30bhp which was produced by Honda in 1988. The driver was VT250 twin which is less hardcore in the current market of japans VTR250, but the aluminum chassis was far forward from its time. The frame was embossed with ‘CASTEC’ which looked amazing and the worth is now known when the present millennium started to manufacture cost frames instead of the extruded aluminum which were welded together. It also has a speed gearbox. This bike was made in the future with all its innovations, but since the sales were down the bike got discontinued after a year of production.

Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Interesting Honda Bikes of All Times
1 VT250 Spada
2 AX-1
3 Road Fox
4 Zook
5 FC50 Beat
6 Juno M80/M85
7 CT50 Motra
8 ZB50 Monkey R
9 Z100 Monkey
10 Roller Through GoGo


These are some of the bikes made by Honda that were most interesting and pretty unique from other regular bikes. Each bike has the factors that make it more exciting and attractive enough to make you wish you owned one. This list will surely not bore you with its exotic top ten bikes.

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