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Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes in the world

The minute when the situation comes down over loyalty, there is no choice instead of picking the British bike by all those foreign competitors, but most of us directly select only one brand Triumph. One can purchase Norton or a CCM, but most of the people go towards the Triumph brand. Triumph is the only bike even now that provides a variety of suggestion with a suitable option to a large number of Asian, American and European competitors. Now here are the Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes in the World which are chosen by the actual champion riders.

Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes in the World – Top Rated

Sprint GT

Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes

This Triumph Sprint GT is one of the good bikes but now miserably being away from triumph series. This sport touring development of the Sprint ST was considered to be an alternative Honda VFR800. It came with the low price and compromising looks with modern desired advancement three-cylinder engine. Currently, there are about 1500 in numbers on the roads.

Rocket III

Triumph 2018 Rocket III Roadster ABS Cruisers

It is incredibly shocking that Triumph Rocket III is one of the best cruisers by Triumph, and it is considered to be the world’s biggest capacity production bike. This Rocket III has to face the strict Euro 4 rules and regulation without compromising the overall looks and pricing factor. It is also included in the list of Top Ten Heaviest Bikes in the World. However, the Triumph Rocket III has been one of the most rated and attractive looking bikes among the list of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes.


Triumph 2018 Thruxton Modern Classic Family

The Triumph Thruxton is one of the best-looking bikes in the list of the Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes. Its Ohlins-suspension system is far cheaper than more of its competitors. There are 2,300 Triumph Thruxton present on UK roads putting this bike in eight positions among the list of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes.

Daytona 675

Triumph 675 Daytona R: first contact

This is another impressive bike Triumph Daytona 675, even now there are a lot of desires and expectations that Triumph would bring Daytona back to our lives. Unfortunately, there is no single news whether the bike would become into existence again or not. In the previous years, the bike purchasing had become quite slow, but still, there are about 2600 bikes on UK roads now.


Triumph MY17 Thunderbird Family Cruiser Bike

The Triumph Thunderbird gives the classic appearance, and it features the powerful 1,700 cc DOHC parallel twin engine. Due to its impressive performance and attractive looks, most of the dealers don’t go towards other bikes. Its remarkable appearance and performance have placed this bike on the sixth position among the list of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes.

Sprint ST

Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes

In the list of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes, the Triumph Sprint ST comes on the fifth position. Its triple-exit under-seat exhaust design still looks impressive. The Sprint ST remains the common sight on the roads of the UK. Even though the production of Sprint ST models has been ended from decades, but there are almost 5,400 Sprint ST present in the UK.

Speed Triple

Triumph 2018 Speed Triple Family Roadsters

There have been various generations of Triumph Speed Triple, but the Triumph team is developing them all of them. This 1,050 cc bike in production has been the most familiar, because of the constant production, the Speed Triple remains connected to the people and even now it would on top priority, if you are in search of the quick and speedy roadster. Purchase the Triumph Speed Triple and have fun with the other 7000 Speed Triple on British streets.

Street Triple

2018 Triumph Street Triple Family Roadsters

The Triumph Street Triple is the younger model as compare to Speed Triple, and the 675cc street triple is overtaken because of its low-cost, cooperating speed feature and very close to faster bikes like the giant engine bike. The Triumph Street Triple is among the best-naked sports bikes and is placed on the third position in the list of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes, no doubt there are 9000 in number in the UK.


Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 2018 Modern Classic Bike

The Triumph Bonneville has become very rated in the Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes that came in large numbers with the latest technology. Overall the Bonneville manufactured from the 1950s to the date, approximately 18,000 bikes are in use in the UK, and the numbers are increasing rapidly with the launch of new models every year. The Bonneville bobber has also remained the bestselling bike in the entire Triumph lineup.


Triumph 2018 Tiger 800 Family Adventure Touring

The ‘Triumph Tiger’ bike is on the top of the list and rides by the number of riders, both old and new. Now in the present, there are 13 different tiger-badged machines i.e., 800 ccs, 1050 cc, and 1200 cc. All considered being the best substitute for BMW’s GS line up presented by any brand. The Triumph Tiger is one of the highly popular Triumph motorcycles and is purchased by a large number of peoples. It is placed on the first position among the list of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes.

List of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes

Sr. # Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes
1 Tiger
2 Bonneville
3 Street Triple
4 Speed Triple
5 Sprint ST
6 Thunderbird
7 Daytona 675
8 Thruxton
9 Rocket III
10 Sprint GT


This article provides the complete list of Top Ten Highly Popular Triumph Bikes with details of these bikes. The Triumph Tiger is the one top of the list due to its impressive design and variety of features. Its three engine displacement options is another important factor that attracts the number of buyers. Overall the Triumph brand has launched the number of amazing models that riders love and always prefer to ride on their Triumph bike.

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