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Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

Cafe racers are unique wonders. You can see several famous cafe racers on dedicated magazines, websites and TV shows, but if you want to purchase one, then they are limited. Its quality of being custom made makes it different among thousands of machines and this characteristic of cafe racer makes the other factory-made versions dull. It also applies to the cruisers that are custom, and almost every manufacturer will sell it to you happily. So, we have developed a list of Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer and we hope that you will like it.

The idea of owning a cafe racer might not be appealing much; Ducati’s late SportClassic line along with Sport 1000 cafe racer, didn’t achieve the sales success which was expected from it. Even though the Sport 1000 was a new model and would’ve made the expectations but it didn’t. But here’s our list of top ten Cafe Racers which are available in the market currently.

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer – Top Rated

10. CPI Sprint 125

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

This bike is just a Chinese manufactured 125cc learner bike since the bars are a little high for a cafe racer, but CPI has the right part of almost everything. In America, the motorcycle is known as Cleveland Cycleworks Misfit, which has better details and paint like golden collie forks and is targeted towards the young people that want to visit Manhattan for a cafe and bookshop. The illusion gets spoiled by the high-vis vests and L-plates.

9. Skyteam Ace 125

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

Only for a price of £1,799 and Chinese made, this bike isn’t the type of cafe racer your dad owned. This bike is too good looking for this price, and you have to compromise a little on the parts as they won’t be such high quality on this price. It’s an excellent replica of the 60s race bike of Honda. You’re not going to plan to such massive miles on this bike, but for this bike, we can surely ignore some faults. The real cafe racer experience will be there so what’s not good enough?

8. Sinnis Café 125

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

You must be surprised to see this bike as it doesn’t stand along with Norton or Triumph in the cafe racer, but it is terrific enough to have a ‘cafe’ word in it. This Chinese made bike is one for the youngsters and can be considered cheerful and cheap. The name Sinnis name is better than Jinan Qingqi which was the earlier name for this brand. You can’t expect too much for £1,649, but the looks are good enough at this price.

7. Royal Enfield Continental GT

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

We are increasing our standard based on quality, price and performance here. But don’t confuse the Indian Enfield with the Continental GT. The frame is designed by Harris even if it’s from the same firm. The engine is comparatively massive, with 29bhp and 535cc. So the price of £5,199 won’t be considered expensive but is a bit salty, but it gives you a proper classic name and cafe look. You can also get Guzzi V7 or Triumph Thruxton within this range of price.

6. Guzzi V7 Racer

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

The Guzzi V7 is pretty shiny and an excellent convincing and complete cafe racer available presently. It has laced wheels, red frames and finished rank with racer number boards. The style is a little bling to give all the ton-up club feeling of a home built real racer, but it covers all the cliches. It’s a bit high priced at £8,132 for a mid-range Special and V7 Stone which is more of a retro cafe racer.

5. Norton Commando 961 Café Racer

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

Any model of Norton can fit into the category of cafe racer. But this is the bike that the company offers as a Cafe Racer. The engine of this bike can be thought back to the real authentic Commando unlike the Triumph Thruxton. For £15,250, the new upside-down forks are a little odd for this price but still is pretty fabulous.

4. BMW R NineT

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

This bike can be considered as best on this list. Its style is more retro-inspired than an actual retro and it does lack certain factors that a real cafe racer has. There’s no such thing as standard spec as the NineT is all about options with a back look of cafe racer. It has high-level pipes or choice of upswept and a jumped aluminum tail cover. The low, clip-on bars can make this bike a complete package.

3. Guzzi V7 Classic Café

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

The classic Cafe Racer is far from Guzzi’s range now but it still has one or two delivery mileage or new 2013 bikes that are registered at dealers so that it can be a part now. If we minimize the bling of V7, then every inch looks like a cafe. But you would pay less £2k for a racer than you’d pay for the V7 athlete. And if you don’t want to, then you can customize your own by purchasing your own and adding a jumper seat, clip IMs and upswept pipes.

2. Triumph Thruxton

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

The Thruxton is a complete package with a much lower price than the Guzzi V7, with £800 less for this bike. The style, along with the performance, is quite similar to the 60s original Bonnie based cafe racer. It is more focusing on the current vision like having original rockers rather than the bare alloys and black.

1: Build One on Your Own (not like this)

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer

We couldn’t find the best cafe racer for this list, and that is because every cafe racer suits differently according to its owner. With a much-lowered price than several bikes, if a rider has a decent selection of aftermarket parts and DIY ability, then he can make a cafe racer that can be kind enough to stand out. You can always put it up at an auction by the name of the cafe racer project if you wish so like the one time FZ750 that is up on eBay.

Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten High Performing Production Cafe Racer
1 Build One on Your Own (not like this)
2 Triumph Thruxton
3 Guzzi V7 Classic Café
4 BMW R NineT
5 Norton Commando 961 Café Racer
6 Guzzi V7 Racer
7 Royal Enfield Continental GT
8 Sinnis Café 125
9 Skyteam Ace 125
10 CPI Sprint 125


The above list provides the Top Ten High Performing Production Café Racer in the World. These café racers not only look attractive but they are superb in terms of performance as well. The riders will always admire the maximum pleasure that they receive during the ride. They are one of the best bikes to ride the medium to long journeys as well.

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