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Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

Following the popularity of the larger Z900RS (which produced the ‘SE’ version equipped with Ohlins for 2022) and the first ‘Zed’ – hints of something special to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Z1 900 – we began to wonder that what are the Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times?

And we’re not just talking about motorcycles since the 1970s. Except for milestone machines like the 1972 Z1 and 1976 Z650, you can’t ignore 21st century Zs like the revived 2004 Z1000, the more contemporary Z800, or even the original ‘Racer Clone,’ 1982 Z1000R.

As a result, we decided to pick our top ten. Of course, not all Zeds were great. The ‘Z2’ Z750 twin was a flop in all accounts, and since 1977 the single-cylinder Z200 was the opposite pole of the Z1.

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times – Top Rated

1971 Kawasaki Z250 ‘scorpion’

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

People of a unique age group may remember the fiercely competitive ‘Lerner’ 250 class in the late 1970s / early 1980s, and you will have a special kind of Japanese quarter literbike.

Trailbike fans can choose from two and four-stroke singles, such as Yamaha’s DT and XT 250s, Stroker Sports bike fans can choose from the famous Yamaha LC, Suzuki’s X7, and Kawa’s KH Triple, and they’re The most versatile four-stroke twins are the most popular ‘smart,’ Honda’s CB250N Super Dream, Yamaha’s XS250, and Suzuki’s GSX250.

The best of the latter group was undoubtedly Kawasaki’s Z250A ‘Scorpion.’ The SOHC twin produced a competitive 27bhp, with wheels and disc brakes mounted on both ends of its chassis, its elegant shape was every inch ‘Baby Z,’ and the advertising effort was led by 1978 and 1979 250cc world champion Cork Ballington. Did In short, this 250’Zed has it all.

2004 Kawasaki Z750

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

With the budget-based 2004 Z750 Roadster (with a larger Z1000), Kawasaki revived the protocol of its ‘Zed’ model name. Despite criticism for its lack of sophistication, its 100bhp performance, The combination of politeness and great value made it great. Popular – especially in France, where it became a bestseller.

Its engine was the ZX-9R’s sleeveless version, its brakes were only two-vessel Tokikos, and its suspension was pretty early and inaccurate, but nothing came close in the case of ‘Bang for Your Money. Its popularity paved the way for the Z750R, then the Z800, and now the Z900, and it is safe to say that the revival of the Zed series, which continues to this day, would not have happened without the Z750.

1980 Kawasaki Z400J

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

Although Honda’s CB400F Four was the first ‘mini superbike,’ the later and less memorable Kawasaki counterpart Z400J was significantly better. Below Kawasaki, the DOHC Transverse for Honda was more sophisticated and powerful than its SOHC counterpart, delivering 43bhp vs. 37bhp. Its chassis was more complex, with Excel forks and cast wheels, and it looked more modern. In short, the 400J was a capable “little Zed 1”.

Unfortunately, this, like Honda, was not a commercial success because Yamaha was much slower and more expensive than the then-dominant 47bhp RD350LC Stroker’s choice. As a result, it only lasted three years.

1982 ‘Eddie Lawson Replica’ Kawasaki Z1000R

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

The ELR signaled the end of more sophisticated, liquid-cooled, monoshock machines such as Honda’s 1983 VF750F and Kawasaki’s twin-shock, air-cooled, four-cylinder Japanese superbikes before the new era of its GPz900R next year. But what an excellent way to screw people over!

Based on the already stunning Z1000J, it features Race Replica bikini fairings, cracker 4: 1 pipe, chopped seat, modified steering geometry, rear seat pegs, and a complete 41lbs weight loss from Eddie Lawson’s 1981 (and ’82). ). Motorcycles are winning the AMA Superbike Championship.

2013 Kawasaki Z800

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

Although it was sometimes underestimated and not appreciated, the 2013 replacement of the Z750 was a thoughtful, capable, and well-performing middleweight that was well-equipped and polished, and it was excellent. Triumph’s main challenge for Street Triple was.

Kawasaki added specification, performance, and pricing, which resulted in excellent handling, 111bhp four that, despite being a bit heavier, did it all. Although the weird style didn’t suit everyone’s tastes, it was another great hit, lasting five years, and eventually led to the Z900 based on the latest Z900RS.

1978 Kawasaki Z1-R

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

Although criticized by some as a high-cost, unsatisfactory stop-gap, the Z1-R was probably the final manifestation of the original 1972 Z1 900. The Z1-R was the first of a new generation of Kawasaki with a more sophisticated, angular style, with trailblazing handlebar firing (the first Japanese superbike to do so, a year before Suzuki’s GS1000S), a slim 13-liter Fuel tank, and bodywork coated in a brilliant, metallic blue silver.

It wasn’t a ‘show and no go’ either. Although its 1015cc two-valve four-cylinder engine was essentially the same as the standard Z1000A2, the 28mm carb switch (from 26mm) and the four-to-one exhaust helped increase power from 83 to 90bhp (the most powerful ‘Zed’ So far), and the chassis has been upgraded to Smart, with seven-spoke cast alloy wheels and drilled discs.

Even though not a great success at the time (it surpassed Suzuki’s new GS1000 and cost 300 more), the Z1-R was a real poster bike and is now one of the most sought ‘Zeds.” is one of. ‘

2004 Kawasaki Z1000

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

Zed thou ‘, launched in 2004 to revive a stunning vintage Kawasaki manicure from the past, was a massive hit for its unique, more affordable take on the nude.

Its detuned 125bhp motor was borrowed from the previous ZX-9R; its chassis, although a touch affordable and straightforward, was enough for the job; it looked and looked the best (although four of its original shotgun. The silencer pipe proved controversial), and, most importantly, it was cheap, enough to be a huge hit.

A minimally upgraded version (without the weird pipes) was released in 2007, followed by comprehensive improvements in 2010 and 2014. During that time, the new king of Kawasaki, the Z, gained a considerable fan base. Those early specimens, in particular, are still valuable today.

1976 Kawasaki Z650

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

When motorcyclists in the 1970s began to believe that Kawasaki had 1972 Z1 900 once, the Japanese powerhouse shocked the world of motorcycles again with the 1976 Z650.

The Z650 was designed by the same genius who created the Z1, the Gyoichi ‘Ben’ Inamura, and was a brand new, air-cooled, DOHC, transverse four aimed at a broader market. As a result, the Z650 was probably a more critical machine than the Z1. Technically, it was more revolutionary in that it used plain crank bearings instead of Z1 rollers, a Hy-Vo chain between the crank and gearbox instead of Z1 gears, and consequently, both were smooth and low cost.

1979 Kawasaki Z1300

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

Before or after that, no Zed mass six-cylinder is more extensive than 1979 Z1300. It has been in development since 1974 as the successor to Kawasaki’s Mach III and Mach IV triple, a more giant, non-two-stroke show bike.

In response to Honda’s GL1000 Gold Wing, a ‘minimum 1200cc’ capability was mandated. An inline-six was required to separate it from the rapidly expanding transverse force and Isuzu; the starting shaft drive was needed because no chain could handle it. Its forecast is 120bhp. It caused quite a stir when unveiled during the 1978 Cologne Show.

Unfortunately, sales were slow, partly because of its weight and cost, and it was never expected to be a commercial success. Still, no one makes a more significant impression than ZZ.

1972 Kawasaki Z1 900

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times

Honda’s 1969 CB750 was the first superbike, but rival Kawasaki’s Z1 was noteworthy. The big Zed, with dual cams at 903cc and massive 82bhp, was designed to outperform the CB in every way, and it created a new superbike benchmark that will dominate this decade. That’s precisely what he did.

Not only was the Z1 the most powerful and fastest superbike available until the 1977 Suzuki GS1000, but it also became the engine of choice for racers, drag-strip demons, and specials and was named Machine of the Year in four years.

Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Kawasaki Z Bikes of all Times
1 1972 Kawasaki Z1 900
2 1979 Kawasaki Z1300
3 1976 Kawasaki Z650
4 2004 Kawasaki Z1000
5 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R
6 2013 Kawasaki Z800
7 1982 ‘Eddie Lawson Replica’ Kawasaki Z1000R
8 1980 Kawasaki Z400J
9 2004 Kawasaki Z750
10 1972 Kawasaki Z250 ‘scorpion’

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