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Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India


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It takes countless hours of hardworking men to create the perfect model of bike that would be admired by everyone, which means that it doesn’t only depend on the sales department or some automobile engineers to make the bike’s brand recognizable. There is several motorcycle brands in the world but today, we are going to discuss the Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India.

The parts of the bikes are all examined by automobile engineers before being fit and are carefully handpicked to make the bike unique from others. In this article, we will enlist the stories of the top ten bikes and some accessible models that are loved by several people in India and where they stand right now.

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India – Top Rated

10. Yamaha

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

Yamaha has ruled the heart of bike lovers ever since it was introduced as a joint venture in 1985 in India. This Japanese company became an independent venture and came with an agreement to Yamaha motors to become India Yamaha Motor Private Limited in 2008, which was also a joint venture.

This bike does not only represent the status symbol for the young generation in India but also became known for being the luxurious bike. Yamaha motorcycle has always tried to make the best impression and became very popular since it was first introduced.

9. Royal Enfield

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

This bike manufacturing company is one of the oldest, which was initially known as Enfield motorcycle company and later got the license to use ‘Royal’ title by the crown in 1890. This bike was an innovation for the company that used to make weapons until 1908.

After the invention of bikes, the company also started making bicycles, lawnmowers, and stationary engines. Right now, the bikes of this company are considered to be the most expensive and classic throughout the world. Royal Enfield is not only confined for the higher class of India but the middle class also saves up money to buy a Royal Enfield to brag among others. Apart from this fact, Royal Enfield also makes a bike that is priced mid-ranged.

8. Honda

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

It was introduced in India in 1999, and the parent company of India Honda Company is Honda Company Motor Limited Japan. After being introduced in India, it started to gain power in the two-wheeler market because of its daily usage bikes which were economic and also created high-end sports bikes. Honda has always tried its best to fulfill people’s hobbies and needs related bikes to them.

Honda can produce up to 5.65 million units per year when it is fully functioning. It does not include the new scooter plant introduced in February 2016, which has the range of making 1.2 million units a year. Including these facts, Honda also makes eco friendly and high-quality technology products.

7. Hero

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

The world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers is Hero MotoCorp which was formerly known as Hero Honda Motors Ltd. Still in smaller towns ‘Splendor’ is the name that comes in people’s mind when it comes to the bike, but the choices of people living in cities have now started to vary as they have moved towards more sporty looking bikes.

This company has never come down from being number 1 since it became the world’s top seller and manufacturer for the last 15 years. The bikes of Hero give the best performance and maintenance in the cost offered.

6. Bajaj

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

Bajaj was the manufacturer of scooters and home appliances, even when there weren’t a lot of bikes for public use. The scooters era is long gone now, but the bajaj is still into consideration for the manufacturing of travel and finance, motorcycles, home appliances, lighting, insurance, iron and steel.

5. TVS

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

This motorcycle company has an annual production capacity of 3.2 million units per year and is the third-largest manufacturing company for two-wheelers in India. TVS is the firm that makes sure it meets the needs of its customers and makes designs and models which are up to date.

TVS doesn’t focus on just one class but instead makes a bike for everyone from sports bike range to comfortable daily riding motorbikes. It makes trendy scooters like Jupiter to lightweight Scooty Pep+ for very social girls. It also makes affordable two-wheelers for individuals who can’t afford a high priced bike.

4. Suzuki

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

The leader of automobiles around the world is Suzuki, which is a Japanese based company. The company is known for its four-wheelers vehicles. Suzuki India makes bikes that are of high quality and have a sporty look.

The company started from a small town in Japan and initiated by its parent company Suzuki Loom Works in 1909. Suzuki became world-famous when it entered a race and won the championship. This company also manufacturer bikes and scooters for daily usage.

3. Mahindra

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

Whenever we think of Mahindra, the first thing that comes to our mind is its strength and capability. The company is well known for making high utility turbo duty vehicles. It was the first Indian company that entered FIM Moto3 Motorcycle Racing Championship and came in the two-wheeler market in 2013.

This brand seems to have potential, although it has just released a few two-wheeler models, but is considered to be a good brand with capability.

2. KTM

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

These are the bikes well suited for people who love to race and love collecting bikes, and this can be identified by its slogan “Ready to race.” The position of KTM bikes in the market remain undefeated by its competition. The vision of this bike is considered far-fetched like ‘Adventure, Purity, Performance and Extreme’ mentioned on its website. The bike is made to be taken on an adventure that is hard to reach and has enough hardcore power to take the lead.

1. Harley Davidson

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India

Founded in 1903, the Harley Davidson India is completely owned by a subsidiary of Harley Davidson, Inc, USA. This brand has introduced award-winning models that are loved by millions and are worthy enough to die for. Its classic looks are one of the main reasons why it is so easily differentiated from other motorcycles making it more luxurious. Harley Davidson came to India in 2009, and its first dealer was opened in 2010. It has started assembling bikes in its CKD assembly unit located in Haryana.

Top Ten Best Bike Brands in India – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Bike Brands in India
1 Harley Davidson
3 Mahindra
4 Suzuki
6 Bajaj
7 Hero
8 Honda
9 Royal Enfield
10 Yamaha


These were some of the best bikes that were included in the three classes. But the bikes for daily use are making the most sales and taking the lead from sports or luxurious brands that are more high priced.

These brands mentioned are sold at a high rate as almost 70% of the population depends on the two-wheelers for daily use. The reason for this could be the congested roads of India and the economical price of these bikes that people can easily afford. These brands have been the choice of its users for several decades.

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