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Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

Budget sport bikes are more realistic for most riders due to factors, including cost, availability, and the age-old adage “win on Sunday, buy on Monday.” Many motorcyclists hanker for high-end sports bikes with sleek, snarling designs.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for a less powerful motorbike since there are plenty of cost-effective, light, and eager-to-please fully-feared bikes out there ready to deliver a powerful punch.

There’s a bike here for everyone, whether you’re just starting on a 125 or looking for a more mature option that won’t break the bank. The winner of our Top 10 Best Budget Sportbikes of 2022 will be revealed in the following paragraphs.

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022 – Top Rated

10 – Sinnis GPX125 [£3,399]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

The GPX125, Sinnis’ newest model, is a dynamic-looking low-capacity, low-cost solution gaining traction in the developing industry.

Sinnis is a British company that manufactures its fixtures and fittings in China, a strategy that the company uses to integrate British design expertise with the most cost-effective production methods available.

While Sinnis’ other models, including the T125 Terrain ADV and Outlaw cruiser, use a similar design approach, the GPX125’s rakish shape and clever touches, like its attractive split LED lighting set-up, work far better on the smaller sportbike.

Even with its scratchy 12.7 horsepower from its liquid-cooled engine, the GPX125 proves to be both simple to ride and enjoyable to ride.

It’s not going to beat the Yamaha R3 or the Kawasaki Ninja 125 in a straight battle, but at £3,399, it’s a more affordable alternative to Lexmoto’s best-selling LXR.

9 – Suzuki GSX-R125 [£4,699]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

This Japanese manufacturer is well-known for its legendary Gixxer sports motorcycles, which have become among the most beloved and sought-after road racers ever built.

Since its inception in 1989, Suzuki’s GSX-R125 has been a popular choice for consumers, especially those who are beginners in the sport of motorcycle riding.

This bike, like its larger sibling the GSX-R125, has been around for a while and hasn’t seen a significant upgrade since 2018. The effect is that many of its competitors here sense its age.

8 – FB Mondial Sport Classic 125 / 300 [£TBC]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

Pagani 1948 is an iconic Italian sports car made by FB Mondial. If someone is looking to stand out from the crowd, the Sport Classic, commonly known as Pagani 1948, is for you.

When it comes to styling, this bike is more cafe racer than a full-blown sports bike, but its roots are firmly planted in FB Mondial’s illustrious racing history of the 1940s and 1950s.

The Sport Classic, which comes in 125cc and 300cc versions, has a high-end appearance and feel, thanks to features like elevated tank insignia and attractive short exhausts.

7 – CFMoto 300SR [£4,099]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

It’s no surprise that CFMoto is the most aggressive and remarkable Chinese manufacturer making inroads into European markets with its entry-level sportbike – the 300SR.

There are strong links between CFMoto and many manufacturers, and the 300SR is no exception, sporting a Kawasaki engine and KTM chassis, as well as the Austrian styling studio Kiska, for a unique and aesthetically pleasing finish.

While it lacks some of the most cutting-edge technology from the Kawasaki junkyard, the 300SR’s 29bhp engine is eager and revvy, and the bike handles curve with aplomb.

6 – KTM RC390 / RC125 [£5,649 / £5,049]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

The KTM RC390 and RC125 are still running strong, despite KTM’s decision to exit the sizeable sports bike market for the time being.

The RC390/RC125 twins got a much-needed upgrade for 2022 with redesigned style, skin modifications, and more generous gadgetry to satisfy the demand for their unique, limited capacity options alongside the Duke and Adventure.

In addition to a new, sharper-looking front and fairing, KTM has improved the road performance of the RC duo with a 44-bhp engine to take advantage of the well-balanced handling.

5 – Kawasaki Ninja 125 [£4,199]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

As a triple WorldSBK champion, the ZX-10R/red RR’s (or rather, green) blooded sibling, the Ninja 125, has acquired some equally remarkable hand-me-downs.

The Ninja 125 is a great bike to ride since it’s light and easy to handle, but it also has a lively handling and hungry engine that can make it both exciting and straightforward.

The white, black, and Day-Glo orange decals inspired by its race-bred cousin make the Ninja 125 one of the most fashionable motorcycles today.

4 – Aprilia RS125 [£4,850]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

Since its screaming, rev-happy two-strokes of the 1990s tore up the streets and in a swirl of smoke and vapor, Aprilia’s iconic baby sports bike has been the poster boy of the sector for decades.

The RS GP, Aprilia’s most miniature model, is now a much more refined motorcycle, taking design cues from the RSV4, the company’s most expensive and sophisticated sports bike.

Powered with 14.7bhp, inverted forks, and top-notch specifications, the Aprilia RS125 has an attractive design and will make you grin.

3 – Yamaha R3 (£5,000) and Yamaha R125 (£5,950)

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

Since its inception, Yamaha has had a long and famous history of producing racers for the road, and its track record speaks for itself.

It gets better: Yamaha has benefited us from its expertise and know-how in a wide range of models, from its flagship R1 to its mid-weight R6 sprinter to its tiniest options, the R3 and R125.

Yamaha has done an excellent job translating the elegant and subtle lines of the R1 onto a smaller canvas, making even the R125 seem like it belongs to a renowned company.

To some extent, the £5,000 price tag of the R125 is justifiable because it is well-engineered, thoughtfully designed, and feels like a high-quality product, just like every other Yamaha motorcycle.

2 – Kawasaki Ninja 650 [£7,299]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

Now, we’ll confess that the Kawasaki Ninja 650 rivals only itself when defining a “cheap sports bike.”

The most expensive sports bike on our list, at £7,299, is still a lot of motorbike for your money. It’s possible to obtain a 650cc sports bike for a little more than the £5,000 you’d receive on a premium 125cc sports bike.

An alternative to the growling Kawasaki ZX-6R, the Ninja 650 offers a more approachable, less threatening option that mixes the sensibility of a tourer with the pulsing pulse of a sports bike.

1 – Honda CBR500R [£6,499]

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022

The Honda CBR500R has a pleasingly traditional feel about it, in large part due to its conventional attitude.

Indeed, Honda’s decision to launch a trifecta of 500cc bikes, which combine the best features of its 125, 300, and 600cc models, puts them in a league of their own, combining the best of both worlds to produce a perfectly balanced motorbike.

The Honda CB500F, the CB500X, and the sporty CBR500R are the outcome.

For those who don’t want to sacrifice performance for practicality, the CBR500R is the CBR650R’s milder-mannered and more accessible twin.

Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Affordable Sports Bikes of 2022
1 Honda CBR500R [£6,499]
2 Kawasaki Ninja 650 [£7,299]
3 Yamaha R3 (£5,000) and Yamaha R125 (£5,950).
4 Aprilia RS125 [£4,850]
5 Kawasaki Ninja 125 [£4,199]
6 KTM RC390 / RC125 [£5,649 / £5,049]
7 CFMoto 300SR [£4,099]
8 FB Mondial Sport Classic 125 / 300 [£TBC]
9 Suzuki GSX-R125 [£4,699]
10 Sinnis GPX125 [£3,399]


An attractive low-capacity and low-cost solution from Sinnis, the GPX125 has gained ground in the growing market. There are still KTM RC390 and RC125 models available for purchase. The R125’s £5,000 price tag is justified because it is a well-built motorcycle.

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