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Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

Why choose a 300cc bike? It’s the perfect little bike for both pros and beginners to get some confidence in before upgrading to something bigger. Due to their affordability and fuel efficiency, 300cc bikes are perfect commuters for experienced riders. They are still powerful enough for fun and can save you a hard time if necessary. As a result of rising fuel prices in the US, 300cc bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they are the perfect size for riding in crowded cities. 300cc motorcycles have grown in popularity across Europe for those who want to upgrade their rides from 125cc bikes in the EU and the UK. Here is the list of Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023.

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023 – Top Rated

Honda Rebel 300

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

If you learn to ride with a motorcycle safety foundation, chances are you’re already familiar with the 2023 Honda Rebel 250 (also known as the CMX250).

The Honda Rebel 300, which replaced the 250cc, is probably your best choice if you’re looking for a 300cc motorbike with cruiser flair or an affordable 300cc bike. It is one of the famous 300cc motorcycles on the market today and is a firm favorite among newcomers thanks to its low seat height, simple handling, and elegant appearance. Unfortunately, the smallest Rebel, the CMX500, is not accessible in Europe or the UK.

Honda CB300R

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

People who prefer their street bikes to have some style often opt for the Honda CBR300R. It was created as a stepping stone for UK and EU motorcyclists who want to upgrade from their 125cc bike after passing the test—Honda’s smallest capacity bare bike. A 300cc motorcycle will help Honda target the Asian market as it can almost always undercut its competitors’ prices.

The CB300R stands out from the crowd because of its Neo-Sports Café appearance and its 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine has a top speed of 95 mph.

Kawasaki Versys X 300

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

If you enjoy riding adventure motorcycles, then you should give the Kawasaki Versys X 300 some thought. Although it has been optimized for touring, it was developed around the successful twin-cylinder engine found in the Ninja 300. The upright seating position and height of the Kawasaki Versys X 300 make it the perfect commuter vehicle. Its lightweight and ample suspension travel, despite its size, suggest it should be able to handle some off-road driving. It’s a decent motorbike for those long trips as it has a windscreen and a great thick seat for those adventure trips. While it’s not the cheapest option, you get many bikes for your money.

Yamaha YZF R3

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

The Yamaha YZF R3 is a tough competitor in the 300cc sportbike market. Yamaha’s R series includes the EU and UK entry-level YZF R125, YZF R3, YZF R7, and finally, the storied YZF R1, a one-liter motorcycle that has been around since 1998. The Yamaha R3 is a logical next step if you learned to ride a Yamaha R125 back in Europe and got your A2 license. From there, you can switch to a full license. Since the R125 is not accessible in North America, the YZF R3 is your gateway to the Yamaha Supersport R series.

Yamaha MT- 03

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

The Yamaha MT-03 is an excellent entry-level bike that packs a lot of power into a compact, lightweight design. It’s 300cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke parallel-twin engine can produce 28Nm of crankshaft torque and up to 41 horsepower. Due to its comfortable and balanced riding dynamics, the Yamaha suits riders looking for long Sunday rides in the countryside and those who commute in the city. From the 1000cc Yamaha MT-10, the MT series has a motorbike for every stage of your motorcycling career, allowing you to progress as you master.

KTM 390 Duke

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

The 200, 390, 890, and the insane 1290 Super Duke R are the four models in the naked series of the much-loved KTM Dukes. As you move up the spectrum, power, and performance increase, but the quality and aggressive bare-bones look remain the same. Recently, I had the opportunity to ride the KTM 390 Duke at the Isle of Man TT track, and two things immediately stuck out. Firstly, the acceleration puts you off considering it only has one cylinder and is only allowed in EU A2 licensed vehicles. Second, whether in town or on a TT mountain. It’s light and nimble and feels like the bike is daring you to blow it around.


Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

Elegant and graceful, the BMW G310R is a bare-bones roadster. It was created in partnership with TVS to create a low-capacity BMW at a price that would be popular in Asia. The BMW G310R did well at the launch and is now available worldwide.

Although it was made in India, the German attention to detail is immediately apparent. ABS is standard, with a stainless steel exhaust, an electronic ride-by-wire throttle, movable levers, LED lights, and a three-year warranty—a cost-effective way to introduce new riders to the BMW brand.

BMW G 310 GS

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

The G310R mentioned above engine is housed in this adventure bike. A perfect choice for the taller rider, it is also a suitable mid-size bike for those who love aesthetics. It is advertised as an urban city bike capable of handling out-of-town trips and even some off-road green routes. If keeping a BMW R1200GS in the garage is your goal, this is where you should start.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 was the best 300cc sportbike in the market until it violated EU regulations in 2018. In Europe and North America, the Ninja 400 took its place, but I’m still listing it because you may find it used a lot—less money—for example, many items on eBay are in the UK, with prices starting at around $2,000.

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a fast, lightweight bike that perfectly balances performance and power. Riders of different skillset will enjoy the Ninja 300’s distinctive Kawasaki elegance.

KTM RC 390

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023

For more experienced riders looking for an economical sports bike, KTM created the RC 390 motorcycle. It has the same 373cc single-cylinder engine as the KTM 390 Duke, with a 6-speed gearbox and 44 horsepower, and 27 lb-ft of torque. It has a good aerodynamic shape which gives it both good looks and excellent track performance.

The KTM RC 390 will satisfy those who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit fast and hard. Due to its lightweight frame and flexible suspension arrangement, this bike accelerates quickly and easily handles turns.

Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best 300cc Motorcycles in 2023
1 Honda Rebel 300
2 Honda CB300R
3 Kawasaki Versys X 300
4 Yamaha YZF R3
5 Yamaha MT- 03
6 KTM 390 Duke
7 BMW G310R
8 BMW G 310 GS
9 Kawasaki Ninja 300
10 KTM RC 390

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