Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013

Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013: Sporting hiker new look

In spite of the crisis and craft dimensions of the factory, AJP are not afraid to go from the front one. Thus for its 25th birthday, the brand Portuguese reveals us the last generation of its motorcycle of Enduro leisure: the AJP 250 PR5 2013. bikescatalog was on the spot to eat cake accompanied by staff, but especially to test this important evolution of range AJP 2013.

Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013: Sporting hiker new lookWe returned here to Portugal, on the grounds of the manufacturer AJP who blows his 25 candles and benefits from it to reveal his news 250 4-times Enduro, the AJP 250 PR5. Let us recall that the target of AJP, it is the general public and not the competition. Thus let us test this AJP PR5 new generation…

Very of large

At the time of this presentation, AJP held before proposing its PR5 known as Racing. This version receives colors and some parts different from the standard model and one must say that the development rather is successful: the AJP 250 PR5 2013 does not have great a deal to envy certain “true” motorcycles of Enduro.

Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013: Sporting hiker new look

The key of red on the level of the framework, the hubs, the fork and the footrests confers a pleasant esthetics to him. The agreement with the black rims and the black machined t-pieces is good. On the other hand, one remains always also perplexed in front of the enormous hole of the oscillating arm. But that was part of the identity of AJP PR5 2013.
Side racing, one appreciates the disc of brake before semi floating oversize and the home silencer with end carbon. And side practices, the translucent tank, the driving shoe or the protect-hands are welcome. With regard to the standard model, essence is there, not problem. But it is true that vis-a-vis her Racing sister, she flatters less the retina.

Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013: Sporting hiker new look

Perfectible handiness

After a rather positive passage to the magnifying glass, it left for the test loop in the middle of the eucalypti. Not surprised by taking seat on the AJP PR5 2013, ergonomics is quite good. As sat upright, one finds something to lean on the motorcycle, the contour of the handlebar without Reikon bar is very well and one does not seek the orders.
In dynamics, the things become a little complicated. The old AJP 250 PR5 was visually heavy but left itself there to wonder once in action. Here, it is a little reverse: the new engine is much more compact, but the impression of heaviness continues. In fact the motorcycle is not heavier – on the contrary – but the centre of gravity seems to be higher, undoubtedly because of the water radiators. That makes piloting a little delicate: it is necessary to be done more authoritative and it is a little damage for a motorcycle general public.

Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013: Sporting hiker new look

TThe report is worth for the standard model and as the AJP 250 PR5 Racing, but one will note all the same a difference in behavior on the level of the suspensions. The Standard AJP 250 PR5 2013 is equipped with a fork Sachs whereas it is Marzocchi on Racing. For March, the information feedback of the ground is better and the feeling is only improved by it. In both cases, a little more comfort of the fork and shock absorber would be appreciable, in particular when one rolls as a mode tourist.
The brake before the standard AJP 250 PR5 little to appear a little weak, especially if one goes down from Racing with his disc oversize, but that it is when one attacks. That will not disturb in quiet excursion. In short, the frame is rather operational and remains precise, but the catch in total hand takes a little more time.

Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013: Sporting hiker new look

Power 100% controllable

It is not the race with the performance which pushed AJP to be passed to liquid cooling, but a question of standards. But all the same, the arrival of this new engine confers on the PR5 a little more trunk. Attention, one is in front of one AJP 250 pr5 2013: it is not fabulous and one does not plan to engage an additional report to attack the technical parts.
The ideal, with this AJP, is to use the engine with mid–mode, where it is effective and enough strapping man to cross the difficulties. The injected driving behavior of the standard version remains linear and easily manageable. One will not be exceeded by the power and one will not be made surprise on a bad gas blow. The catch in hand will be easy for a beginner. But a small blow of clutch – a little closes on the way – and a blow of trigger will nevertheless make it possible to pull up the motorcycle with the need.
The behavior of the AJP 250 PR5 2013 Racing is overall identical, but I acknowledge agreeably surprised by the performance of this version to be slightly released. The PR5 Racing is shown rather sharp with an engine power higher and a lengthening-piece. She answers the requests to attack. Admittedly, it is not Sherco 250 SE, but the AJP Racing is placed like an intermediary between the AJP PR5 and other Enduros Japanese women and European. Lastly, inertia and the engine brake seemed less pronounced to me than on the model before.

Test AJP 250 PR5 Enduro 2013: Sporting hiker new look

Assessment: Leisure, but with experiment

Once again, it is necessary wellness conscious that an AJP PR5 250  is not Enduro sporting. Useless to count on performances out of common run: it is not the objective. For as much, it is a little delicate to place the PR5 Enduro in the leisure category.
Halfway between the two, the engine is overcome very easily, but the motorcycle claims a certain technique to be taken along suitably. And then comfort would claim a little more attention to roll up peacefully in the ways, because the unit is firm. On another side that makes it possible to box the large shocks with less apprehension.
AJP PR5 250, it is a motorcycle of Enduro sporting leisure will say one… It is all the more true for Racing, which is located between the sport and the competition. For our part, we would choose the Racing version. Its profit of character, its more progressive fork and its higher braking convinced us. But it is also because the sporting side attracts us. For a hiker, the standard version will undoubtedly offer whole satisfaction.
The price will be able to play in the favor of the standard version: 5 490 €. It is rather rare, then one underlines it: the PR5 evolves in 2013 and its price drops by 100 €. One likes! The price of the PR5 Racing is not fixed yet, but one will have to expect one more been worth from approximately 1000€.