Review of 2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS Sports Bike

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS is a new street fighter heavy bike on the road. It makes new record in the standards of style and design in the history of Kawasaki brand. Its ride will let you to have immense riding pleasure that you will have never before. This bike uses a 1044 cc, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, inline-4 engine with digital fuel injection. Due to Z1000 ABS enormous displacement, a rider will have the freedom of running this fast machine with almost up to 105 mph that is enough for winning street races. The 6-speed gearbox helps to control the engine power.
2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS fast speed is controlled by double front 310mm petal type rotors, 4-piston single block caliper and a mono back 250mm petal type rotor with one piston. The new 2015 Z1000 is launched in different attractive colors, Golden touch on Green, Metallic spark Black and Metallic carbon Gray. With all these special features, Kawasaki Z1000 ABS price is very reasonable. You can have this special bike in just $11,999.

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS

The Kawasaki 2015 Z1000 ABS is mechanically engineered in such a manner that you will feel its superiority in all respects from its rival brands. This sports bike is capable of running extremely fast due to its powerful 1044 cc liquid-cooled engine. The inspiring style makes this bike’s look as a Sugomi predator. Special thrust is gained by intake cams installed in its 4-valve engine.
Some main features and specifications of 2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS are discussed here:

  1. 1044 cc,  four-valve,  Air-cooled DOHC engine
  2. Digital fuel injection “DFI”
  3. Lightweight front big-piston forks for easy drive and performance
  4. Single-piece monoblock radial mount front brake caliper offer excellent stopping power and control, designed with a specially etched Kawasaki logo and black reflecting look.
  5. The brilliant sporty 6-spooked light aluminum wheels help reducing rotating friction
  6. Quick shifting of six gears helps in gain speed faster
  7. Z1000 ABS canopy is loaded with analogue and digital instrumental panels offering digital display of different components.
  8. Sub frame is compact and shorter
  9. The street fighting riding positions helps the rider to manage his ride easily and comfortably in the long runs.
  10. Extreme fast speed up to 105 mph
  11. Available in many pleasant colors
  12. Affordable price starting from $11,999

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS


The true powerful optimized 1044 cc, DOHC 4-stroke engine gives biker the power of cruising this bike on every track and will pass all the test and difficulties you choose. You will enjoy its ride and performance from the start till end. Specially designed cylinders will provide low to mid range torque effectively and enhances the RPM of the engine. Adjustable ECU setting will let you the effective throttle response. The Engine revolutions limiter lets you to control the High RPM, if desired. Intake cams are designed to control the torque for thrust and bikers satisfaction. The 38mm Keihin throttle pass the air/fuel mixture directly in the chamber for tremendous thrust. A second engine balancer stops the vibration and allows the rider to drive smoothly. Every spark plug has its own spark coil to take maximum spark.ECU is loaded with speed controlling system for a rapid start.

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS


The intake system is made to bring the fresh cool air into the air box through pipes, maximizing the performance due to cool air. Air Filter lets you the excellent flow for high torque. Stacks are equal to increase throttle performance. Intake ducts are specially designed in such a way that rider can easily hear the sound and thrust. The exhaust system is made like 4 into 2 pre chambers to provide best silencer volume. Buffed metal on silencer gives an appealing look for the audience. Butterfly designed valve is installed to low the exhaust sound and increase the RPM.


2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS has a large fuel tank having capacity of 4.5 gallons that is enough for a long distance. The radical design enhances the outlook of sport bike. Slim fuel pump increase the compatibility and accuracy of fuel level sensor.

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS


Single piece monobloc 4-piston front brake calipers allow you an excellent control over speed and the Kawasaki logo adds beauty to its look.32mm upper piston and 30mm lower piston gives enhanced performance. The front wheel master cylinder gives the basic control. ABS system is installed to check the fluid pressure sensor that provides the line control and displays data on the ECU. 310mm front rotors are there to control the unstoppable wheel. Rear tire is loaded with a single piston back caliper of 250mm dia.


The style of aluminum backbone is similar to Ninja ZX-10 R, which helps to feel comfortable and ride smoothly. Frame is made from real metal and highly durable. The frame is made in such a manner that it will help engine’s overall performance. The frame is installed with 4 engine mounts in which one is rubber type and other 3 are of metal. Sub frame is also styled to give its outlook as shorter and the side panels are awesome.

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS


2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS has the separate function forks having springs on both sides. This spring technology lets you enjoy the extreme braking experience which is not offered by other bikes. The big piston is larger than other brand bike’s. Forks are beautifully designed to give the rider ultimate experience.


The Z1000 ABS uses a hard aluminum handle that increases comfort for the rider. The super handle grip allows you to feel freely and ride the bike in your way. A special logo is affixed on the seat that looks pretty. The foot rest are also very comfortable and are of Ninja ZX-10R-style.


Z1000 ABS instrument panel is a mixture of both analogue and digital gauges that allow the rider a good vision in the day and night also. Horizontal RPM gauge is there with dual bar graph. It is also equipped with a LCD to monitor ABS and ECO system. Digital clock, odometer and speedometer are also there for rider’s satisfaction and control.

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS


It is designed on the top of the swing arm. Due to this setting less heat is absorbed from the exhaust.  Adjusters are there for stepless rebound damping. Specially buffed metal is used while making exhaust duct. The mufflers are assembled beautifully. The sound from the exhaust can be heard by the rider due to its build.

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS Price:

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS price is reasonable. A rider with all these special features in this bike will easily buy it. 2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS is available in the market starting from $11,990.

 2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS Specs:

Engine & Transmission:

Type 1044 cc, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled four- inline
Bore x Stroke 77 x 56mm
Compression ratio 11.8:1
Ignition TCBI Digital fuel injection “DFI”
Gears 6-speed
Final drive Sealed chain

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS


Rake 24.5 degrees
Frame Aluminum
Trail 4 inches
Front suspension 41mm SFF-BP fork with special compression and rebound damping and spring adjustability
Front wheel travel 4.7 inches
Back suspension Horizontal single-shock with special  rebound damping and adjustable spring preload
Rear wheel travel 4.8 inches
Front brake Double 310mm petal type rotors with radial mount 4-piston single block calipers and ABS
Rear brake Mono 250mm petal type rotor with one piston caliper and ABS
Wheel base 56.5″
Front wheel 120/70 ZR17
Rear wheel 190/50 ZR17


Length 81 inches
Width 31 inches
Height 41 inches
Seat height 32 inches
Weight 487 lbs
Fuel tank capacity 4.5 gallons
Warranty 12 months
Available Colors Golden touch on Green, Metallic spark Black and Metallic carbon Gray

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS


The latest super sports bike 2015 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS is a simple street fight machine which will let you to experience the thrill and speed on any street of the city. The heavy duty 1044cc, 16 valves engine gives you the boost to ride such a fantastic bike. Its 4.5 gallon fuel tank is enough for covering any distance. The speed of Z1000 ABS also offers you the freedom of almost flying on the road. In a speed test conducted by the mechanics after its production give the result of averaging 105 mph, which is very good for a bike of such power. The specially buffed metal on the silencer is presented like a sparking jewel. A rider will comfortably sit on its saddle and easily control the handle bar with its perfect hand grip. The front panel is equipped with many digital gauges that will let the rider an easy control and comfortable ride. Overall I think this bike is a masterpiece by Kawasaki Corporation.