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The Super Off-Road Yamaha 2015 TTR-230 Review

The 2015 Yamaha TTR-230 is a new off-road bike with a lot of features. This bike has a reliable and super off-road experience. TTR-230 has an electric start then power is generated by a 223cc Air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke.2-valves engine. This will push you forward on any uneven road.  You have the freedom of shifting 6-speed gears with wet-clutch technology. The fuel is then mixed in a carburetor then passes it to capacitor discharge ignition system which starts the engine and you are ready to go.

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230

TTR-230 has a special lightweight steel frame which acts as the backbone of the bike. It is basically an awesome off-road bike invented by Yamaha. TTR-230 is powered by 223cc four-stroke engine. This will have some extra power than other similar bikes. A very adventurous ride is offered by this super fast bike on all types of roads. Many accessories are easily available in the market for its customization and structural change. With these accessories you can change the overall structure and performance of TTR-230. The design of the bike is also a major factor in its sale value. It develops a special interest in the minds of the riders to have such a fantastic off-road bike loaded with exceptional features.

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230


  • 223cc, 4-stroke.2-valve air-cooled SOHC engine
  • Six-speed multi-plate wet-clutch transmission
  • CDI technology.
  • Telescopic forks with 23cm play
  • Single shock with 21cm play
  • Team Yamaha Blue/white
  • 3 months limited factory warranty
  • 2.1 gal fuel tank.
  • Front disc brake and rear drum brake.
  • Super off-road bike.

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230

Yamaha Company is best known for the accessories they produced. All types of parts have accessories build for the performance and strength of the bike. Only Yamaha lets you choose a typical accessory for your off-road bike. There is a vast list of accessories that can be installed on TTR-230. After installing these parts, your bike look and strength will automatically be changed. These accessories are ready to be sold and you have just to buy these and fix these accordingly. The price of its parts is also not much. One can afford them easily. Here is a short list of some special accessories which you can install on the TTR-230.

  1. GYTR® Power Tuner
  2. Enduro Skid plate
  3. GYTR® Aluminum chain guide
  4. GYTR® Aluminum Hot start lever
  5. GYTR® Billet Clutch Basket
  6. GYTR® Billet Clutch Pressure Plate
  7. GYTR® Billet Front Wheel Spacer Kit
  8. GYTR® Billet Ignition cover
  9. GYTR® Brake Line pinch
  10. GYTR® Solid Rear braking rotor
  11. Aluminum Hex Core Power Muffler
  12. Factory 4.1 Muffler
  13. Mega Bomb head pipe
  14. Mini Power core for Muffler
  15. Spark Arrestor Insert
  16. Racing 2-strokes exhaust pipes
  17. Racing 2-strokes exhaust Silencer

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230


2015 Yamaha TTR-230 has come with a 3-months limited company warranty

2015 Yamaha TTR-230 has not a high price as compared to other brands. One TTR-230 has an estimated price of $3990.In the mean time, many accessories are also available for off-road Yamaha bikes in order to make the bike strong and performance wise a better machine. The price of the accessories is also not so high so you can afford them easily in your budget but after customization of the bike you will see the charm which was not before.

2015 Yamaha TTR-230 will release in November, 2014. The lovers of this brand will have to wait for some time and make their minds for an adventure ride.

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230

The super 2015 TTR-230 starts with an electric start. After the engines get fuel and spark from the CDI system, then you are ready to take an adventurous off-road experience. The wet-clutch technology helps in shifting the gears easily and less friction is expected due to this. Now it’s Telescopic forks are ready to absorb the pressure of any bouncy track. Due to 9.4 inches play in front shock and 8.4 inches in the rear, you will easily survive the discomfort and jumps on the road. The ground clearance of 11.6 inches will give help against any trail. The swing chain of aluminum is also adjustable for your best possible setting. The ride on such a bike would be definitely full of adventure and enthusiasm.

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230

According to my opinion the new 2015 Yamaha TTR-230 is the top off-road bike of amongst the others that came with the same specs. Yamaha Company has a great profile of manufacturing off-road bikes. This is a special one with its amazing and awesome features. It’s a fast bike and can run up to 75mph which is very fast for a 223cc engine’s bike. It uses carburetor and the CDI system for fuel, transmission and has special size shocks for a complete adventurous trip. The power ride is controlled by a big disc brake and special gripping tires. It has a 2.1 gal of fuel tank available to enjoy a smooth and eventful ride. All the accessories are apart from each other; there basic function is to modify the Yamaha TTR-230 in all respects. The chromed mufflers, Silencer and forks will take your attention. If you want to buy these accessories, then you will find it very easy to buy them because these have very less price and their function is awesome,
GYTR® Aluminum chain guide is a specially designed accessory to deliver a maximum run. This bike is also economically very good and you can cover enough distance with its full tank. 2015 Yamaha TTR-230 comes in two beautiful colors. Yamaha proudly presents “Team Yamaha Blue/White” colors. It will win the hearts of thrill and adventure lovers and do not let you down in any off-road challenge.

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230 Specs:


Type 4-stroke , Air-cooled, SOHC 2- valves
Displacement 223cc
Bore X Stroke 70mm x 58mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Fuel Passing Carburetor
Ignition CDI  technology
Transmission Six speed wet clutch
Final Drive Chain


Suspension Front Telescopic forks with 23cm play
Suspension Back Single shock with 21cm play
Brakes Front 220mm single disc
Brakes Rear 130mm drum
Tires Front 80/100-21 NHS
Tires Rear 100/100-18 NHS

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230


Length 81.3 in
Width 31.5 in
Height 46.5 in
Seat Height 34.3 in
Wheelbase 54.5 in
Ground Clearance 11.6 in
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gal
Wet Weight 251 lb
Colors Team Yamaha Blue/white
Warranty 3 months limited factory warranty

Yamaha 2015 TTR-230

The New super off-road runner 2015 Yamaha TTR-230 will surprisingly attract many adventure fellows toward it. Due to Yamaha best deliverance, the bike is able to be one of the best off-road bikes. The low price and equipped with special features makes this perfect bike. Many accessories are there to fulfill your demand and the comfort ride on bouncy roads. The low mileage bike helps you to cover more distance with its small fuel tank. It has a powerful 223cc Air-cooled SOHC four-stroke, two- valves engine, which uses best components. The shock assembly is also superb; every type of terrain can easily be crossed with its super functioning shocks which have a lot more play than the older models. The design also makes TTR-230 a good looking, wonderful bike. It is able to attract many serious customers before its launch. Surprisingly it will be released at the end of this year, probably in November, 2014. You will have to wait a little bit for its thrilling off-road experience. All you have to do is, wait and see how it will become a part of the life of off-road bikers. They will force them to buy this new invention from the Yamaha

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