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Patents Reveal the New Honda Rebel 1100

We’ve been hearing stories for years that Honda’s Africa is going to be the base for the whole line of twin-engine bikes. Thanks to the firm’s filing of new patent applications, there is now confirmation of the Insurgent 1100. So, finally Patents Reveal the New Honda Rebel 1100.

The latest documents specifically feature the 1,084cc, 101hp parallel twin and double-clutch, smooth steel DCT shift gearbox of the African Twin, bolted to the Boober-style motorcycle that looks like the Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 versions of the current Honda.

Patents Reveal the New Honda Rebel 1100

The understanding behind such a machine is hard to ignore. In addition to the conventional air-cooled American V Twins, Honda’s two revolutionaries, as well as Kawasaki’s Vilkin 650 and even large bikes like Trump’s Bonneville Babar, have made the market for cruisers. Honda’s Africa Twin engine, which is optimized for low down torque instead of out and out power, may have been designed with the adventure bike in mind, but its features make it suitable for the Bobber as well. It’s a rare portable and lightweight build, as a bonus.

The latest patent displays remarkable clarity. Owing to the absence of a clutch lever or shifter on the left, not only do they feature the DCT version of the Africa Twin engine, operating the twin clutches and the entire hydraulics, but they also feature the frame configuration of the Rebel 1100. The partnership between front engine mounts, exhaust headers and radiator brackets, which are incredibly distinct from all African twins, is precisely one of the latest patents.

Patents Reveal the New Honda Rebel 1100

The adventure bike has two radiators, one mounted on either side of the bike, and the rebel has a single traditional cooler built in front of the cylinder head to allow the long-distance suspension to be silenced. The exhaust header is pulled to the right side, running short pipes just ahead of the engine in a catalytic converter, helping the cat hit working temperature quickly as it begins to get cold and the corner clearance.

Like the current Rebel 500 but bolted with too speculative parts, the frame has a basic tubular steel configuration. The twin shocks have remote reservoirs and forks, although the structure is still on the right, and the lower ends have large radial-mount brake calipers. The side profile closely resembles the shape of current rebel models with its low-mounted headlights, narrow fender, and soft seat.

As we have already seen, Honda Africa is experimenting with twin engines on a roadster nude motorcycle style, indicating that the company could develop a range of bikes about 1,084 cc twins, representing a successful lineup of around 500 engines produced by the 471cc CB500 engine.

Patents Reveal the New Honda Rebel 1100

Perhaps more impressive: Honda is working on a variant of the same engine with a supercharged version. It will finally make its way into the boober design if this engine enters output.

While the patents reveal that the Rebel 1100 is in production, they do not suggest the timeframe for the motorcycle development or that the green light for manufacture has been issued. While reports have been swirling for years about African twin-based rumors, there is no confirmation that it will become part of the 2021 product range of the company. We have no intention of seeing it until 2022.

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