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MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle Review

One of the world’s most unique online shopping ideas, TheArsenale, will get a specially designed MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR in a limited edition; they call it MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle. TheArsenale’s unique selection includes jet jets and motorcycles to accessories and high-end clothes. MV designed the livery and certain parts of the bike to match TheArsenale’s distinctive look. TheArsenale’s philosophy of over-the-top brilliance is well complemented by the Dragster 800 RR’s irreverent, flaming color scheme, which has black and orange accents.

An inline-3-cylinder 798 cc MV Agusta engine producing 140 HP and a peak speed of approximately 250 km/h was retained for the TheArsenale edition, which boasts the exact stringent technical specifications of the 800 RR production model. Furthermore, the MVICS complete Ride by Wire system and an electronic up&down transmission coupled to a hydraulic slipper clutch are included in the TheArsenale variant. Traction control may be adjusted on eight levels.

MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle – Features

MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle

From 0 to 100 in an Instant

Muscular. Mean—Three-cylinder heart with a streetfighter’s appearance. The Dragster RR, in our opinion, is the ideal combination of sheer power, technology, and style. The Dragster is the best representation of this idea and our vision.

New Details, Unvaried Character

The side supports of the front fender are composed of aluminum, much like the tank damper. The new integrated light guidance in the headlight and the new single-unit taillight are two of the most notable changes.

Emotions without Compromise

Compact, aggressive, and aesthetically pleasing in every way. The Dragster 800 RR is a no-holds-barred design that we call “pure” emotion.

Like No Other

The Dragster’s distinctive character, weight distribution, and tuned chassis and suspension are all features of a vehicle designed for the most demanding riders.

MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle

Evolution of Perfection

The three-cylinder engine was modified to meet Euro 4 legislation and boost performance and dependability. The engine’s anchoring point to the frame, the main gears, the valve guides, and the cam phasing have all been altered. Additionally, the gearbox has been redesigned, making it faster and requiring less power to enter gears.

Unrivaled Electronics

In addition, the MVICS with the entire Ride by Wire has been considerably enhanced. The new Dragster 800 RR’s mappings were built exclusively for this model. The automated up and down gearbox is paired with a hydraulic slipper clutch to provide eight degrees of traction control. The last portion of the puzzle is a crucial recognition immobilizer.

Safety for an Even Greater Riding Pleasure

As long as you’re just focused on having fun, a Bosch 9 PLUS two-channel ABS with Rear Wheel Lift-up Mitigation will ensure your safety at all times. The RLM system kicks in to prevent rear-wheel lift and reduce front-wheel braking force.


A new 3-year warranty and excellent customer service are included with every MV Agusta purchase. Discover the wide choice of easily accessible replacement parts and unique kits to customize your riding experience on a model.

MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle


The Brutale 800 RR’s three-cylinder engine has undergone various technological modifications to make it Euro 4-compliant while also improving dependability and performance significantly. To secure the engine to the chassis, additional anchoring points have been added. There has been an improvement in the Dragster RR’s riding dynamics due to this modification.

Intake cam profiles have changed, and valves have been altered, in addition to a new countershaft and rebuilt primary drive. The transmission is a brand-new design. As a result of improved gear engagement and reduced lever effort, shifting has never been easier or more comfortable. The exhaust manifold and silencers have also been reworked, with anodized and brushed metal shields protecting the latter.

For a more relaxing ride, the engine covers reduce mechanical noise while still offering enough safety in the case of an accident.


MV Agusta created an integrated MVICS for its three-cylinder electronic management system using patented technologies to refine operation logic and produce considerable advances in operational functionality and accuracy. Improvements have been made in the Ride by Wire system to be more accessible. The new Dragster 800 RR’s ECU algorithms and maps are all unique. A third map may be customized, allowing you to alter factors such as the throttle response, the rev limitation and throttle sensitivity. The engine brake can also be changed. Refinements have been made to the eight-setting traction control system.

MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle

MV Agusta 2020 Dragster 800 RR x TheArsenale Naked Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Three-cylinder, four strokes, 12 valve
Timing system “D.O.H.C” including mechanical chain tensioner
Total displacement 798 cm3 (48.68 cubic inches)
Compression ratio 13.3:1
Starting Electric
Bore x stroke 79mm x 54.3mm (3.1 inches x 2.1 inches)
Max. power – RPM (at the crankshaft) 103 kW (140 hp) at 12,300 RPM
Max. torque – RPM 87 Nm (8.87 kgm) at 10.100 RPM
Cooling system Cooling, including separated liquid and brand new oil radiators.
Engine management system Integrated ignition (injection system MVICS 2.0)
Clutch Multi-disk wet clutch including hydraulic actuation and back-torque-limiting device
Transmission Cassette style; 6-speed, constant mesh
Primary drive 22/41
Gear ratio 1st gear = 13/37
2nd gear = 16/34
3rd gear = 18/32
4th gear = 19/30
5th gear = 21/30
6th gear = 22/29
Final drive ratio 16/41
Voltage 12V
Alternator 350W at 5000RPM
Battery 12 V – 8.5 Ah


Wheelbase 1400 mm (55.12 inches)
Overall length 2035 mm (80.12 inches)
Overall width 935 mm (36.81 inches)
Saddle height 845 mm (33.27 inches)
Min. ground clearance 135 mm (5.31 inches)
Trail 103.5 mm (4.07 inches)
Dry weight 168 kg (370.38 lbs.)
Fuel tank capacity 16.5 liters


Maximum speed 244 km/h (151.6 mph)

Chassis Features

Type All-new ALS Steel tubular trellis
Rear swing arm pivot plates material All-new aluminum alloy

Front Suspension

Type Marzocchi “UPSIDE DOWN” telescopic hydraulic fork in DLC treated aluminum, including anodized fork legs and including rebound-compression damping, spring preload exterior, and separate adjustment
Fork diameter 43mm (1.69 inches)
Fork travel 125mm (4.92 inches)

Rear Suspension

Type Progressive Sachs, single shock absorber including compression and rebound damping and spring preload adjustment
Single-sided swingarm material Aluminum alloy
Wheel travel 124 mm (4.88 in.)

Braking System

Front brake Double floating disc with 320mm (Ø 12.6 inches) diameter, with steel braking disc and flange
Front brake caliper Brembo radial-type, including 4 pistons 32mm (1.26 inches)
Rear brake Single steel disc having 220 mm (8.66 inches) diameter
Rear brake caliper Brembo including two pistons – 34 mm (Ø 1.34 inches)
ABS System Bosch 9 Plus including RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation

Wheels and Tires

Front: Material/size With aluminum alloy spokes 3.50” x 17”
Rear: Material/size With aluminum alloy spokes 6.00” x 17”
Front 120/70 – ZR17M/C (58W)
Rear 200/50 – ZR17M/C (75W)


Material Thermoplastic
Steering damper Manually adjustable with eight settings Immobilizer

Emission Standards

Environmental Standard Euro-4
Combined fuel consumption 6.7l/100km
CO2 Emissions 163 g/km

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