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Kawasaki Ninja Hybrid 7 with Specs Revealed

Kawasaki has released the first mass-produced hybrid motorbike, which will be available in the UK in 2019. Finally, Kawasaki Ninja Hybrid 7 with Specs Revealed and details are given below.

Kawasaki Ninja Hybrid 7 with Specs Revealed

Regarding significant motorcycle manufacturers, Kawasaki is at the forefront of the charge for electric motorcycles. The Ninja 7 Hybrid/HEV is the latest offering from the Japanese firm, which has previously released the completely electric Ninja e-1 and Z e-1.

While the 451cc parallel twin at its core may not sound very remarkable, Kawasaki claims it to be the “first mass-produced Strong Hybrid” motorcycle (excluding scooters). However, the Hybrid is otherwise unique.

To begin with, the Hybrid features a gearbox that can be operated in both an automated or manual fashion and a 48-volt battery that is strategically placed in the center of the trellis frame. That drives a traction motor with 12 HP output, 69 horsepower, and 44.5 lbft of peak torque.

Kawasaki describes the Ninja 7 Hybrid as a “mid-size package” because of its 650cc to 700cc equivalent performance and low fuel consumption rate of four liters per 100km (in WMTC test conditions, comparable to 70.5mpg), which, combined with the bike’s sizeable 14-liter tank, allows for a range of 217 miles.

Moreover, Kawasaki claims that the Hybrid’s e-boost function has “the instant acceleration to rival that of a 1,000cc-class super sports model from a standing start.” It seems like a fun time.

What it’s like to ride the Ninja Hybrid relies on which of its three modes is chosen. Riders may choose between Sport-Hybrid, Eco-Hybrid, and EV modes, with the latter limiting speed and range “for certain situations where quiet riding is appropriate, such as in residential areas or parking garages,” as stated by Kawasaki.

To further reduce the frequency with which the 1.4kWh battery must be actively charged, the bike’s hybrid nature means that the internal combustion engine is constantly being arrested (in either Sport- or Eco-Hybrid mode), regardless of the riding mode selected. When the bike is in Eco-Hybrid mode, the motor shuts off when it comes to a stop.

How you shift depends on the mode you choose. An “automated manual transmission” with six gears and computer management enables fully automatic gear changes in the Ninja 7 Hybrid. In ‘EV’ mode, the shifts are fully automated; in ‘Sport-Hybrid,’ the rider may use the shift buttons; and in ‘Eco-Hybrid, they can choose between manual and automatic shifting. When using manual gears, the bike will constantly shift into first gear when it comes to a stop.

A ‘Walk Mode’ that can go backward is also included. If you switch to this mode, opening the throttle will cause the bike to travel ahead at a pace similar to that of a walker. Closing it past the “zero point” causes the bike to go backward.

Black, lime green and silver make up the Ninja hybrid’s bodywork, and while it boasts a “sporty riding position,” it appears very calm in the press photographs. Also in the cockpit is a 4.3-inch full-color TFT (not yet displayed) with smartphone connectivity using a modified version of Kawasaki’s Rideology app.

Where to buy a Kawasaki Ninja Hybrid and how much they cost

In April 2024, Kawasaki dealerships in the United Kingdom will stock the Ninja Hybrid. Although no official pricing has been announced, we anticipate it will cost more than your standard middleweight.

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