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Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers Review Price Specs

The Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers outperforms many massive heavyweight cruisers, yet its classic posture, rich color, and elegant spoke wheels stay faithful to the traditional cruiser heritage.

The Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers is a mid-sized cruiser that combines a lovely ride with impressive styling and a liquid-cooled V-twin engine. The motorcycle has twin slash-cut mufflers and a soul-stirring sound as it travels down the highway. The Kawasaki cruiser has a robust and dependable belt final drive that reduces total weight and enhances rear-end appearance. The Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers is available for $7,999 in Metallic Matte Graphite Gray/Metallic Matte Carbon Gray for 2019.

The Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers, powered by a 900cc V-twin engine, has all the flair and attitude of a one-of-a-kind creation. The Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers is an artistic personality statement, from the intricate paint job to the powerful exhaust. The Vulcan 900’s dynamic mix of hand-built design and quality fit and finish—an irresistible combination that could only come from Kawasaki—is a fascinating combo.

Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers – Features and Price

Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers

Engine: 903cc SOHC V-Twin

They are tuned to provide a lot of torque at low revs. For robust and dependable performance, precise tolerances are required. The installation of a gear-driven balancer allows for using a single-pin crankshaft without experiencing excessive vibration.

Liquid and Air Cooling

Thermal control is enhanced by the use of finned cylinders and heads, as well as liquid cooling. Maintains constant engine temperatures to ensure extended engine life and power.

Rubber-Mounted Engine

Excessive engine vibration is reduced at all speeds.

Positive Neutral Finder(KP)

When you come to a complete stop, just raise the shift pedal from the first gear to choose neutral—a Kawasaki special edition.

Digital Fuel Injection (KP)

Twin throttle bodies provide optimal performance and rideability with dual throttle valves (KP). The ECU controls the sub throttles, which are positioned behind the main throttle valve, to provide the DFI® system a more accurate throttle response, comparable to a constant velocity carburetor. For improved acceleration, combustion, and fuel economy, fine-atomizing fuel injectors create a fine fuel mist.

Kevlar-Reinforced Belt Drive

Shaft drive has less unsprung weight, which improves ride quality and suspension movement. When compared to shaft drive, it is more efficient, allowing more power to reach the back wheel. Chain drive is cleaner and requires less maintenance.

Double Cradle Frame

The rigidity of the large-diameter box section backbone allows for a bigger fuel tank and contributes to excellent stability and light handling at low speeds. The triangular swingarm resembles a hardtail, yet it is controlled by a single shock concealed under the seat. Long and down for maximum visual impact with minimum seat height. At ultra-low speeds, the fork offset and frame shape combine for light, low-effort handling. The extra length of the wheelbase improves highway stability.

Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers

Low Stepped Seat

Riders can comfortably plant both feet on the ground during stops because of the ultra-low 26.4-inch seat height. For two people, this is a laid-back riding experience.

Spoke Wheels

For a vintage look, chromed steel rims and spokes are used and polished metal front hub in the “spool” design.

Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers

Rear Tire (Wide)

While presenting a solid appearance, the 180mm rear tire adds stability. Most large-displacement cruisers have a wider tire than this.

Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers – Price

The new Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers is available at the price of $7,999 only.

Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers – Technical Specifications


Engine 4-stroke, 55° V-twin, four valves per cylinder, SOHC, liquid-cooled
Displacement 903cc/55.10 cu in
Bore x Stroke 88.0 x 74.2mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Maximum Torque 58.2 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm
Fuel System DFI® 34mm throttle bodies (2), with sub-throttle valves
Ignition TCBI with digital advance
Transmission 5-speed with positive, neutral finder
Final Drive Kevlar-reinforced belt


Front Suspension / Wheel Travel 41mm hydraulic telescopic fork/5.9 in
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Uni-Trak® swingarm, 7-way adjustable spring preload/4.1 in
Front Tire 130/90×16
Rear Tire 180/70×15
Front Brakes Single 300mm hydraulic disc
Rear Brakes Single 270mm hydraulic disc


Frame Type Semi-double cradle, high-tensile steel
Rake/Trail 32°/6.3 inches
Overall Length 97 inches
Overall Width 39.6 inches
Overall Height 41.9 inches
Ground Clearance 5.3 inches
Seat Height 26.8 inches
Curb Weight 619.6 lb
Fuel Capacity 5.3 gallons
Wheelbase 64.8 inches
Color Choices Metallic Matte Carbon Gray / Metallic Matte Graphite Gray
Warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional) 12, 24, 36, or 48 months

Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers


The new Kawasaki 2019 Vulcan 900 Classic Cruisers is an impressive cruiser bike that comes with plenty of impressive features. The cruisers have got a powerful engine that is specialized in delivering instant power output and instant throttle response. The comfortable seat, perfectly attached handlebars and suspension system are designed primarily to ensure ultimate riding pleasure.

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