2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike Review Specs

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike

The Bonneville T120 and T120 Black reintroduce the original Bonneville’s timeless design and unmistakable spirit. Both are handcrafted to the most acceptable level of detail, craftsmanship, and finish and are matched by the capabilities and performance of actual contemporary classic bikes. Both are powered by a Bonneville 1200cc high-torque engine with original dual throttle bodies.

The magnificent Triumph Bonneville T120 is a sleek and unmistakable reflection of the company’s history. The T120 is a timeless symbol elegantly refined, combining the current performance of the Bonneville 1200cc high torque engine with simple aesthetics, created to reflect the profile and characteristics of the original Bonneville.

With actual pedigree, presence, and performance, he is a valid style icon. The fierce and brooding T120 Black is changed with a unique dark brown seat and blacked-out components, including rims, grab rail, exhaust, and a refined paint finish in Matt Graphite or Jet Black, building on the classic aesthetics the Bonneville T120.

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike – Features and Price

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike

Significantly Enhanced Fuel Economy

Behind the appearance of the 1200 Bonneville engine is an innovative liquid cooling system that has been carefully developed to reduce visual effects while generating fewer emissions and improved fuel economy – 13 percent better than the previous generation. It, paired with a 10,000-mile (16,000-kilometer) service interval, lowers the total cost of ownership significantly.

Thrilling Engine

The 1200cc ‘high torque’ 8 valves parallel-twin engine brings the Bonneville T120’s true character. It delivers a prominent peak torque figure of 105Nm at a low 3100 rpm – an incredible 54 percent higher than the previous generation – and is designed exclusively for the current classic riding style with rapid and exhilarating power delivery. The latest generation 1200cc offers substantially more power lower down and over the whole rev range, with 50 percent more power at 4,500rpm, compared to the old engine’s 80PS at 6,550rpm.

The six-speed Bonneville T120 is developed with a distinctive tone and 270° firing interval for smooth, linear power delivery, thanks to Triumph’s latest generation ride-by-wire fuel-injection and engine management system’s pin-point precision and fast throttle response.

Beautiful Style and Sound

The Bonneville 1200cc engine profile has been attractively sculpted with a high degree of craftsmanship and finish to embrace important historical styling cues from the renowned 1960s Bonneville engine shape while gently combining modern components to keep that iconic and genuine appearance.

The Bonneville T120 gives the authentic sound of a British twin. This deep and rich tone genuinely reflects its character, set to a level you would like and expect, thanks to exquisite pea-shooter-type exhausts following a clean straight line header pipe run.

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike

Authentic Styling

The Bonneville T120 and T120 Black are intended to reflect the classic design characteristics and features of the renowned 59 Bonneville. The T120 and T120 Black are everlasting symbols, wonderfully developed, from the sculpted flowing lines of the tank to the unique details of the lighting, clocks, and the famous Bonneville profile.

The Beautiful Bonneville T120

Deep chrome multi-piece emblems, grab rail, wheel rims, revolutionary dual skinned chrome exhaust headers, and pea-shooter type silencers are among the many details of the Bonneville T120. Jet Black, Cinder Red, or the double paint choices of Cranberry Red and Aluminum Silver or Jet Black and Pure White, all with gold coach lines, are available in four premium classic color schemes.

LED Rear light

The LED rear light, integrated into the classically inspired and attractive tail set-up, creates a unique rear light pattern while also saving energy.

Engine Immobilizer

A security feature incorporates a transponder into the T120 key. It connects it to a receiver in the ignition system, preventing the engine from starting if the correct key is not used.

USB Charging Socket

You can charge your critical gadgets with a USB port located beneath your seat.


Triumph’s anti-lock braking system, a modern safety requirement, sets the benchmark for control on the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black.


The electrical ride-by-wire technology on the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black improves throttle control, responsiveness, safety, and feel.

Riding Modes

The two Mode choices, ‘road and rain,’ are linked to the ride-by-wire technology, giving the user accurate control and safety.

Traction Control

The T120 and T120 Black have a switchable traction control system that optimizes the delivery of its class-leading torque, using the advanced ride-by-wire technology

Torque Assist Clutch

The torque-assist clutch technology on the T120 and T120 Black adds a light touch and feel to the clutch control, making it easier to ride and ride longer

Heated Grips

On the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black, factory-installed heated grips with a three-mode setting are standard.

Fingertip Controls

The T120 switchgear incorporates a simple fingertip control scroll button for quick access to the most critical functions on the gorgeous digital clocks

Twin Feature Clock

Stylish dual clocks (speedo and rev counter) with gorgeous 3D dial faces and a digital menu system accessible through a handlebar-mounted scroll button. Gear position indication, heated grip state, odometer, two trip settings, service indicator, range to empty, fuel level, average and current MPG, clock, and ability to switch off traction control functions are just a few of the key features.

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike

DRL Headlight

The Bonneville T120‘s headlamp is a modern standard, including the latest daytime running lights (DRL), offering a unique characteristic light pattern and increased power economy for long-term reliability.

Comfortable and Practical

The Bonneville T120 and Bonneville T120 Black are fully equipped with ultimate riding comfort and real-world practicality, with a relaxed riding posture, comfy seat, heated grips as standard, center stand, and passenger grab rail.

Dynamic Manipulation

Both of our Bonneville T120 models have a chassis and suspension that have been set up and tuned for calm and smooth-riding every day, all day, alone or with a passenger. Triumph’s characteristic riding dynamics of neutrality, agility, and stability are combined with improved levels of comfort and control for a thrilling but relaxed ride.

Comfortable and Practical

The Bonneville T120 and Bonneville T120 Black are fully equipped with ultimate riding comfort and real-world practicality, with a relaxed riding posture, comfy seat, heated grips as standard, center stand, and passenger grab rail.

Prestige ‘Inspiration’ Kit

The lovely Prestige inspiration kit is a terrific place to start, whether creating your unique piece or installing a complete set. The kit includes an authentic chrome 4 bar tank badge, ribbed and stitched black seat, compact LED indicators, chrome Vance & Hines peashooter slip-on silencers, black ‘barrel style’ handlebar grips, chrome clutch and alternator cover, and throttle body embellishers, as well as the highest level of detailing and heritage presence.

Please note that local market regulation governs the availability of Vance & Hines silencers and indicators; please verify with your Triumph dealer for availability.


It’s never been simpler to create your unique look with over 160 trendy and high-quality accessories for the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black. Vance & Hines chrome peashooter type slip-on silencers, gorgeous leather stitched seats, chrome clutch, alternator, throttle body embellishers, and a spectacular original 4 bar Triumph tank emblem are just a few of the features.

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike – Price

The new 2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike is available at $11,800 to $12,050 only.

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike – Technical Specifications

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike Specs


Type Liquid cooled, eight valves, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin
Capacity 1200cc
Bore x Stroke 97.6 x 80 mm
Compression 10.0:1
Max Power EC 80Hp (59kW) at 6,550 rpm
Max Torque EC 77.4FT-lbs (105 Nm) at 3,100 rpm
System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Exhaust Black 2 into two exhaust system with twin black silencers
Final drive Chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate assist clutch
Gearbox Six-Speed

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike Specs


Frame All-new Tubular steel cradle
Swingarm Twin-sided, tubular steel
Front Wheels 32-spoke 18 x 2.75inches
Rear Wheels 32-spoke 17 x 4.25inches
Front Tires 100/90-18
Rear Tires 150/70 R17
Front Suspension KYB 41mm cartridge forks, 120 mm travel
Rear Suspension KYB twin shocks having adjustable preload, 120mm of rear-wheel travel
Brakes Front Twin 310mm discs, Nissin twin-piston floating calipers, ABS
Brakes Rear Single 255mm disc, Nissin twin-piston floating caliper, ABS
Instrument Display and Functions LCD multi-functional instrument pack with analog speedometer, analog tachometer, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, service indicator, range to empty indication, fuel consumption display, clock, trip computer, scroll and mode buttons on handlebars, heated grip status, traction control status and throttle mode display.

2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike Specs


Width Handlebars 30.9 inches (785 mm)
Height Without Mirror 43 inches (1100 mm)
Seat Height 31 inches (790 mm)
Wheelbase 57 inches (1450 mm)
Rake 25.5-degree
Trail 4.14 inches (105.2mm)
Dry Weight 494 lbs (224 Kg)
Tank Capacity 3.8 US Gallon
CO2 figures EUR4 Standard: 103.0 g/km


The new 2019 Bonneville T120 Black Triumph Classic Bike is an impressive classic motorcycle that delivers incredible riding pleasure and instant throttle response. The chassis is very attractive and highly comfortable that has a perfectly shaped fuel tank. Furthermore, the handlebars give maximum control in the hand of the rider.