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Indian Motorcycles Preparing For a New Water-Cooled Tourer

When it was last fired, the Indian Challenger Badgers broke the firm’s new foundation by clinging to a water cooler, DOHC, and aluminum chassis, a testament to its success on Scout. The result is an excellent performance in the 108ci Power Plus engine, while the Challenger includes frame, up and down forks and Brembo radial brakes, which are smaller and more substantial. However, Challenger Fixing is not shying away from trying to compete against traditional American cruisers instead of competing in the Pre-Hegel Road Glide. The model, powered by the Indian Air Cooler, shared Thunderstroke, which was updated with a capacity of 116ci in 2020, is still tasked with appealing to conventional people in the heavyweight category. So, Indian Motorcycles Preparing For a New Water-Cooled Tourer.

Indian Motorcycles Preparing For a New Water-Cooled Tourer

That may change soon. This patent application shows that the firm has ideas for combining the Challenger’s purple engine and all-frame with the old-school Tourer style.

Although the drawings are straightforward – the patent’s focus is on the chassis rather than the appearance of the motorcycle – the design features a Roadmaster-style machine rather than a modern-looking challenge.

Unlike the Challenger, the design seen here includes a bar-mounted mile to remove air from the rider’s legs and a detachable twist. While the elements shown in the drawing may be mere placeholders, this does not take them away from the Roadmaster. Windmills are different, with sculptures in the front to make slots for marrying radiator guards and hitting crash bars. Similarly, the front-firing, while the Roadmaster meets the black horse or the front end of the chief, is not the same. It has a clear transition rack of headlights. It makes the Challenger’s design took longer than anything in the firm’s current lineup.

Given the slow-moving development of motorcycles, which was recently published, it filed a patent here in 2017. Under the steering head, the Intex draws air into the motorcycle’s chassis, which seals the water-cooled engine’s intake funnels. Like the Challenger, we can also add them to the right-hand intake as part of the “Step 1” kit, and usually mimic the V-Twin Air Cleaner.

It is logically evident that India’s gradual shift to modern, DOHC, water-cooled engines means that the firm’s traditional machines will eventually adopt such designs. Mechanical components, including drivers and chassis, are now in mass production, perhaps before we see it happen.

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