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BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter Review Price Specs

The new BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter allows you to make the most of everything the city has to offer during your journey. It is a medium-sized scooter that can easily overcome the challenges of urban travel. Just take your favorite songs and music with you on the scooter and experience the city according to your soundtrack.

You can make plans with friends on a connected smartphone without having to disassemble while traveling comfortably through the metropolis. With BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter, your city and route become your own open space.

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter – Features and Price


As its design implies, the BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter mid-size scooter is designed for the city-light and easy to operate. The implied V-shape of the interior components makes it look dynamic and dynamic when viewed from the front. The outline highlights C 400 X’s outstanding performance in narrow alleys and heavy traffic.

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Besides, BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter also has a strong and robust spirit of GS. Vertical proportions, front fenders, clear graphic separation of painted decorative parts, and large asymmetric headlights with full LED headlights, these features can be traced back to GS. However, the decorative pieces not only show their urban style but also protect you from wind and bad weather. Its slender rear is too apparent.

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter

BMW Motorrad Connectivity gives real innovation in the field of mid-size scooters. With this option, the rider can connect your smartphone directly to the scooter. For the first time, C 400 X can be used to connect your smartphone to a TFT display and control it intuitively through multiple controllers.

Are you looking for excellent music to travel through the city? There is no problem with the connection. What is the fastest way to get to your favorite restaurant? Navigate to your destination quickly and easily with the innovative turning arrows on display.

When riding a horse, ask friends, where are they? Combined with the BMW Motorrad communication system, you can access the contact list of your smartphone through multiple controllers, and you can make or receive calls even on the go.


The engine concept of the BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter was specially developed for this medium-sized scooter, which is entirely suitable for the needs of big cities. Efficient design can provide low speed, high speed, efficient combustion, and minimal friction-in other words, low consumption, unlimited, uncomplicated fun. With C 400 X, you can easily keep up with the speed of the city.

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter


From now on, the pressure of commuters in urban traffic has become a thing of the past. With BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter, you can learn about the city and its routes from a whole new perspective. The overall architecture of this medium-sized scooter is designed to provide excellent, vibration-free rideability and stability in corners and corners.

ABS and automatic stability control (ASC) are also standard configurations, which can offer higher safety even in harsh road conditions. Most smartphones are equipped with an integrated power socket that can be installed in the charging room, so you won’t miss anything when you travel and explore the city.

The foldable protective cover under the seat provides extra luggage space for the helmet and luggage.

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter

Special Feature

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter has the characteristics of design, comfort, maneuverability, and safety, and is an ideal choice for dealing with urban traffic challenges. In the field of scooters, the C 400 X offers a new world of innovation as a unique feature: BMW Motorrad Connectivity.

An all-new high-resolution 6.5-inch TFT color display makes it easy to use smartphone applications even when cycling, such as calling, listening to music, or navigating.

Regardless of the adverse conditions, ASC can maintain control. An all-new automatic stability control ensures that the rear wheels will not lose traction, so the force can be efficiently transmitted to the road, thereby significantly improving the safety of active driving.

The engine of the BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter is specially designed to meet the mobility needs of cities. With a displacement of 350 ccs and peak power of 34 hp (25 kW) at 7,500 rpm, it is not only robust but also has low fuel consumption.

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter – Price

The new BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter is available at the price of $6,795.

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter – Technical Specifications


Type Liquid cooled, 4-stroke, four valves, single cylinder, single overhead camshaft, wet sump lubrication
Bore x stroke 80 mm x 69.6 mm
Capacity 350 cc
Rated output 34 hp (25 kW) @ 7,500 rpm
Max. torque 26 lb-ft (35 Nm) @ 6,000 rpm
Compression ratio 11.5: 1
Mixture control / engine management Electronic fuel injection
Emission control The closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-4

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter Specs

Performance / Fuel Consumption

Maximum speed 86 mph
Fuel consumption 67 mpg (WMTC)
Fuel type Premium Unleaded

Electrical System

Alternator Three Phase 316 W generator
Battery 12 V / 9 Ah, maintenance-free

Power Transmission

Clutch Centrifugal clutch
Gearbox CVT gearbox
Drive Two-step spur gearing

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter Specs

Chassis / Brakes

Frame Tubular steel with die-cast aluminum sections
Front-wheel location / suspension Telescopic front fork, Ø 35 mm
Rear wheel location / suspension Two-sided aluminum swingarm, double spring struts, adjustable preload
Suspension travel front/rear 4.3 inches / 4.4 inches (110mm / 112mm)
Wheelbase 61.6 inches (1,565mm)
Castor 3.2 inches (81mm)
Steering head angle 63.6°
Wheels Cast aluminum wheels
Rim, front 3.50 x 15 inches
Rim, rear 4.25 x 14 inches
Tires, front 120/70 R 15
Tires, rear 150/70 R 14
Brake, front Double disc brake with diameter 265 mm, 4-piston fixed calipers
Brake, rear Single disc brake with diameter 265 mm, single-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS

Dimensions / Weights

Length 87″ (2,210 mm)
Width (incl. mirrors) 32.8″ (835 mm)
Height (excl. mirrors) 51.4″ (1,305 mm)
Seat height, unladen weight Standard Seat: 30.5″, Low Seat: 29.9″
Inner leg curve, unladen weight Standard Seat: 69.3″, Low Seat: TBD
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fueled 450 lbs (204 kg)
Permitted total weight 893 lbs (405 kg)
Payload (with standard equipment) 443 lbs (201 kg)
Usable tank volume 3.4 gal (12.8 l)
Reserve Approx. 1 gal (4 l)

BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter


BMW Motorrad brings us to the latest mid-sized BMW 2019 C 400 X Scooter, which is equipped with a potent power striker that can handle highway speeds and turns at a very impressive 0-60 mph. The mid-size scooter segment is a new area for BMW, and the C 400 model is crucial to the brand.

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