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Honda 2015 CBR300R Sportbike Review

Bike riding is said to be one of the most exciting hobby for many people especially the youngsters. Few of them are crazy about bikes while if even not, still they found time to read what new features are provided in the newest bikes (new arrivals by renowned bike manufacturing companies). So such an article under view is an attempt to provide people of every age with the most sophisticated information about the newest bikes. Today we have the bike for review naming Honda CBR300R 2015.

honda cbr300r 2015


Here we have summed up every detail about the bike, from its price in different countries and areas to the finest details about its braking and engine. Honda has constantly provided its customer with the quality products and once again it comes up to its 2015 schedule the CBR300R, for the sport bike battle with Kawasaki. When we compared this bike with the Honda CBR250R single 2014, we have a stronger and more powerful stroke of about 63mm vs. 55mm with an effective increase in displacement of about 286cc in it. According to Honda these facts and figures are very good for having a 17 percent enhanced peak power as compared to CBR250R.
The CBR300R this time comes up with the fuller sport fairing, advanced exhaust system and dual headlights. The new exhaust system embedded within the bike gives a serious sport bike look to this bike. The new side covers along with the new seat shaping are meant to offer an easier contact to the ground, while the accessories also include the 1-inch lower seat.

Colors of the SBR300R:

honda cbr300r 2015 colors

This Honda sportbike will come in the following exciting colors.

  1. Black
  2. Red
  3. Pearl White/Red/Blue
  4. Matte Black Metallic/yellow

All of the colors are very interesting, which gives a classy look to the CBR300R. Reviewers said that people will enjoy the ride on bike and will love the colors too.

Honda CBR300R 2015 Price:

The newest Honda SBR300R 2015 will be available in market at about $4,399 for the standard model. But for the ABS version of the CBR300R the price is $4,899. It is said to be in dealers in August this year (2014).
Light, Lively, Reasonable:
This motorcycle is the bike reviewed as one of the lightest, quite reasonable and a lively bike. It’s got a broad power mob for the provision of ample of power it’s got a wide power band for plenty of power around town or on the freeway or even around town. This motorcycle is slim, fine, light weighted and flip able. The bike provides an exceptional fuel economy and about as an easy to use bike as a bike could be…  But the best part of the motorcycle is that this is quite a large haggle.
Stop With Assurance:
The Anti-Lock Braking System termed as ABS of the Honda CBR300R is average on the CBR300R ABS model. It offers an additional confidence under fewer than the perfect conditions.
Light, Narrow, Low:
The newest motorcycle Honda CBR300R 2015 is reviewed as a very light in weight sportbike, it is narrow and low seated. It is due to the existence of its single-cylinder machine, and with a low seat height of 30.7-inches. Moreover it is light in weight of about 357-pound. An additional option is also embedded within the motorcycle; the Honda offers the Honda Genuine Accessory seat that will further lower the seat height!!

honda cbr300r 2015 red

Honda 2015 CBR300R engine Power:

The CBR300R make use of a single-cylinder engine along with the fuel injection, a counter balance and the double-overhead cams. The bike provides a midrange power and such a torque which is very well suited for all ages of riders.
The Honda Difference:
The CBR300R proposes the ideal balance for bearing beginner-friendly characteristics and the classic Honda enhancement will be appreciated by the more qualified riders. The features like being Light in weight, exceptional power, matchless build quality, terrific control, and awareness to detail merge with Honda’s renowned dependability and it is an immediate champion.
Passenger Ready:
This time the motorbike provides you with a feature where you could take a friend along with you on a ride.  The feature elaborates that there exists a detached passenger seat with the typical traveler foot pegs and incorporated clutch railing so is why you will be able to have a companion on a ride. This shows how the Hondas’ CBR300R is versatile.

honda cbr300r tire
Narrow Seat & Low Seat Height:
The low seat height in CBR300R, as discussed earlier, will help riders of every level to adjust within it. It is developed so that it fits extensive variety of riders.  It is also helpful to you in putting your feet down in the spotlights or in the parking lots. An additional option is also embedded within the motorbike; the Honda offers the Honda Genuine Accessory seat that will further lower the seat height!!
Under-Seat Storage:
This motorcycle provides a place to throw a map or spare set of goggles along with the gloves too. This is done within the construction by removing the back seat of traveler.
Anti-Lock Braking System:
The new Honda CBR300R is providing the ABS with an additional confidence even in the situations as on a damp roadway or when riding on sand or in the presence of other rubbish on the road.
Pro-Link® Rear Suspension:
It is observed within the bike that the new CBR300R uses a single-shock preload-adjustable rear suspension which is not only capable of giving you a even ride but it also assists in improving the handling as well just in a way our large sport models does.
Analog/Digital Instrumentation:
The digital gauges of the CBR300R along with the analog tachometer offers a imperative riding knowledge packed in a fashioned, scientific instrumentation package attributing digital speedometer, coolant temp, clock, fuel gauge, and trip meter or odometer.
Fuel Injection:
Fuel injection in context for the bike means that the CBR300R get started right up, yet in the cold weather conditions. In contrast to a carbureted motorcycle, it is capable to help in lessening the discharges and boost the performance and fuel effectiveness.
Single-Cylinder Engine:
A single-cylinder engine is an ideal option for a motorcycle like the Honda’s CBR300R 2015. It is light in weight, easy, offers an exceptional fuel competence and aspects a broad authority band with abundance of low-revving torque. KissKL It’s all what a rider desires for in his first motorcycle.

honda cbr300r engine
Counterbalance Shaft:
The New motorcycle endures such an engine which is an even and clam runner.  It is because it characterizes a counterbalance within it. You acquire an overall fine thickness along with the control rewards of using a single engine along with the efficiency of a multi-cylinder bike.
Base MSRP for the 2015 New Honda CBR300R is about $4,399.
Summary of Features:

  • single-cylinder, four-stroke, 286cc and  liquid-cooled engine
  • Low seat height
  • Programmed Fuel Injection
  • Analog/Digital Instrumentation

Honda 2015 CBR300R Specs:

honda cbr300r 2015 specs

Model CBR300r
Company Honda
Year 2015
Price $4,399
Engine Type single-cylinder, four-stroke, 286cc and  liquid-cooled
Bore And Stroke 76mm x 63mm
Induction PGM-Fi, 38mm throttle body
Ignition Automated digital transistorized with electronic progress
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Valve Train four valves for each container (DOHC)
Transmission Six-speed
Front Suspension 37mm fork; 4.65 inches travel
Rear Suspension 4.07 inches travel , Pro-Link single shock with five positions of spring preload adjustability
Front Brake Single 296mm disc
Rear Brake Single 220mm disc
Front Tire 110/70-17 radial
Rear Tire 140/70-17 radial
Rake 25.30 degrees
Trail 98mm or 3.9 inches
Wheelbase 54.3 inches
Seat Height 30.7 inches
Curb Weight 357 pounds of weight that include all typical apparatus i.e. the required fluids and filled tank of fuel-ready to ride.
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gallons
Miles Per Gallon 71 MPG
Available in Colors Black, Pearl White, pearl red, Pearl blue, Red, Matte Black, Matte Metallic, Matte Yellow
Reminder Conditions matter to alteration devoid of any notice

new honda cbr300r


We have provided a detailed review of the newest sportbike Honda CBR300R 2015. This sportbike endures the prominent features like having an 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, Low seat, Programmed Fuel Injection, Analog/Digital Instrumentation,286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, Low seat height, Anti-Lock Braking System and Analog/Digital Instrumentation. So with exciting features, the motorcycle will be available in August 2914 so be the one to grab the motorbike and enjoy and amazing ride!!

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