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Cardo Brings New Products for Shoei LS2 an Open-Face Helmets

Cardo Systems has unveiled a new Half Helmet Kit and two new items under the helmet labels Shoei and LS2.

Cardo designed the LS2 Intercom using LS2, and it’s currently accessible for the first time. The German manufacturer works with Shoei on a particular adaptor for the Japanese company’s latest helmets.

Cardo Brings New Products for Shoei LS2 an Open-Face Helmets

LS24x powered by Cardo

Although it has just been released, the LS2 product is not entirely new. The Universal Communications Solution (UCS) was chosen by LS2 for their motorcycle helmet intercom, leading to the creation of “LS24x powered by Cardo,” or LS2 Intercom.

The LS2 Vector 2, LS2 Advant, and LS2 Infinity helmets will come equipped with LS2 Intercom, which is intended for ECE 22.06-homologated helmets.

LS2 Intercom is now offered as a factory-fit option. Cardo said it will be feasible to implement the system after the acquisition later this year.

Up to four riders may be connected through Bluetooth to the LS2 Intercom. According to the press announcement, the gadget “is fully waterproof,” has a range of 0.75 miles (1.2 km), and boasts Sound by JBL, Natural Voice Operation, and Open Bluetooth intercom (OBi). To reduce connection anxiety, it also has auto-reconnecting Bluetooth.

Sasha Harari, Cardo Systems’ Vice President of Business Development, stated: “We are thrilled to work with LS2 to provide the most fabulous Bluetooth communication experience available. The fact that LS2 decided to build its solution on the UCS platform highlights how significant this new embedded communications industry standard is. As we continue to work with LS2, we are enthusiastic about what lies ahead.

“We’re pleased to launch the UCS-compatible helmets to motorcyclists across the globe in partnership with Cardo, a company that shares our vision of innovation and quality,” said Luca Porcellati, Marketing Director at LS2. This feature is available in full-face, convertible, and open-face helmets, so motorcyclists of all shapes and sizes have options.

Dedicated Shoei adapter

The newly released Shoei adaptor is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This adaptor is designed to make Shoei helmets easier to fit for Cardo intercom systems.

The adapter is compatible with the Cardo Pack Talk Edge, Cardo Pack Talk Neo, and Cardo Pack Talk Custom devices and is available for the Shoei Neotec 2, Shoei GT-Air 2, and Shoei J-Cruise 2 helmets.

The adapter makes use of the attachment point that is already there on the three Shoei helmets described before.

The Shoei-Pack talk adapter kit costs €20.95 (about £18) and may be purchased from any Cardo Systems reseller.

Cardo Pack Talk Edge Half Helmet Kit.

Lastly, the Cardo Half Helmet Kit is made to enhance how “open-face” or “half-shell” helmets suit the Cardo Pack Talk Edge gadget.

Cardo refers to the kit’s “all-in-one design,” which incorporates the device cradle. A shorter speaker wire and a boom microphone that is pre-installed as a single unit and pre-connected to the cradle are also included in the package.

All Cardo Systems dealers carry the Cardo Pack Talk Edge Half Helmet Kit, which retails at €69.95 (about £60).

Visit the Cardo website to learn more about their complete line of intercom devices and to locate the dealer closest to you.

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