BMW R nineT Racer 2019 Roadster Review

BMW R nineT Racer 2019 Roadster

The BMW brand never compromises on quality and performance. The new BMW R nineT Racer 2019 Roadster is among the legendary sports bike that contains outstanding features. It features the latest technology, plus it allows the rider to customize the bike thoroughly. The rider can put his hands tight on the low-slung handlebar grips and can feel the powerful boxer work with an unmistakable roar. Its the fact that only the strong character can hold the racing line either on the road or in life. The full review of 2019 R nineT Racer Roadster with its price and specifications are given below.

BMW R nineT Racer 2019 Roadster – Features

BMW R nineT Racer 2019 Roadster

Gold Styling

The 2019 R nineT Racer has earned the gold medal in terms of its styling. This is the main reason behind the gold color of nineT. It contains the special paint job Option 719 Black storm metallic/ Aurum, which highlights its overall beauty and competitiveness. It is a Gold color combination and attractive design that makes it more beautiful than the previous 2018 BMW R nineT Heritage bike.

The BMW Motorrad Spezial has used the new paint finishing option 719 Black storms metallic/Aurum in its entire body, i.e., fuel tank, hump seat, front mudguard, side trim section on the left/ right-hand side with Racer lettering.

BMW R nineT Racer 2019 Roadster


The 2019 BMW R nineT Racer connected app receives significant updates to version 1.6. This app will offer an additional function for a better community. Moreover, the digital maps will be completely revised, and it will be based on bike optimized navigation by TomTom. The “Winding Route” has been introduced in it, which is one of the best navigation options for riders. The customer only has to update the app at the beginning of August, and he can download the new maps for free before starting their next ride.

BMW R nineT Racer 2019 Roadster

New Turn Signals

The new turn signals have been introduced to offer more excellent safety and comfort. These turn signals are also available in other models to ensure greater comfort. Depending on the speed, the rider can apply various conditions on these new comfort turn indicators, which were previously fixed in one position.

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