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BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle Review Specs Price

For 2023, the new BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle will receive minor yet meaningful improvements to the quality of life. The boxer twin that has powered every BMW motorcycle since its birth has been upgraded with ShiftCam technology. Otherwise, the bike’s stated 136 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque and ParaLever suspension remain the same.

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle – Features and Specs

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle

Dynamic Traction Control

The adjustments are virtually entirely digital. Standard features include BMW Motorrad ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), and the bike now comprises a third riding mode (Eco) in addition to Road and Rain. One of the most excellent parts of the updates is the inclusion of ABS Pro, a lean-sensitive anti-lock system.

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BMW claims that in Eco mode, “the rider is urged to ride as fuel-efficiently as possible with a gentle throttle curve and mild engine torque limitation,” with the help of green feedback from the color TFT display, which BMW calls the Sports Core screen. To the naked eye, the only change is the installation of LED signals for the turn.

Spoked wheels, an appealing new passenger seat cover, and an adaptive turning lamp that activates more LEDs in response to a vehicle’s lean angle are all upgrades.

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle – Price

The BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle’s Price of $14,995 stays unchanged. Ice Grey will be the base color for the 2023 model, with Triple Black and Style Sport Racing Blue Metallic being available as upgrades.

Standard Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and new “ECO” riding mode

Dynamic Traction Control, which comes standard on the BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle, improves rider safety by ensuring that the bike always has a firm grip on the road, while the new “ECO” mode, which also comes standard, reduces fuel consumption.

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle

In addition to RAIN and ROAD, BMW Motorrad motorcycles provide an ECO riding mode that optimizes using the ShiftCam engine technology. The throttle is slackened and the engine’s torque is restricted to help the rider conserve gasoline. The TFT color display also includes an efficiency display while operating in ECO mode. The ride mode button allows you to swiftly and simply change to a different method when you need maximum performance, such as while passing or riding uphill.

ABS Pro and DBC are standard on all BMWs (DBC)

BMW Integral ABS Pro is now standard for newer BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle. Braking when leaning into a turn is made extra safer by this method. More features will be included when the riding mode idea develops further. For example, the ABS will be modified to accommodate a variety of riding preferences better.

DBC improves braking safety even in extreme conditions by preventing unintended throttle activation. Rear-wheel braking is maximized by reducing driving torque while braking using engine management interventions. It helps maintain control of the motorbike and reduces stopping distance.

Standard full LED headlight with optional adaptive turning light

The essential full-LED headlight provides superior brightness and clarity for illuminating the road. The optional adaptive turning light increases nighttime riding security. Better visibility into turns makes nighttime riding safer for the rider. Based on the angle of lean, the adaptive turning light activates extra LED components in the primary headlight, each of which has its reflector.

With a speed greater than six mph and an incline between 7 degrees and 25 degrees, it will activate. In addition to the previously mentioned new standard features, the LED Comfort turn has also undergone a complete makeover.

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle

TFT color display with “Sport” Core Screen

TFT color display with integrated arrow navigation and wide connection, good readability, straightforward menu navigation, and a fully integrated operating system are all standard on the new BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle. Several screen options can be displayed for the rider depending on their needs. The “Sport” Core Screen displays data like the current and maximum lean angle and controls interventions like ABS Pro and DTC in real-time.

BMW R 1250 R Core screen Sport (10/2022)

There are two distinct types of standard plugs on the new BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle. Furthermore, to the original 12-volt onboard power connector, we have included a 5-volt USB-A port. Connecting a cable adaptor to this ordinary USB socket enables you to charge a smartphone while riding, thanks to advancements in charging electronics. Fast charging may be possible, depending on the smartphone model, thanks to the availability of a charging current of up to 2,400 mA.

When temperatures drop, the rider and passenger can turn on an optional seat heating system. You can have heated chairs and heated handholds if you like. The five-heat-setting rider’s seat features a new, more user-friendly control scheme. Using the same menu system, you can adjust the temperature of the heated steering wheel and heated seats, each of which has five rather than two heat settings. There is a toggle button located on the bottom right of the passenger seat that may be used to adjust the temperature between two preset values.

Colors and new solo seat rear cover

The BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle comes standard in a non-metallic Ice Grey paint job with a black aluminum frame. Both the Triple Black and Style Sport color schemes are available as extras for the owner to pick from.

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle

The new optional rear cover for the single seat emphasizes the unique R 1250 R’s athletic aesthetic. Passenger footrests and handles are eliminated, and a painted plastic cover is installed.

If you want to keep the BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle entirely suitable for passenger use, the Passenger Kit is an alternative option within the model variants. It contains all the components that are eliminated by the solo rear.

Style Sport variant

The Racing Blue Metallic paint job is complemented with a white frame, gold front and rear brake calipers, black sports handlebars, a blue front spoiler, and a solo rear cover or passenger seat.

Triple Black variant:

The body is in Black Storm Metallic, the chassis in Agate Grey, the brake calipers in gold, the radiator grille and an engine spoiler in stainless steel, Purity tank trim, the rear cover for the driver’s seat, and a passenger seat in the back are all available options.

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Rated output 136 hp at 7,750 rpm
Emission control A closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter
Type Two-cylinder, air/liquid-cooled, four-stroke boxer engine including two overhead spur-gear driven camshafts, one counterbalance shaft, & BMW ShiftCam variable intake camshaft control
Bore x stroke 102.5mm x 76mm
Capacity 1,254 cc
Max. torque 105 lb-ft @ 6,250rpm
Compression ratio 12.5:1
Mixture control All-new electronic intake pipe injection / digital engine management system: BMS-O, including throttle-by-wire

Performance/fuel consumption

Fuel type All-new super unleaded

BMW 2023 R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle

Electrical system

Alternator Permanent magnet alternator with 508 W (nominal power)
Battery 12 V / 12 Ah

Power transmission

Clutch Multiplate clutch in oil bath, slipper clutch
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox, including helical gears
Drive Cardan shaft drive


Frame Steel tube frame with load-bearing engine, steel tube sub-frame
Front-wheel location/suspension Upside-down telescopic fork
Rear wheel location/suspension Cast aluminum single-sided swing arm featuring BMW Motorrad Paralever, WAD shock absorber, spring preload continuously adjustable hydraulically by a handwheel, and rebound damping adjustable by handwheel
Suspension travel, front/rear 5.5″ / 5.5″
Wheels Aluminum cast wheels
Rim, front 3.50 x 17″
Rim, rear 5.50 x 17”
Tire, front 120/70 ZR17
Tire, rear 180/55 ZR17
Brake, front Twin disc brake, floating brake discs, diameter 320 mm, 4-piston radial brake caliper
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 276 mm, 2-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad Integral ABS Pro (partial integral, lean angle optimized)


Seat height at unladen weight 32.2″
Usable tank volume 4.7 gal
Reserve approx. 1 gal
Length 85.2″ (over license plate holder)
Height 51.2″ (above the mirror, at unladen weight)
Width 34.6″ (above mirror)
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fueled 527 lbs
Permitted total weight 1,014 lbs
Payload (with standard equipment) 487 lbs

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