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BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter Review Specs Price

With the uncompromising evolution of the BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter, you can experience the urban traffic of today and tomorrow. This electric scooter combines sustainability, dynamics, and agility with an eye-catching design.

The BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter lets you leave behind the noise and smog of city traffic while an all-new powerful all-electric engine ensures immediate torque generation and a cruising range of up to 99 miles.

This model also has four riding modes and is equipped with an intelligent energy recovery system. The highest level of riding performance, environmental friendliness, and innovative technology highlight the fact that C Evolution represents riding pleasure without compromise.

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter – Features and Price

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter


At first glance, the evolved shape of C is a typical representative of BMW Motorrad. The LED lights and large TFT display reflect BMW’s technological leadership, while the eye-catching split fairing shares its DNA with other members of the BMW Motorrad family.

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The new, fascinating colors, “Eonic Silver Metallic” (Eonic Silver Metallic) and “Electric Green,” make a statement here. The graphics on the side cover of the scooter add to the modern appearance of the electric scooter. High-quality fit, surface treatment, and attention to detail complete the design elements of BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter.

Energized Drive

In contrast to traditional internal combustion engines, C evolution’s electric engine provides peak torque from a standstill, rather than gradually increasing to peak torque. The peak output of the machine is 48 hp (35 kW) and the torque at the output shaft is 53 lb-ft (72 Nm), which can bring immediate riding pleasure.

The maximum speed is electronically limited to 80mph to ensure optimized power consumption and range. Accelerate at a rate of 0 – 30 mph in 2.8 seconds. When the light turns green, you will quickly leave the road.

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter


The energy storage device in the evolution of BMW C includes three modules, each with twelve lithium-ion battery cells. Thanks to the latest generation of 94 Ah instead of 60 Ah battery modules, the C evolution range is up to 99 miles (per WMTC).

The battery box is entirely waterproof, made of die-cast aluminum, and is equipped with the entire electronic control and charging system. It is not only a support chassis component but also an anti-collision protector for lithium-ion battery modules.

Full Charge for Riding Pleasure

BMW i is the technical inspiration behind the C Evolution battery. The high-quality modules are the same as those used in the BMW i3 and are produced at the same factory in Dingolfing. I3 and i8 also use some electronic control systems.

It covers voltage, current, and temperature, and ensures safe activation and deactivation of high energy. The short charging time is especially practical in daily use. Like the new “silent charging” mode, this mode can make charging time slightly longer, but much quieter.

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter

Powered by Innovation

In the integrated charging device, whether it is in a standard household power outlet or at a charging station, the integrated charging device can be used to charge the battery in the evolution of BMW C. The new charging plug socket on the vehicle is compatible with Type 1 car plugs. The standard charger cable is suitable for household sockets.

Besides, you can also use the Mode 3 charger cable to be able to use public charging stations or wall boxes. It gives access to 16 A current, which allows faster charging.

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter has established technical standards and is characterized by its versatility. C Evolution has four different riding modes to ensure that the variable riding fully meets the rider’s wishes.

Innovative features such as the effective reverse assist system and torque control assist system TCA; are very clear. With the development of C, you are the pioneer of the new movement-without compromise in terms of riding performance and environmental compatibility.

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter – Price

The BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter is available $13,995 only.

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter – Technical Specifications


Type Drive train swing arm with liquid-cooled alternator; permanently excited synchronous machine with surface magnets, internal rotor
Max. Output 19 kW (26 HP)
Max. Output 35 kW (48 HP) at 4,650 rpm
Max. Torque 72 Nm of 0 rpm up to 4,650 rpm
Exhaust emission standards EU 4

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter Specs

Electrical system

Battery The air-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery
Battery voltage 133 V (nominal)
Charging power 3kW, integrated charger with booster fan
Charging On-board charging socket type 1, charging cable including country-specific plug
Charging cable with 220 V / 12 A charging current (standard) 3:10 h for 100%; 80% in approx. 2:20 h

With option Long Range: 4:30 h for 100%; 80% in approx. 3:50 h

Charging time at 220 V / 16 A charging current (AC quick-charge cable) approx. 3:00 h for 100%; 80% in approx. 2:10 h

With option Long Range: approx. 4:10 h for 100%; 80% in approx. 3:30 h

Secondary battery 12 V/8 Ah, maintenance-free
Alternator DC/DC transformer, integrated into the battery charger, 475 W (rated power)

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter Specs


Maximum speed 120 km/h (electronically governed)

With option Long Range: 129 km/h (electronically governed)

Acceleration 0-50 km/h approx. 2.8 s
Acceleration 0-100 km/h approx. 7 s, With option Long Range: approx. 6.8
Consumption/100 km based on the WMTC 8.5 kWh, with option Long Range: approx. 9 kWh
Range per WMTC 100 km, with option Long Range: 160 km
Recuperation Automatic recuperation when coasting and when braking

Power transmission

Secondary drive Drive train swing arm with a toothed belt and ring gear transmission to the rear axle

Suspension / brakes

Frame Hybrid chassis with die-cast aluminum load-bearing battery casing, bolt-on tubular-steel steering head carrier and rear frame
front wheel location/suspension Upside-Down fork Ø 40 mm
Rear-wheel location/suspension single-sided swing arm with direct-link spring strut, spring pre-load manually adjustable over seven settings
Travel, front/rear 120 mm / 115 mm
Wheelbase 1,610 mm
Castor 95 mm

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter


Steering head angle 65.9°
Wheels Cast aluminum
Rim dimensions, front 3.50 x 15″
Rim dimensions, rear 4.50 x 15″
Tyre, front 120/70 R 15
Tyre, rear 160/60 R 15
Brake, front Twin-disc brake, diameter 270 mm, double-piston floating caliper
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 270 mm, double-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS

Dimensions / weights

Length 2,190 mm
Width (including mirrors) 947 mm
Height (excluding mirrors) 1,255 mm
Seat height, unladen 765 mm (Se comfort seat 785 mm)
Inner leg curve 1,745 mm (Se comfort seat 1,770 mm)
Unladen weight, fully fueled/road-ready 275 kg
Max. Permitted weight 445 kg
Payload (with standard equipment) 170 kg

BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter


When it comes to a two-wheeled motorcycle in an urban environment, it’s hard to beat a scooter. Perhaps this is why in many parts of the world, you will see cities crawling with them. BMW classifies its three scooter models as urban motor vehicles, and the BMW 2019 C Evolution City Scooter is the only electric car in this category.

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