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Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike Specs Review

The Aprilia brand is well-known for its high performing bikes, which offer great riding pleasure and handling experience. The new Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike is one of the best bikes recently launched by Aprilia brand. It’s aggressive, sporty, and dynamic character makes it one of the best among the 125 cc bikes. This sports bike was designed, developed, and built-in Italy, and it offers an incredible learning experience to young riders and awesome riding pleasure to experts. The review of Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike with its price and specifications are given below.

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike – Features and Specifications


The new Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike contains the modern and highly optimized 125 cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve electronic injection engine. This engine features the reliable and robust liquid-cooled cooling system with advanced and refined technologies such as Double Camshaft Timing (DOHC). Its powerful engine makes it one of the Best 125cc Bike in the World.

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike

Thanks to the ultra-modern conception and design, compact and lightweight, this sports bike ensure responsiveness even at low revs. Vibrations are reduced to the minimum by the balancing countershaft. The Euro 4 has been approved in it, which guarantee to have an environmentally-friendly top performance. The Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike is installation-ready for Quick Shift, the innovative gear shifting system has been used, and it has been perfected on tracks all over the world.

Like the bigger bike Aprilia Tuono 1100, the electronic system manages torque interruption for an engaged gear change based on the fact that how far the throttle is open and the engine revs. It allows the rider to upshift while holding the throttle open and without using the clutch. Its exhaust system is race-inspired, and it is completely integrated within the lower part of the fairing.


The new Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike features an attractive design. The overall sporty look and cutting-edge frame always demand for a second look. This bike features a dominant personality, genuinely naked, and aggressive spirit. Its attractive headlights make it more original, and its beautiful looks impress others. This sports bike is available in three different color options.

  • Silver Energy
  • Red Energy
  • Dark Energy

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike

All of the color mentioned above combinations come with fantastic detailing of fuel tanks and stylish suspension. It features the 14 liters of fuel tank offering an exceptional range. Its storage compartment can easily hold the 6 inches of the table, and it is the largest in its segments. The practical USB port can also be attached in it, which will help recharge smartphone and any other compatible device.


The chassis of Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike was inspired by the speed and total control of performance. It was made entirely with aluminum and had an exclusive 125 segment of the little devil which is made in Noale. It was designed on the bases of Aprilia’s experience on the track with the spectacular perimeter frame, which consists up of die-cast aluminum spars with the crossed reinforcement ribs. It results in the lightweight structure, and it is capable of giving the high torsional rigidity to ensure top performance.

The solid upside-down fork is completely redesigned, and the rear suspension with the mono-shock secured to the asymmetrical swingarm. The design of the 6-split-spoke wheels emphasis the gritty character of 2018 Aprilia 125, which is a configuration that ensures the superior features in terms of lightweight and speed while going into corners.

The braking system attaches the four-piston calipers on the four-wheel, which is assisted by Bosch ABS that grips the 300 mm diameter steel disc. On the rear end, the new J.Juan caliper grips the 220 mm disc, and it has the tone wheel to ensure anti-rollover protection. The asymmetrical swingarm guarantee to have the highest possible level of torsional rigidity, technology, which is being derived from the racing world. It ensures to offer maximum performance and safety in every turn. This characteristic is being used from getting inspiration from Aprilia RS 125.

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike


The new Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Motorcycle has been developed by keeping the rider and passenger comfort in mind. The riding position has been carefully set to ensure that the rider always reaches the handlebars without having much fatigue. It also gives maximum control over the hands of the rider. The rider footpegs and passengers footpegs contain rubber, to ensure better vibration and damping experience.

This is the only naked sports bike in the category that features the semi-fairing joined to its fuel tank to ensure ultimate rider comfort. The large-two up saddle is built into the tail fairing to provide a clean and essential line of the bike. The tail section has been derived from the famous Aprilia Tuono 1100 with the maximum aerodynamics and contains passenger grab handles to offers spacious locking and storage compartment.

Racing Instruments

The Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike features the compact and lightweight instrumentation cluster. Its instrumentation provides the maximum information to the rider i.e., max speed, rev counter, cooling circuit temperature, fuel reserve warning lights, ABS, and much more. The AMP ECU enables the connectivity between the rider and Tuono 125, which is also available as an accessory.

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike – Technical Specification


Type 4-stroke liquid-cooled single-cylinder with electronic injection and four valves
Distribution Double overhead camshaft – DOHC
Bore and stroke 58 mm x 47 mm
Displacement 124.2 cc
Maximum power at crankshaft 15 CV (11 kW) @ 10,750 rpm
Maximum torque at the crankshaft 12 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
Compression ratio 12.5 ± 0.5:1
ECU Magneti Marelli M3G ø 32mm ECU
Startup Electronic with CDI capacity discharge
Starter Electrical
Alternator 13V – 235W
Lubrication Wet sump

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike Specs


Gearbox Six-speed
1st 11/33 (0.33)
2nd 15/30 (0.50)
3rd 18/27 (0.67)
4th 20/24 (0.83)
5th 25/27 (0.92)
6th 23/22 (1.05)
Primary drive Gears: 69/29 (2,38)
Final drive Chain: 60/13 (4,61)
Clutch Multiple discs, in the oil bath

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike Specs


Frame Aluminum perimeter frame
Front suspension 40 mm upside-down fork, wheel excursion 110 mm
Rear suspension Asymmetric swingarm with mono-shock, wheel travel 120 mm
Brakes Front: 300 mm stainless steel disc with radial four-piston caliper
Rear: 218 mm stainless steel disc and caliper with single 30 mm piston
Wheel rims In light alloy with six split spokes, with sealing profile for tubeless tires
Front: 2.75 x 17″
Rear: 3.50 x 17″
Tires Front: 100/80 – 17″
Rear: 130/70 – 17″

Aprilia Tuono 125 2018 Urban Sports Bike Specs


Max. Length 1,968 mm
Max. Width 835 mm
Wheelbase 1,353 mm
Max height at top fairing 1,090 mm
Saddle height 810 mm
Tank 14,5 liter capacity (including 3.5-liter reserve)

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