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2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter Review Specs Price

Redesigned and ultra-modern, the 2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter is a robust and fuel-efficient scooter that packs a lot of features into a small chassis.

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter – Features and Specs


The Yamaha Zuma 125 has a fully automated V-belt gearbox with a centrifugal clutch and is built for optimum ease of use. With this configuration, riding is hassle-free—crank the throttle to get started and enjoy excellent off-the-line acceleration.

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter

Regarding environmental concerns, the Zuma 125 has an upswept muffler with two exhaust catalysts installed. This design complies with stringent emission rules by drastically reducing air pollution.

A sturdy steel engine bracket with rubber bushing linkage improves rider comfort. It eliminates vibrations and also makes for a smoother ride. The bike’s practicality is increased by the link mechanisms’ placement beneath the chassis, which optimizes room for the storage compartment.

A decompression device successfully lowers engine cranking compression pressure and facilitates engine starts. It optimizes fuel economy and ensures quiet and seamless engine starts when combined with a starting generator control unit.

One of its most notable characteristics is the variable valve actuator (VVA) technology of the Zuma 125’s engine. This novel method produces linear acceleration, strong torque at low speeds, and continuous power at high speeds by varying the timing of the valves at various rpm ranges.

Yamaha’s well-known Blue Core 125cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine powers the Zuma 125. This little powerhouse packs a ton of power and uses very little gasoline. It has an aluminum alloy forged piston, a DiASil cylinder, and a SOHC 4-valve head with an 11.2:1 compression ratio. The fuel injection technology ensures that the right amount of gasoline is mixed for various riding situations, and it even makes cold starts simple. A very competent and efficient engine is the result of combining these cutting-edge technical components.

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter


The Yamaha Zuma 125’s ergonomics, which were carefully worked out, put the comfort of the rider and passenger first. It provides a comfortable and roomy riding posture for two people and has a thin seat design that facilitates putting your feet level on the ground while stopping. There is plenty of legroom in front of the rider’s seat. The Zuma 125’s body design has sturdy handholds and folding footrests specifically designed for the passenger, providing safe and pleasant riding.

A defining feature of this scooter’s design is its durability. For robustness, the front suspension uses a telescopic fork with outer solid tubes, and fork boots protect the heavy-duty 33mm inner tubes from dirt and debris. The swingarm has dual rear shocks in the back with a roomy 3.1 inches of travel. This combination guarantees a pleasant ride when traveling on dirt roads or city streets.

The Zuma 125 offers a large fuel tank capacity with a focus on fuel economy. Longer driving is possible thanks to its 1.6-gallon fuel tank, and the fuel tank emissions system has a charcoal canister to regulate gasoline evaporation and lower air pollution.

The sturdy steel-tube frame of the scooter is lightweight and durable, and it has a step-through design that makes mounting and dismounting simple.

Choosing lightweight wheels and sturdy tires improves handling even further. Fat 120/70-12 front and 130/70-12 rear DURO tubeless tires with an aggressive block pattern come standard on the Zuma 125. These tires provide good grip and stability, making them suitable for city streets and unpaved terrain.

Superior brake components are included since safety is the first concern. Enough stopping force is provided by the 230mm rear disc brake and the 245mm hydraulic front disc brake. The wave-style front rotor design offers a contemporary and fashionable touch while improving braking effectiveness. Furthermore, the unified brake system guarantees that some braking power is applied to the front brake via the rear brake lever, enabling safe and well-controlled stops.

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter

Additional Features

The Yamaha Zuma 125 has an advanced and intuitive gauge set. Its fashionable LCD meter ensures you always know how much gasoline you have left. It also has a fuel gauge. All indicator lights in the series are designed to be easily readable and visible, giving crucial information at a glance.

The Zuma 125’s practicality is one of its main features. It has plenty of storage, including a roomy under-seat compartment that fits a full-face helmet. For even more convenience, this compartment has two helmet hangers installed. The front storage compartment has an electric USB connector that makes it handy for those always on the road to charge their electronics while riding.

A side stand and a center stand are included, making parking simple. Convenience and flexibility are guaranteed when securing your scooter with this dual option. The keyhole lock cover on the main switch adds a degree of security while the scooter is parked, further enhancing security. Refueling is also a simple and hassle-free operation since the fuel filler is conveniently positioned immediately to the left of the ignition switch.

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter – Price

The new 2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter is available at $3,799 only.

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter – Technical Specifications

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter Specs


Type 125cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC single; 4 valves
Bore x Stroke 52.0mm × 58.7mm
Compression Ratio 11.2:1
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection
Ignition TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)
Transmission V-Belt automatic

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter Specs

Suspension, Brakes and Tires

Suspension/Front Telescopic upright fork with 3.2 in of travel
Suspension/Rear Dual shock absorber with swingarm with 3.1 inches of travel
Brakes/Front Disc brake / 245mm / single disc with double-piston caliper
Brakes/Rear Disc brake / 230mm / single disc with single-piston caliper
Tires/Front 120/70-12 51L
Tires/Rear 130/70-12 56L

2023 Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter Specs


Length × width × height (mm) 75.6 in x 29.9 x 45.3
Seat height (mm) 30.9 in
Wheelbase (mm) 52.8 in
Fuel tank capacity (liter) 1.6
Fuel Economy 101 mpg
Wet Weight 282 lb
Instrument Panel Digital LCD
Charging USB-A front charging device
Color Team Yamaha Blue; Matte Black

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