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2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter Review Specs

The time has come to consider creative, cost-effective urban mobility options. People are searching for a simple and convenient way to live, work, and move about the city rather than relying on congested public transit, producing a significant shift in how everyone gets around the city. 2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter is also now ready for you and it is included in out list of Top Ten Best Electric Scooters in 2023.

Yamaha is not only a well-known scooter brand but has also been involved in the design and manufacturing of electric automobiles for a long time. It is a record that no other brand can equal. As a result, it should come as no surprise that NEO’s electric scooter is poised to usher in an all-new era of urban mobility for everybody.

2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter

To ride a 2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter in the UK, you must meet one of the three conditions listed below: A full motorcycle license or a driver’s license obtained before February 1, 2001, or be 16 years old or older and have completed a CBT course (L plates required).

Learn how to connect your NEOs to the MyRide App. To stay connected when riding the NEOs, download Yamaha’s MyRide App on your smartphone and sync it with the scooter. This free software allows you to trade photographs and ride details with other MyRiders and check scooter information on your smartphone.

2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter – Features and Specs

Smooth, Quiet, and Efficient Electric Power

The NEO electric scooter is a simple, easy-to-use technology that might change your city life by making your travels easier, quicker, and more fun! The tremendous benefits of electric power are combined with low running costs and the tried-and-true Yamaha quality.

2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter

Direct Drive Hub-Mounted Electric Motor

The Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) in the NEO is the most modern generation, featuring an air-cooled brushless electric motor integrated inside the rear wheel hub for maximum efficiency. By eliminating the need for gears or belts, its tiny direct drive design ensures quick acceleration, quiet operation, and smooth running.

Quick and Controllable Acceleration

As soon as you accelerate, you’ll notice the NEO’s precise handling and flawless power delivery at all speeds. This electric scooter is ideal for all riders since Yamaha went above and beyond to ensure that the throttle design provides a smooth, constant experience while accelerating from a stop and cruising leisurely.

Universal Riding Position for All Sizes and Experience

With their comfortable and upright riding position, the new generation of electric NEOs is ideal for riders of all sizes, ages, and skill levels looking for a responsible and practical alternative to their automobiles and public transit. It is also the finest solution for zero-emission urban transport because of its simple twist-and-go operation, smooth agility, and significant comfort levels.

2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter

Removable Yamaha lithium-ion battery

NEOs have a range of 37 km with a single high-density 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery, which may be expanded by adding another battery. The 8-kilogram battery, conveniently located beneath the dual seat, may be charged using batteries attached to the scooter or when the batteries are removed. It is designed to keep high efficiency for 1000 cycles or 10,000 km.

Selectable Ride Modes

NEOs have two riding modes that may be selected to accommodate different situations and personal tastes. The ECO mode, with a range of up to 38.5 km, is ideal for longer journeys and consumes less battery power than the STD mode, which is designed for everyday road use. While riding, switching between the two modes is straightforward.

2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter

2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter – Technical Specifications


Electric motor type Excitation 3-phase synchronized motor
Nominal power 2.3kW @ 424 rpm
Maximum power 2.5kW @ 400 rpm
Maximum Torque 136.0Nm @ 50 rpm
Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery voltage, capacity 50.4V, 19.2Ah(5HR)
Total number of battery packs installed 1
Maximum number of battery packs 2
Battery caution Removable
Range (WMTC Class 1) 37 km
Range, Eco mode 38.5 km
Battery weight 8 kg
Battery dimension (L) 360 mm x (D) 215 mm x (H) 105 mm
Energy Consumption(WMTC Class1) 31 Wh/km
Charger type Wall charger 220VAC; Output 58.8V, 3A
Charging time (0-100%) 8-hour
Charging time (20-80%) Four hours


Frame type Underbone
Caster angle 25°30′
Trail 84mm
Front suspension system Telescopic forks
Front travel 90mm
Rear suspension system Swingarm
Rear travel 80mm
Front brake Hydraulic single-disc brake
Rear brake Mechanical leading trailing drum brake
Diameter of brake disk(Front) 200mm
Front tyre 110-70-13M/C 48P Tubeless
Rear tyre 130-70-13M/C 63P Tubeless

2023 Yamaha NEOs Electric Scooter


Overall length 1875mm
Overall width 695mm
Overall height 1120mm
Seat height 795mm
Wheelbase 1305mm
Minimum ground clearance 135mm
Vehicle weight (without battery) 90kg

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