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2023 Indian FTR Naked Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Capitalizing on the success of their flat track race team and the demand for synergy in a mass-market model, Indian Motorcycles completely redesigned their FTR 1200 model. The recently facelifted Indian FTR features an upgraded engine, upgraded suspension, and a unique color scheme that instantly distinguishes it from its predecessors.

2023 Indian FTR Naked Motorcycle

2023 Indian FTR Naked Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Performance and Capability

It’s not just for show. It’s made to go. With minimal electronics to tamper with proper response to throttle inputs, the liquid-cooled V-twin packs the goods. The standard equipment package includes cruise control and a rear-cylinder deactivation system. To reduce the pilot’s perceived heat wash in stop-and-go traffic, the former kills the rear jig while idling at a stop.

It has a hot, 12.5 to 1 compression ratio and a total displacement of 1,203 cc with a 102 mm bore and 73.6 mm stroke. You will then be on the top hook pusholin at the pump.

Ahead of the six-speed transmission, a slipper clutch provides an extra layer of anti-hop protection for the rear contact patch. With a strong chain and sprocket final drive, the overall gear ratio results in a limited Indian FTR top speed of around 124 MPH. You can estimate zero-to-sixty times of 3.4 seconds and 11.3 seconds for the quarter mile.


The FTR’s redesigned front fender acts as a double spoiler. The fender directs air downward into the radiator, while the foil-shaped upper sections guide airflow around the fork lowers. It facilitates heat flow to the environment and generally paves the way for a more straightforward construction that doesn’t waste any room with unnecessary body panels or other features. He only needs to reach 482 pounds of dry weight.

2023 Indian FTR Naked Motorcycle

Suppose you’re serious about shaving every last ounce; the lightweight carbon fiber components from the Spirit Lake factory trim even more with the new FTR. If that sounds too labor-intensive, you can get the FTR R Carbon, which is lighter out of the box.

A sense of solid core strength is conveyed visually by the inverted front fork stanchions. The factory shortened the Pro Taper handlebar to run 1.5 inches shorter for sharper handling, sacrificing total leverage.

Multiple LED projectors and a DRL ring are housed in the Cyclops headlight housing for efficient operation and good two-way visibility with the outside world. All instruments are squeezed into a single circular housing like the headlight to maintain a clean cockpit.

Located 30.7 inches from the deck, the pilot’s perch balances a typical cruiser and a high-altitude cruise rocket. Built for use by non-racers on public roads, the factory added a fold-up footpeg system, a p-pad, and sturdy J.C. bars that serve as strong points for your bungee net.


Like a trellis, the frame consists of tubular elements welded to the FTR. Like many bikes, the engine acts as a pressure part to complete the upright construction and take a certain amount of weight off the frame and its importance.

It’s a souvenir of sorts, not a race bike. It raises the expectation that a specific efficiency level will be maintained throughout the translation process. With a dead-short 3.9 inches of trail, the steering head sets a steep rake angle of 25.3 degrees to achieve this. It gives the FTR quick handling, especially in turns and overturns.

2023 Indian FTR Naked Motorcycle

Suspension upgrades with the top drawer provide complete adjustments at both ends for comfort and control. The rear is supported and damped by a ZF Sachs piggyback coil-over shock, while the front is floated by a set of 43mm Ulti Sachs cartridge forks. With 4.7-inches of travel at both ends, it should be more than adequate for the typical urban jungle.

The rolling chassis is complete with cast alloy wheels. Metzeler Sportec M9 tires with sizes 120/70 and 180/55, with a sporty 17-inch diameter, provide a “Z” speed rating that can handle up to 124 mph at high speeds.

Price and Availability

The Indian FTR price is $13,499. It carries over to the base model, featuring black metallic paint on the sheet metal components and white and chartreuse trim on the rear shock spring and tank sides.

The Stealth Grey/Orange Burst, with its orange rims, shock spring, and tank trim, can be more of a style if you’re not into the black-on-black look. However, you’ll have to pay $13,749 for that extra curb appeal.

2023 Indian FTR vs. Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO

Both of these devices have a distinct feel of being customized at home. Both have elements of the UJM-based flat trackers and scramblers of the 1960s and early 1970s that helped create the genre.

The 1,079cc L-Twin engine that powers the Scrambler delivers 86-horsepower and 65-pound-feet of torque, giving it a more relaxed feel. It is much less than India’s potential raw power generation.

Ducati wins again in the electronics department with features like traction control and riding modes, which the Indian can’t match. With a sticker of $13,495 that gives the FTR no wiggle room and no loss of technology compared to the Scrambler, the Italian factory makes things a lot worse for Indian customers at the register.


Q: Is the FTR 1200 Indian fast?

The FTR runs the quarter mile in 11.3 seconds and zero to sixty in 3.4 seconds. The top speed off the showroom floor is around 124 mph, but when unrestrained, it’s closer to 147 mph.

Q: What is the price of an Indian FTR 1200?

Black metallic paint for the Indian FTR will set you back $13,499 in 2023. Opt for Orange Burst and Stealth Gray with orange rims and highlights to liven things up, but be prepared to shell out $13,749 for extras.

Q: What does FTR mean?

“Flat Track Racer” stands for “FTR”. The FTR was first offered as a civilian model to qualify for the FTR 750 for AMA flat track racing 2016. The Indian excelled on the track, and the street version of the FTR was so well-liked that the model is now mainly used on roads. FTR Model Designer is no longer a descriptive name but an ” inspired ” name.

Q: Is cruise control available on the Indian FTR?

The FTR has cruise control even though it has few electronics.

Q: Where is the Indian FTR made?

The Indian Motorcycle facility is located in Spirit Lake, Iowa. This facility manufactures every new Indian motorcycle.

2023 Indian FTR Naked Motorcycle

2023 Indian FTR Naked Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain

Bore x Stroke 4.016 inches x 2.898 inches (102mm x 73.6mm)
Compression Ratio 12.5:1
Displacement 73 cu in (1203 cc)
Drive/Driven Clutch Assist & Slip, Multi-Plate
Electronic Fuel Injection System Closed Loop Fuel Injection / 60 mm Bore
Engine Type Liquid Cooled V-Twin
Exhaust 2-into-1, Catalyst in collector
Gear Ratio (1st) 12.270: 1
Gear Ratio (2nd) 8.341: 1
Gear Ratio (3rd) 6.646: 1
Gear Ratio (4th) 5.639: 1
Gear Ratio (5th) 4.985: 1
Gear Ratio (6th) 4.278: 1
Horsepower 120 HP
Peak Torque 87 ft-lbs (118 Nm)
Peak Torque RPM 6,000 rpm
Transmission/Final Drive 2.647: 1
Transmission/Primary Drive Gear Drive Wet Clutch


Fuel Capacity 3.4 gal (12.9 L)
Ground Clearance 6.5 in (17 cm)
GVWR 948 lb (430 kg)
Overall Height 51.1 in (1297 mm)
Overall Length 87.5 in (2223 mm)
Overall Width 32.7 in (830 mm)
Rake/Trail 25.3° / 3.9 in ( 99.9 mm)
Seat Height 30.7 in (780 mm)
Weight (Dry Weight / Running Order) 482 lbs (219 kg) / 514 lbs (233 kg)
Wheelbase 60 in (1,524 mm)


Front Brakes Brembo Dual 320 mm t5 Rotor, 4 Piston Caliper
Rear Brakes Brembo Solo 260 mm t5 Rotor, 2 Piston Caliper

Tires / Wheels

Front Tires Metzeler Sportec M9 RR 120/70ZR17 58W
Front Wheel Cast 17 in x 3.5 in
Rear Tires Metzeler Sportec M9 RR 180/55ZR17 73W
Rear Wheel Cast 17 in x 5.5 in


Front Fork Tube Diameter 43 mm
Front Suspension ZF Sachs Fully Adjustable Inverted Telescopic Cartridge Fork
Front Travel 120 mm
Rear Suspension ZF Sachs Fully Adjustable Piggyback IFP
Rear Travel 120 mm


Color / Graphics Black Metallic, Stealth Gray / Orange Burst
Factory Warranty 2 Years, Unlimited Miles
Gauges 4″ Analog, Digital Tachometer, Trip Meter, Odometer, Engine Temp, Low Fuel Lamp
Infotainment N/A
Lights LED Headlight, Taillight, Turn Signals
Standard Equipment ABS, Cruise Control

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