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2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50 Comparison Review

Our today’s article is about the comparison review of 2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50. Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Honda and Suzuki have been making motorcycles since the 1950s. Both motorcycle manufacturers focus on building reliable, high-end motorcycles. But in addition to producing motorcycles, Honda also makes other equipment such as power plants, generators, lawnmowers, personal watercraft, marine engines, and automobiles. On the other hand, Suzuki focuses more on manufacturing engine parts for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), commercial vehicles, and other businesses.

The Honda Shadow range, Honda Rebel series, Suzuki SV650, and Suzuki Boulevard C50 are just a few of the models that Honda and Suzuki have created that are user-friendly for newbies. However, regarding the best cruisers for beginners, the Suzuki Boulevard C50 and the Honda Shadow Aero 750 are two reliable options.

The Honda Shadow Aero 750 is a contemporary cruiser with a retro aesthetic inspired by the 1970s. On the other hand, the Suzuki Boulevard C50 has a cool, vintage cruiser look with many chrome accents. This article compares the 2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50 in great detail.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50 – Features Comparison

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50


Design plays an important role in cruisers, especially when we are comparing 2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50. With a low seat height and an extended wheelbase, the Honda Shadow Aero 750 is a lightweight, beginner-friendly cruiser perfect for smaller riders. With its chrome and blackout finish and dual-tone retro color scheme, it offers an appearance that is both classic and contemporary.

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The Honda Shadow Aero 750 enhances its retro look with a slightly thicker front fork and a vintage round headlamp mounted inside a chrome nacelle. The Honda Shadow Aero 750 sports a unique look with buckhorn handlebars pulled back with circular chrome side mirrors. The two-piece saddle comprises a traditional tuck-and-roll rider seat and a flat passenger seat with a tail design extending over a large chopped rear fender.

The front fender provides a great view of the front tire wrapped around the wire-spoked wheel, which is similarly cut substantially and tastefully. The Honda Shadow Aero 750 features a chrome air filter, small dual mufflers, and a blacked-out engine. The balanced design of this motorcycle ensures good handling and stability.

Honda Shadow Aero 750 and Suzuki Boulevard C50 are remarkably similar. Both motorcycles featured wire-spoke wheels, separate dual mufflers, chrome nacelle-enclosed headlamps, fuel tank-mounted gauges, and V-twin engines. Large front and rear fenders, a retro tail/stop light, and bullet-shaped turn signals are all features of the Suzuki Boulevard C50.

The vehicle has a neat hardtail look as the rear mono-shock is hidden under the seat. Apart from the double-cradle steel frame, most elements are available in chrome. Separate dual chrome mufflers have a slash-cut and flared design. The Suzuki Boulevard C50 completes the cruiser image with swept-back book-horn handlebars and floorboards. Additionally, it includes a two-piece cushioned saddle that allows two-up riding.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50

Engine and Performance

No one can imagine a cruiser without a powerful engine. Honda Shadow Aero 750 is a great entry-level motorcycle because of its modest power engine. The 745cc liquid-cooled, 52° V-Twin engine produces 44.6 hp and 64.94 Nm of torque. Due to its equipped Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), which ensures a fuel economy of 56 mpg, it is a reliable, economical, easy-to-service, and fuel-efficient motorbike.

The five-speed transmission is connected to the rear wheels via a maintenance-free, cleaner shaft drive, ensuring a smooth operation. Unlike carburetor-equipped bikes, PGM-FI technology also guarantees soft starts in cold weather.

The Honda Shadow Aero 750 is a multi-purpose motorbike that, thanks to its lightweight, is suitable for daily commutes, long-distance rides, cruising on highways, and even riding in traffic. Despite being an entry-level motorcycle, this engine guarantees ample horsepower, smooth throttle response at all gear levels, and strong low-end torque distribution for a comfortable cruising experience.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50

The Honda Shadow Aero 750 also features a telescopic front fork and new twin rear shocks that can be adjusted for spring preload in five positions for a comfortable ride. The 2022 Honda Shadow Aero 750 also sports an optional ABS, a front disc, and a rear drum for effective braking.

Another entry-level motorbike, the Suzuki Boulevard C50, is powered by an 805 cc liquid-cooled, 45 V-Twin engine producing 53 hp at 6,000 rpm and 69 Nm of torque at 3,200 rpm. Despite its bulky appearance, it’s a mid-sized cruiser with a mid-displacement engine that’s perfect for long-distance weekend cruising. For beginner and intermediate riders, the 805 cc, 45 V-Twin engine has plenty of power and can provide smooth acceleration at all gear ratios.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50

The Suzuki Boulevard C50 features a link-style mono-shock without preload adjustment and an oil-damped telescopic front fork with coil spring. Considering the wet weight of 611 lb (277 kg), braking is inadequate. The Suzuki Boulevard C50 has only one front disc brake and one drum brake. Additionally, it lacks ABS technology, which controls its overall cost.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The most comfortable cruiser in the mid-size cruiser class is the Honda Shadow Aero 750. Being an old-fashioned cruiser, it has excellent ergonomics that guarantee comfort on long and continuous rides. The Honda Shadow Aero 750 has a low seat height of 25.9 inches, making it suitable for both short and tall riders.

The front foot controls also provide plenty of room for the rider’s legs to stretch. Because of its low-mounted, swept-back buckhorn handlebars, the rider can sit comfortably in a comfortable riding position. Overall, due to its light weight and maneuverability, the Honda Shadow Aero 750 is best suited for daily commuting, long-distance travel, and riding in traffic.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50

With a curb weight of 611 pounds, the Suzuki Boulevard C50 is slightly heavier than the Honda Shadow Aero 750. It is a mid-range motorbike with a comfortable ride and a mid-displacement engine. All riders can use it because of the ergonomics and rider triangle that were considered. However, being a bit heavy, a beginner may find it difficult to control this motorcycle.

The Suzuki Boulevard C50 has forward-mounted floorboards for added comfort, allowing passengers to rest their feet and plenty of room for their legs. The low-mounted, semi-swept-back, buckhorn-style handlebars also guarantee an upright rear position for pleasant long-distance rides.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50 – FAQs

How Fast Can the Honda Shadow Aero 750 Go?

The Honda Shadow Aero is a cruiser for beginners with a mid-displacement engine. To reach a maximum speed of 95mph, the engine delivers plenty of power and smooth throttle response.

What is the fuel economy of the Honda Shadow 750?

Due to its low-powered engine, the Honda Shadow 750 is a compact and affordable cruiser. It uses less fuel, getting 56 miles per gallon.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50

What is the top speed of the Suzuki Boulevard C50?

The Suzuki Boulevard C50’s 805cc engine produces plenty of horsepower and accelerates smoothly. The top speed of the Suzuki Boulevard C50 is 99.4 mph.

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50 – Specification Comparison

Specs \ Bikes 2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50

Engine and Performance

Displacement 745 cc / 45.46 cu in 805 cc / 49.12 cu in
Design and Type 52° V-Twin, Four-Stroke Engine Four-Stroke, SOHC, 45˚ V-Twin
Cooling System Liquid-Cooled Liquid-Cooled
No. of Cylinders Two Two
Valves Per Cylinder Three Four
Horsepower 44.6 hp @ 5,500 rpm 53 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque 64.94 Nm @ 3,500 rpm 69 Nm @ 3,200 rpm
Stroke 76 mm / 2.99 in 74.4 mm / 2.93 in
Bore 79 mm / 3.11 in 83 mm / 3.27 in
Fuel Injection System Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI); 34 mm Throttle Body Suzuki Fuel Injection with SDTV
Compression Ratio 9.6:1 9.4:1
Wide-Ratio, Five-Speed
Five-Speed Constant Mesh
Final Drive Shaft Shaft
Clutch Wet, Multiplate Wet, Multiplate
Fuel Economy 56 mpg N/A
Muffler Chrome, Separate Dual Mufflers Chrome, Separate Dual Staggered Mufflers
Exhaust Two-Into-Two Exhaust Two-Into-Two Exhaust
Frame Double-Cradle Steel Frame Double-Cradle Steel Frame
Starter Electric Electric
Gauges Fuel Tank-Mounted Fuel Tank-Mounted


Wheels Wire-Spoked Wire-Spoked
Tires Front: 120/90-17
Rear: 160/80-15
Front: 130/90-16 M/C (67H), Tube Tire
Rear: 170/80-15 M/C (77H), Tube Tire

2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750 vs 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50


Front 296 mm Single Disc Brake with Twin-Piston Caliper Front Disc Brake
Rear 180 mm Drum Rear Drum Brake
ABS 2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750: N/A
2022 Honda Shadow Aero 750: Optional


Front 41 mm Telescopic Front Fork Oil-Damped Telescopic Front Fork with Coil Spring
Rear Dual Shocks with Five-Position Spring Preload Adjustability Oil-damped, Link-Style Mono-Shock with Coil Spring
Front Wheel Travel 116.84 mm / 4.6 in 140 mm / 5.5 in
Rear Wheel Travel 88.9 mm / 3.5 in 105 mm / 4.1 in

Dimensions and Weight

Trail 6.3 in 5.43 in
Rake 34° 33.2°
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.7 gal 4.1 gal
Ground Clearance 130 mm / 5.1 in 140 mm / 5.5 in
Width 919 mm / 36.2 in 955 mm / 37.6 in
Height 1125 mm / 44.3 in 1110 mm / 43.7 in
Length 2459 mm / 96.8 in 2500 mm / 98.4 in
Seat Height 25.9 in 700 mm / 27.6 in
Wheelbase 64.5 in 1655 mm / 65.2 in
Wet Weight 560 lbs / 254 kg 611 lbs / 277 kg

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