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2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle Review Specs

Everyone has fantasies of riding motorbikes. It has been our goal all along. What we have accomplished is documenting the whole lifecycle of the CB motorbike, which has progressed with our clients every step of the way. We have put all our energy and expertise into ensuring that our performance, technology, and unmatched dependability are the best in the industry. It is the case since it explains why CB is so evocative and joyful. This motorbike has the aspiration and pride to fulfill the needs of its riders. And we won’t give up now. CB is the key to unlocking your potential and it is also included in our list of Top Ten Best Upcoming Motorcycles in India in 2023.

You are the protagonist of every tale you will ever tell. So why not let the story you live tell others something about you? So, with this big, athletic friend on your side, your account can go anywhere. Your CB 350RS is ready for a greener future, much like the unexpected twists in your narrative. Experience life now with OBD- 2B standards prepared for 2025.

2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle – Features and Specs

2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle

Designed For All Stories

This motorbike updates the old style with a vast sporty design and aggressive appearance. The design is very sophisticated and cutting-edge, appealing to those searching for a motorbike to make the mark.

Dual Tone Fuel Tank

The breathtakingly attractive dual-tone gasoline tank, which bears the Honda logo, is a seamless synthesis of the CB lineage with cutting-edge style.

The Sheel of Style

Maintain a stately demeanor during your journey.

Headlamp Ring

Not only will this ring headlamp make you easily identifiable on the road, but it will also raise your cool factor.

Your Story Shines With Chrome

The chrome accents on the mirrors are a subtle but ingenious touch that ensures people will always look in your direction as you ride past.

2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle

LED Tail Lamp With Eye-Shaped Led Winkers

You were created to make your every step an elegant one. You can’t take your eyes off it since it’s so enticing to the sight.

Sporty Grab Rail

This motorcycle’s athletic vibe radiates from every detail.

Rear Footrest With Muffler Heat Protector

The rear footrest has a muffler heat shield since sharing stories is more fun with friends.

Riding Position

Every one of your story’s scenes depends on your riding posture. With this in mind, Honda designed the CB350RS with an assertive but relaxed riding position.

Tuck & Roll Seat

May you find comfort in every story?

The increased padding and support in these chairs will make any trip more pleasant.

2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle

Smoked Black Sporty Front and Rear Fender

Lightweight and stylishly athletic from every angle.

The motorcycle’s sporty good looks are complemented by its reduced weight thanks to the sleek rear and front fender.

Front Fork Boots

The fork boots on the front suspension give this contemporary roadster a rougher appearance.

The skid plate protects the engine from damage as you cruise through your narrative.

Powerful 350cc Engine

Honda’s 350cc Air-cooled, 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine offers impressive power and smooth acceleration.

Assist Slipper Clutch

Rear-wheel hopping is avoided in downshifts thanks to a clutch assist and slipper function.

Main Shaft Coaxial Balancer

The vibrations of a Honda CB350RS are reduced with the help of a weight added to the main shaft at the back of the cylinder to counteract the mass and location of the balancer shaft at the front.

2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle

Roaring Exhaust Note

A 45mm tailpipe is used in the exhaust system for maximum muffler efficiency, resulting in a deep, rumbling tone. The sharpness of the exhaust is another benefit of the single-chamber design.

Dual Channel ABS

You can be in command of every scenario thanks to the Dual Channel ABS, which keeps the wheels from locking up in an emergency or on slick surfaces.

Honda Selectable Torque Control

As a result, the rider may feel more confident no matter the weather or road conditions, which helps reduce the likelihood of rear-wheel slide.

Distance To Empty

It shows how far you can go on the motorcycle’s fuel level.

Average Mileage

The system calculates and shows an estimated distance depending on the rider’s habits and conditions.

Real-Time Mileage

Real-time fuel economy is shown.

Side Stand With Engine Inhibitor

Checking whether the side stand is active is as simple as looking at your meter. The engine cannot be started when the air is activated because of the inhibitor feature.

Advanced Digital Analogue Meter

The Advanced Digital Analogue meter takes care of the motorcycle’s needs. A quick look will tell you all you need to know, including the status of the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Dual Channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), the side stand, the mileage, the gear, the battery voltage, and the distance to empty.

Gear Position Indicator

The ease of quickly determining the gear you are currently in while gear position indicators substantially enhance riding.

Battery Voltage Meter

Now that you can check the battery voltage of your bike with only a glance at the meter, you can stop worrying about the battery draining too quickly.

The Honda Smartphone Voice Control System (HSVCS) CB 350RS has a complete Bluetooth ecosystem, allowing for convenient, hands-free communication between the rider’s phone and the bike.

The Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (HSVCS) of the CB 350RS may be kept in constant contact with the help of the Honda Road Sync companion app. Now, you can keep your smart phone safely tucked away in your pocket and use it from the comfort of your motorcycle’s grips.

2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle

ESS (Emergency Stop Signal)

Let there be no brake to your safety.

The Honda’s emergency stop signal protects you and the other motorcyclists around you.

2023 Honda CB350RS Street Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Displacement 348.36cc
Max Net Power 15.5kW @ 5500 rpm
Max Net Torque 30N-m @ 3000 rpm
Fuel System PGM-FI
Bore x Stroke 70.000 X 90.519
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Starting Method Self


Battery 12V, 6.0 Ah
Headlamp LED

Body Dimensions

Length 2171mm
Width 782mm
Height 782mm
Wheel Base 1441mm
Ground Clearance 168mm
Kerb Weight 179kg
Seat Length 640mm
Seat Height 800mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 15L

Frame & Suspension

Frame Type Half Duplex Cradle
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Hydraulic

Tyres & Brakes

Braking System Dual Channel ABS
Tyre Size & Type (Front) 100/90-19M/C 57H
Tyre Size & Type (Rear) 150/70-17M/C 69H
Brake Type & Size (Front) Hydraulic, Disc- 310mm
Brake Type & Size (Rear) Hydraulic, Disc- 240mm


Clutch Type Multiplate Wet Clutch
No. of Gears 5

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