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2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle Review Specs Price

BMW Motorrad, in anticipation of 2020 BMW F 900 R, refreshed its mid-size sports bike lineup with the all-new F 900 R roadster. The 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle’s redesigned chassis, all-plastic fuel tank, and plethora of electrical devices for ride quality and safety management contribute to its fun-to-ride reputation. Your on-road adventures are powered by a brand-new parallel-twin engine with over 100 horsepower. As usual with BMW, you can outfit it with various premium-quality add-ons to further expand its possibilities.

2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle

In preparation for Model Year 2020, BMW Motorrad refreshed its mid-size sports bike lineup with the all-new 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle. The F 900 R’s redesigned chassis, all-plastic fuel tank, and numerous electrical devices for ride quality and safety management contribute to its fun-to-ride reputation. Your on-road adventures are propelled by a new parallel-twin motor with approximately 100 horsepower on tap. As usual with BMW, a comprehensive accessory line is available to expand its potential further.

2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Performance and Capability

The engine used in the 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle debuted in the F 850 GS in 2018 but was updated for greater power and a flatter torque curve for this year. The F 900 R’s new flat-twin engine can produce 99 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 67 pound-feet torque at 6,500 rpm.

Both the Road and Rain Rider Modes and the Automatic Stability Control (traction control) are included as standard equipment. As a result, you may adjust the engine’s character to suit the current driving circumstances.

2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle

The mill’s 895 ccs total displacement, and 13.1-to-1 compression ratio come from its 86-mm bore and 77-mm stroke. Dual overhead cams time the eight-valve head, and water cooling keeps everything nice and cool. Thus, pushrods, which would have to move reciprocally, are extra.

With a three-way catalyst and a closed-loop, two-into-one-into-two exhaust system, the job is done. To fulfill Euro 5 emission requirements, the trigger consumes free hydrocarbons that escape the combustion chambers.

The engine has a respectable fuel economy of 56 mpg. That’s excellent news since the scorching compression ratio demands that you use the high-end pump whenever possible.

The anti-hop effect may be reduced with a slipper-style clutch, which disconnects the transmission from the motor. In addition to enhancing the security of downshifting and engine braking, this prevents dangerously high levels of back torque from developing. Furthermore, it lets you rest your left hand by providing a gentle clutch pull.

Accessories for the engine were not overlooked during production. If you want to part with more cash, you can upgrade your electronics package with more riding modes, lean-sensitive traction control, and engine drag-torque management.

There are six gears, and the power is transmitted to the ground through an O-ring chain and a final drive. The 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle has a maximum speed of “beyond 134 mph,” which is a somewhat vague number considering the ratio of the various drives.


Being a real vintage roadster, the 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle flaunts very little exterior trim. The blackout effect gives it a little DIY feel.

The severely reduced size of the front fender is barely enough to control the front-wheel fling and marks the beginning of this modification. Even though it’s not too complicated, it sets the tone for the remainder of the machine.

A fender may be attached to the fork feet of a pair of inverted front forks. The uprights not only protect the sweeping portion of the inner fork tubes from debris, but they also act as a wind shunt, deflecting the lower slipstream away from the stems and increasing the 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle’s piercing power.

2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle

As standard, a tiny over-under LED headlight rides in a blackout naked-style housing to effectively divide the darkness. If you purchase the extra Headlamp Pro, your cornering lights will turn on when your vehicle’s tilt angle reaches seven degrees of bank.

Headlamp Pro directs the beam of light where it needs to go instead of where the front wheel points, which is the case with a standard headlight. Every night rider can attest to the ineffectiveness of the latter UN tight corners.

Turn signals complete the front lights and are positioned on short standoffs to the top shortened cowling panels. However, it makes them susceptible to injury in the event of a fall or slide.

Regrettably, U.S. law mandates a certain distance between the front turn signals. With no actual front fairing, manufacturers are limited in where they can place such components on motorcycles like this one. Riding in the United States is pointless.

Shallow Film It’s hardly surprising to find transistor screens and wireless networking in Beemer’s latest Roadster, given how pervasive these technologies are becoming. A 6.5-inch color screen displays digital instrumentation and serves as the rider’s point of contact with the vehicle’s electronic controls.

Naturally, it also has BMW Motorrad Connectivity, which establishes a wireless connection to your smartphone so you can use the latter as a navigation system, play music from your phone, and take calls without touching the handlebars. With the Riding Modes Pro add-on, you may access many high-visibility screen combinations.

Its innovative 3.4-gallon “plastic-welded” gasoline tank adds a noticeable hump to the fly line before a deep swale, a first for street motorcycles. It helps you get seated on the 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle and keeps your rear end up 32 inches off the ground.

Various seats and suspensions are available from the manufacturer with measurements between 30.3 and 34 inches so that people of varying heights and builds may feel comfortable in the vehicle. The adjustable clutch and brake levers are another way the manufacturer supports the rider’s triangle’s malleability.

You may bring a companion along with the standard mainframe mount, fold-up foot pegs, J.C. grips, and a plush pillion cushion. Throw on the rear cover to seem like a lone street warrior.

The taillight, license plate, tag light, and reverse blinkers are all installed in a single rear fender. Just like the headlights, they are made of ultra-bright LED technology.


The 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle’s bridge-style frame comprises hollow “steel-shell” elements. What they bring to the table is a harmony of strength, stiffness, and lightweight. Due to the lack of covers, the primary frame can, in its entirety. The extensive blackout treatment that tends to homogenize the design visually makes it challenging to notice.

The yoke swing arm is made out of lightweight aluminum casting. It is supported by a single coil-over shock mounted in the middle. While the USD 43 mm front forks have factory-set settings, the only suspension tweaks available on the bike are the spring preload and rebound damping.

Use a rake angle of 29.5 degrees and a trail ride height of 4.5 inches. As a result, the 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle is agile and responsive without being too skittish.

The suspension is remarkably roomy for a purely street-oriented motorcycle, with 5.3 inches of front and 5.5 inches of rear travel. It’s built to withstand the harsh conditions of your unique concrete jungle. Rims of “Z” rating, in sizes 120/70 and 180/55, are cast from aluminum and complete the rolling chassis. Even in wet conditions, the tread maintains its grip.

Dual 320mm of discs and four-pot calipers slow the front tire to a stop, while a single-piston binder clutches the 265 mm disc in the back. BMW Motorrad’s exclusive Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) protects both ends from skidding when braking hard or in wet circumstances.

Price and Availability

The 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle starts at $8,995, a price sure to attract buyers. Hockenheim Silver Metallic over Racing Red, San Marino Blue Metallic, and Black Storm Metallic are the three available colors, each with extensive use of black.

BMW F 900 R vs Ducati Monster Plus

Comparatively, the Monster Plus is even more of a stripper than the 2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle. Monsters often have no front fender, but this one is relatively little and sits just below the small set of headlights up front.

The ’93 Monster is an influence on the side profile. It creates visual consistency that appropriately references the source material without being too faithful.

That said, Ducati bikes are among the most aesthetically pleasing on the market. This time around, though, Beemer competes with Duc, at least in my opinion.

The Monster’s suspension isn’t great since it only allows you to change the preload in the rear. It gives the upper hand to the BMW’s adjustable rebound damping rear shock.

In the first stages, the USD forks are executed with constant initial conditions. Both of these computers might need some tweaking.

The Bosch anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the Brembo calipers (anchors) provide equal stopping power for the Motorrad. The in-vehicle electronics are standard fare as well, with the essentials covered.

Its L-Twin engine displaces 937 cubic centimeters and generates 111 horsepower and 69 pound-feet of torque to power Ducati’s entry, giving it a slight lead in oomph over BMW’s 99/67.

2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle

The starting price for a Monster Plus is $12,695, so the additional horsepower won’t come cheap. BMW will undoubtedly gain some customers because of the substantial price differential.

2023 BMW F 900 R Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Water-cooled 4-stroke in-line two-cylinder engine, four valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication
Bore x stroke 3.4” x 3.0”
Capacity 895 cc
Rated output 99 hp at 8,500 rpm
Max. torque 67 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm
Compression ratio 13.1: 1
Mixture control/engine management Electronic fuel injection
Emission control The closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter

Performance/fuel consumption

Maximum speed Over 124 mph
Fuel type Premium Unleaded

Electrical system

Alternator Permanent magnetic alternator 416 W (nominal power)
Battery 12 V / 12 Ah

Power transmission

Clutch Multiple-disc wet clutch (anti-hopping), mechanically operated
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox integrated into the crankcase
Drive Endless O-ring chain, including shock damping in rear wheel hub


Frame Bridge-type frame, steel shell construction
Front-wheel location/suspension Upside-down telescopic fork, Ø 1.7″
Rear wheel location/suspension Cast aluminum dual swing arm, central spring strut, spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable, rebound damping adjustable
Suspension travel front/rear 5.3″ / 5.5″ (135 mm / 142 mm)
(OE suspension lowering kit: 115 mm / 122 mm)
Brake, front Dual disc brake, floating brake discs, Ø 320 mm, 4-piston radial brake calipers
Wheelbase 59.7″ (1,518 mm)
Caster 4.5″ (114.3 mm)
Steering head angle 60.5°
Wheels Cast aluminum wheels
Rim, front 3.50″ x 17”
Rim rear 5.50″ x 17”
Tires, front 120/70 ZR 17
Tires, rear 180/55 ZR 17
Brake, rear Single disc brake, Ø 265 mm, single-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS


Length 84.2″ (2,140 mm)
Width (incl. mirrors) 32″ (815 mm)
Height (excl. mirrors) 44.4″ (1,130 mm)
Seat height, unladen weight 32″ (OE suspension lowering kit: 30.3″, OE low seat: 31.1″, OA high seat: 32.8″, OA comfort seat: 33″, OE extra high seat: 34″)
Inner leg curve, unladen weight 71.6″ (OE suspension lowering kit: 69″, OE low seat: 70.2″, OA high seat: 73.2″, OA comfort seat: 73.6″, OE extra high seat: 74.4″)
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fueled 465 lbs (211 kg)
Permitted total weight 947 lbs (430 kg)
Payload (with standard equipment) 482 lbs (219 kg)
Usable tank volume 3.4 gal (13 L)
Reserve Approx. 0.9 gal (3.5 L)

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