2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers Review Specs Price

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers
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The lightest The Milwaukee-Eight 114 Soft ail has a no-nonsense, raw bobber spirit that is hard to find—superior functionality as a basis for personalization. The Milwaukee-Eight 114 is the most powerful engine that can be installed in Soft ail. Complete with a black paint job, two-up seats, and black steel-laced wheels. The fuel tank has the famous “Number One” logo in your choice of four distinct hues. The 2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers is an ideal foundation for performance-based customization because of its rough and stripped-down bobber aesthetic and Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. Replacements for the previous year’s laced wheels are the brand-new Annihilator cast-aluminum wheels with a glossy black finish.

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers

To give the Street Bob platform a performance boost for MY2021, Harley-Davidson swapped out the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine with the more potent Mil-8 114. That made it the least expensive stoplight burner in the 2021 price range, as well as the lightest Big-Twin capable of carrying the heavier Milwaukee motor. This year’s model stands out from the crowd because of an improved graphics package while keeping its home job-custom look.

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers – Features and Specs


Main Street’s silver laces and dark wheels give Bob’s design an instant custom vibe. All eyes will be on the blacked-out fork sliders, triple clamp, LED headlamp housing, and mini-ape handlebar that contribute to its distinctively personalized appearance. Both fenders have been bobbed substantially to get rid of excess material. Bellowed gaiters, mirrors, and bullet turn-signal housings round off the unique, monochrome front look.

LCD instrumentation runs the business from a highly covert place tucked down in the handlebar-riser cap, including LED idiot lights completing the display. The new teardrop fuel tank and solo saddle don’t match up in profile, and the separate pillion pad seems like an afterthought, but the geometry of the Soft ail frame works well with the vintage accents.

On the back fender, there is a thin LED taillight strip and more bullet-shaped blackout blinker housings. Since there is no clean way to center-attached the tag on this type of rear end, the manufacturer has been compelled to side-mount the license holder in the show-bike style.

As soon as the choice was taken to personalize, nothing was off limits; even the exhaust shields were upgraded for better performance. The whole length of the offset-shotgun exhaust, from the exhaust port in the cylinder heads to the end of the muffler, is covered by a shield that has been drilled through for weight reduction and painted blackout for the last customized touch.

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers


The new Street Bob 114 is built upon the newly rebuilt Soft ail frame, which addresses the shortcomings of the old faux-rigid frame by providing improved tracking, turning, and comfort. Mild tubular steel is used to construct the double-downtube/double-cradle structure that provides full engine support and protects the exhaust and bottom of the cases from curb impacts. Although the 30-degree rake angle is readily apparent, the 6.2 inches of trail that aid in keeping the bike on the straight and narrow, even at high speeds, are less so.

The wheels are finished off with a thick 100/90-19 rim from Dunlop’s Harley-Davidson series and a more comprehensive 150/80-16 rim, both of which have internally twisted whitewalls. The thin XL-style front forks are fixed in place, but Showa’s Dual Bending Valve technology delivers a damping effect on demand, making for a more comfortable ride than with conventional forks.

To provide for varying cargo and passenger loads, a single shock is located beneath the seat and has an adjustable spring preload. Suspension travel in the front is 5.9 inches, and at the back, it’s 3.

The single front brake has a 300 mm disc and four-piston caliper and can quickly stop the vehicle (with a weight of 659 pounds wet); the rear is held in place by a 292 mm disc and twin-piston anchor. Vehicles may choose to have ABS installed if they so want.


The 114 cubic inches, Milwaukee-Eight engine is the beating heart of the Street Bob, making it a unique motorcycle for MY2021. The engine has a compression ratio of 10.5:1, a displacement of 1,868 ccs (102 mm bores x 114 mm stroke), and should operate smoothly on regular fuel.

Low-maintenance operation is provided by the self-adjusting hydraulic lifters and external pushrods that control the four-valve heads. Since the company transitioned from the Twin Cam engine to the solo-cam Milwaukee-Eight, the nosecone region has returned to the more or less original design, providing the right side of the Mil-8 a look that lifetime fans of the brand will recognize.

The EFI throttle body, which includes an exposed-element air filter, regulates the induction system to improve Street Bob’s performance. To reduce pollution, the 2-into-2 “offset shotgun” exhaust burns off any unburned hydrocarbons before they join the exhaust steam.

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers

This engine generates more grunt than the 107, including 119 pound-feet of torque available at 3,000 rpm, but top speed is still capped at roughly 110 mph, making the bike somewhat faster than before but not noticeably so. However, if you think 110 mph is too fast for public roads, I don’t know what to tell you.

The primary drive is a chain that connects the engine to the 6-speed transmission; the power is then sent to the rear wheel through a carbon-reinforced belt that is both quiet and requires little in the way of upkeep.

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers – Price

As with other H-D models, the cheapest of the 2022 color options is the standard Vivid Black, priced at $15,349. Choose between Gauntlet Gray Metallic, Redline Red, or Fastback Blue for an extra $450. In general, Street Bob 114 has a reputation that is fifty years out of date.

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers – Technical Specifications


Length 91.3 in. (2,320 mm)
Overall Width 34.1 in. (865 mm)
Overall Height 45.7 in. (1,160 mm)
Seat Height, Laden 25.8 in. (655 mm)
Seat Height, Unladen 26.8 in. (680 mm)
Static Ground Clearance 4.9 in. (125 mm)
Rake (steering head) (deg) 30
Fork Angle (deg) 30
Trail 6.2 in. (157 mm)
Wheelbase 64.2 in. (1,630 mm)
Tires, Type Dunlop Harley-Davidson Series, bias blackwall front and rear
Tires, Front Model D401F
Tires, Front Specification 100/90B19,57H,BW
Tires, Rear Model D401T
Tires, Rear Specification 150/80B16,77H,BW
Fuel Capacity 3.5 gal. (13.2 l)
Reserve Fuel Capacity, Fuel Injection (warning light) 1 gal. (3.8 l)
Oil Capacity (w/filter) 5 qt. (4.7 l)
Transmission Capacity 1 qt. (.95 l )
Primary Chain Case Capacity 1.25 qt. (1.18 l )
Coolant Capacity N/A
Weight, As Shipped 631 lb. (286 kg)
Weight, In Running Order 655 lb. (297 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1,160 lb. (526 kg)
Gross Axle Weight Rating, Front 450 lb. (204 kg)
Gross Axle Weight Rating, Rear 730 lb. (331 kg)
Luggage Capacity -Volume N/A

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers


Engine Milwaukee-Eight® 114
Valves Pushrod-operated overhead valves
Bore 4.016 in. (102 mm)
Stroke 4.5 in. (114.3 mm)
Displacement 114 cu in (1,868 ccs)
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Fuel System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Air Cleaner Ventilator intake with fiberglass media, a washable exposed element with rain sock
Exhaust 2-into-2 offset shotgun; catalyst in muffler
Lubrication System Pressurized, dry-sump with an oil cooler


Primary Drive Chain, 34/46 ratio
Final Drive Belt, 32/66 ratio
Clutch Mechanical, 10 plates wet, assist & Conventional
Transmission 6-Speed Cruise Drive®
Gear Ratios (overall) 1st 9.311
Gear Ratios (overall) 2nd 6.454
Gear Ratios (overall) 3rd 4.793
Gear Ratios (overall) 4th 3.882
Gear Ratios (overall) 5th 3.307
Gear Ratios (overall) 6th 2.79


Frame Mild steel, tubular frame; stamped, cast, and forged junctions; rectangular section backbone; MIG welded; aluminum forged fender supports
Swingarm Mild steel, stamped x-member, forged axle junctions, tubular sections; MIG welded; removable belt spacer
Front Fork Dual-bending valve 49mm telescopic including aluminum fork triple clamps; dual-rate spring; gaiter covers
Rear Shocks Hidden, coil-over, monoshock free piston; 43mm stroke; cam-style preload adjustment
Wheels, Optional Style Type N/A
Wheels, Front Type Black, Annihilator cast aluminum
Wheels, Front Width 2.5 in. (64 mm)
Wheels, Front Height 19 in. (483 mm)
Wheels, Rear Type Black, Annihilator cast aluminum
Wheels, Rear Width 3 in. (76 mm)
Wheels, Rear Height 16 in. (406 mm)
Brakes, Caliper Type 4-piston fixed front and 2-piston floating rear
Brakes, Rotor Type Solid, uniform expansion rotors
Brakes, Front Diameter 11.8 in. (300 mm)
Brakes, Front Thickness 0.2 in. (5 mm)
Brakes, Front is dual No
Brakes, Rear Diameter 11.5 in. (292 mm)
Brakes, Rear Thickness 0.23 in. (5.8 mm)
Front brake lever free travel N/A
Rear brake pedal free travel N/A
Brakes, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Optional
Suspension Travel, Front 5.1 in. (130 mm)
Suspension Travel, Rear 3.4 in. (86 mm)


Engine Torque Testing Method J1349
Engine Torque 119 ft-lb (161 Nm)
Engine Torque (rpm) 3,000
Power (Hp/kW) 94 HP / 70 kW @ 4750 rpm
Lean Angle Testing Method J1168
Lean Angle, Right (deg.) 28.5
Lean Angle, Left (deg.) 28.5
Maximum hill-starting ability N/A
Fuel Economy Testing Method Estimated City/Hwy
Fuel Economy 47 mpg (5 l/100 km)
CO₂ Emissions Testing Method N/A
CO₂ Emissions N/A


Battery Sealed, maintenance-free, absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery, 12V, 17.5Ah, 310 CCA at 0°F
Charging Three-phase, 42Amp system
Starting 1.6 kW electric, including solenoid shift starter motor engagement
Lights (as per country regulation), Headlamp All-new LED, Low Beam, High Beam & Signature Position Lamp
Lights (as per country regulation), Tail/Stop Bullet-style, dual-element incandescent stop/tail/turn signals
Lights (as per country regulation), Front Signal Lights Incandescent Bullets
Lights, Rear Turn Signals Bullet-style, dual-element incandescent stop/tail/turn signals
Gauges 2.14-inch viewable area LCD with speedometer, gear, odometer, fuel level, clock, trip, range, and tachometer indication
Auxiliary Lamps N/A
Electric Power Outlet USB A-Type, Output 5V at 2.4Amp, Capable of charging most intelligent phone models
GPS System N/A
Reverse Gear N/A

2022 Street Bob 114 Harley-Davidson Cruisers

Warranty And Service

Warranty 24 months (unlimited mileage)
Service Interval First 1,000 miles (1,600 km), every 5,000 miles (8,000 km) after that

Street Bob 114 vs. BMW R18

Aside from the beer can fork skirts up front, the R 18 is streamlined and refined without wasting unnecessary weight or space. Beemer takes a risk with a fake rigid frame, and a swing arm inspired by the Soft ail for an indisputably classic look and feel in the R 18.

Although the R 18’s saddle is a few inches higher than the Street Bob’s, it is still considered “low” at 27.2 inches. Fenders that have been shaved down contribute to the overall simplicity, while blackened rims and laced Wheels Bridge the gap between custom and classic.

BMW’s overall displacement is 1,802 cc, which is just 62 cubes less than the competition’s but results in lower torque output. Beemer claims 116 lb-ft of torque at three grand, just three pounds less than the Mil-8, which is too little to register on the old heinie-dyno.

Although the Beemer R 18’s boxer-twin engine isn’t beautiful, it helps give the bike a retro feel since it’s just as easily recognizable as a throwback design as Harley’s V-twin. Compared to the R 18, which comes equipped with traction control, riding modes, and anti-lock brakes (ABS), the Street Bob 114 is left in the digital dust.

The Street Bob 114 costs $18,495 compared to the basic model R 18’s $17,495 price tag, but the premium is understandable given the superior electronics of the German bike.