2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle Review Specs Price

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle

Where the dirt ends and the pavement begins is where the CRF300L Rally shines as an adventure bike suited to take on your everyday commute. Combined with its elegant form and sufficient low-end power, the intelligent features make this vehicle the ideal mode of travel for navigating crowded streets and bumpy pathways. The design of the bodywork was influenced by motorcycles used in the Dakar Rally, so it not only performs well but also looks fantastic. The big windscreen keeps you dry and comfortable in any climate. The long motocross-style seat makes it easy to get-in and out of the saddle and stays comfortable all day. If you’re searching for a dual sport that’s both lightweight and affordable, consider our 2022 CRF300L.

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle

Inspiring thoughts of the Dakar Rally without sacrificing utility or affordability, the CRF300L Rally is built on the standard CRF300L. The frame has been outfitted with a windscreen, and hand guards have increased fuel capacity and the rider’s comfort. The Rally version, capable of longer journeys than its regular sibling, is also an excellent daily driver.

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Single-Cylinder Engine

The CRF300L Rally benefits most from a single-cylinder engine. It is compact, easy to use, and very economical with gas.

Double-Overhead-Cam Construction

Honda motors have a well-deserved reputation for cutting-edge engineering. An excellent illustration is the power plant of the CRF300L Rally. The double-overhead-cam design is lightweight, efficient, and requires little in the way of upkeep.

Fuel Injection

Thanks to fuel injection, your motorcycle will usually function regardless of altitude or temperature. Furthermore, it has excellent fuel efficiency, so you need not worry about clogged carburetor jets, even if your bike has been sitting idle for a long time.

Rally Bike Styling

You can tell a genuine rally motorcycle by its tall windscreen, the extra-coverage fairing and side panels, and unified, frame-mounted bodywork. The CRF300L Rally has the same stunning looks as our championship-winning Dakar Rally race bikes, and you’ll appreciate the increased protection from the wind and rain.

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle

CRF450R-Inspired Bodywork

The CRF300L Rally borrows its bodywork and styling from our motocross-specific CRF450R models. The smooth connections between the various bodywork parts, the tank, and the seat not only make the bike look good but also make it easier to ride.

Slim Seat Front

The CRF300L Rally’s slim front seat makes it easy to go forward when riding or to put your feet down while stopping.

More Footroom

If you wear thick off-road riding boots, you’ll like the extra space provided by the engine and foot pegs’ locations in the chassis.

Polished Black Rims

The black rims’ glossy finish makes them look great and keeps them clean and a breeze.

Engine Counterbalancer

A counterbalance helps keep the engine in perfect working order. With this bike, you have the efficiency of a single cylinder, the power of a multi, and the compact breadth of a single.

Fuel Injection

When it’s cold outside, the fuel-injected CRF300L Rally is simple to get into gear. When compared to a bike with a carburetor, it helps reduce emissions while simultaneously increasing both performance and fuel efficiency.

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle

Integrated Rear Master Cylinder

The reservoir for the back brake fluid is integrated inside the master cylinder. Simple, compact, and stow able, the design are better able to withstand the rigors of off-road use.

Large Sidestand Foot

Our site stands foot for the CRF300L Rally was rather substantial. It may seem negligible, but if you’re riding off-road or even on-road and have to park in a scorching asphalt lot, you’ll be thankful you have it.

Comfortable Seating Position

Having a long, motocross-style seat makes it simple to move forward, backward, and to the side, making it much easier to cover ground as it slopes and undulates.

Cargo Convenience

Using bungee cords and cargo hooks, you may securely attach a lightweight to the back of a passenger seat in seconds. It’s another example of the careful design that makes these bikes adaptable. On the left side, there is a hidden storage space for your most precious little items.

Digital Instrumentation

The CRF300L Rally’s digital instrument cluster has large, easy-to-read numbers and signals. There are other features, such as a tachometer, twin trip meters, a clock, and more.

Large Fuel Tank

The CRF300L Rally’s fuel tank holds 3.4 gallons, allowing longer rides.

Passenger Ready

The CRF300L Rally can easily carry a passenger so that more people may experience the thrill. The foot pegs for the passenger, which are attached to the folding frame, are conveniently located in the middle of the seat.

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle

Rubber-Insert Pegs

The CRF300L Rally’s foot pegs are cushioned with rubber. Long-distance trips are made more comfortable thanks to the rubber soles, while your feet are kept securely off the floor by the cleated steel pegs.

21-Inch/18-Inch Front and Rear Wheels

The wheels have front and rear diameters of 21 inches and 18 inches, respectively, giving you plenty of room to fit various tires suitable for anything from rocky off-road trails to paved highways.

Disc Brakes

The CRF300L Rally’s front and rear hydraulic discs give it superior stopping power and braking feel on and off the road. With the option to add anti-lock brakes as well (ABS). As a bonus, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) on the rear wheel may be turned off for off-road use but is easily re-enabled.

More Ground Clearance

By reworking the engine and chassis and installing the power plant in a more elevated position inside the chassis, we increased the ground clearance from 6.6 to 10.9 inches.

Inverted Fork

Massive 43mm Showa® fork sliders are flipped. The CRF300L Rally’s sturdy construction makes it a capable off-roader.

Pro-Link Rear Suspension

With its single-shock Pro-Link rear suspension, the CRF300L Rally provides unrivaled levels of comfort, grip, and handling while increasing rider confidence.

Strong Steel Frame

The sturdy steel chassis was built to last on the rough streets and dirt paths of the real world. Since the frame rigidity may be modified, your influence is considerably more significant.

Design / Styling

The CRF300L Rally’s fuel capacity is the largest at 3.4 gallons, so it’s ready for travel. Due to its excellent fuel economy, the vehicle has a respectable range, with more than 250 miles in testing.

Similar to the Monster Energy Honda factory rally motorcycles, the rear section is kept compact to facilitate easy rider movement and to concentrate the bike’s bulk near the front. The striking red, black, white, and blue graphics mimic the look of the CRF Performance series, and a black frame finishes off the look.

Components are lightweight to reduce the vehicle’s overall mass to a minimum.

Riding Position

The seating position has been optimized for the rider’s input and simple control. The handlebar sweep allows for a more natural elbow position and easier steering, while the handlebar weights (5.8 ounces each) and new rubber foot peg platforms dampen vibrations. The seat is 190 mm wide, has a rubber mounting cushion, and has a shallow front so the rider’s feet may touch the ground when required.


The digital meter’s large, legible font in contrast to the white background, is a welcome convenience. Besides speed, clock, and rpm, the device also displays gear position, fuel mileage, and fuel consumption.

Engine / Drivetrain

The liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine has 76.0 mm in diameter and 63.0 mm in stroke, yielding a displacement of 286 ccs. The sweet spot for power is in the low to mid-range of the rpm range, where you’ll find yourself most of the time either riding about town or taking the vehicle off-road.

Reasonable throttle control, especially at low rpm, is facilitated by a significant 38 mm throttle body and an exhaust system that generates minimal sound production while reducing vibrations. The engine’s counterbalance and rocker-arm valve train allow for a compact cylinder head, while the former has smooth functioning.


The six-speed gearbox strikes an outstanding balance between suitability for city, long-distance, and off-road uses, with tight spacing in the lower ratios and large spacing in the top gears, offering excellent gear selection and allowing comfortable high-speed cruising.


To achieve such a light clutch-lever pull, the CRF300L Rally uses an assist/slipper clutch that also performs well during vigorous downshifts.

Chassis / Suspension

Weight was kept to a minimum by using lightweight materials for the vehicle’s construction. One such modification is using an aluminum bottom triple clamp instead of a steel one, which results in less effort required to steer while still keeping the bike’s center of gravity low.

Frame / Swing arm

Frame weight is lowered by leading component optimization, and enhanced rider sensation and mobility are made possible through increased lateral stiffness—the inside diameter of the cradle tubes measures 25.4 mm. Further, a massive 10.9-inch ground clearance dramatically reduces the possibility of interference when riding in difficult off-road circumstances. The swing arm’s lateral and torsional rigidity are adjusted to give a pleasant feel and predictable handling. Its overall cross-section is designed to generate a consistent distribution of twists. For better suspension movement, the lighter the swing arm, the less weight the springs have to support.


They combined a Pro-Link® mono-shock rear suspension with a Showa inverted 43 mm fork. The front and rear suspension travels are 10.2 inches and 10.4 inches, respectively, for outstanding off-road and on-road performance.

Wheels / Brakes

The front wheels have a diameter of 21 inches, while the rear wheels have a diameter of 18 inches; this is similar to the sizes used on high-performance off-road vehicles and makes for smooth travel over rough terrain. Stylish and easy to maintain, the black metal rims will never fade or scratch. Unsprung weight is decreased with a hollow back axle.

Both the front and back wheels use hydraulic brakes with rotor diameters of 296 mm and 220 mm, respectively, and an optional anti-lock braking system (ABS) for safe, controlled stopping in a wide range of conditions. Like the CRF Performance series, this model’s design integrates the reservoir into the rear brake master cylinder. For a unique driving experience while venturing off-road, just turn off the anti-lock brakes in the back.

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle – Price

The new 2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Bike is available at $6,399 only.

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle

2022 Honda CRF300L Rally ABS Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 286 cc liquid-cooled, 25º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train DOHC; four valves
Bore x Stroke 76.0 mm x 63.0 mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Induction PGM-FI fuel injection w/ 38 mm throttle body
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission 6-speed manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Final Drive 14T/40T; #520 O-ring-sealed chain


Front 43 mm telescopic inverted fork; 10.2 in. travel
Rear Pro-Link® system with single shock; 10.2 in. travel


Front Single two-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 296 mm disc; ABS
Rear Single one-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 220 mm disc; ABS


Front 80/100-21
Rear 120/80-18


Rake (Caster Angle) 27.5º
Trail 109 mm
Length 87.8 in.
Width 36.2 in.
Height 55.9 in.
Ground Clearance 10.9 in.
Seat Height 35.2 in.
Wheelbase 57.2 in.
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gal. (incl. .6 gal. Reserve)
Color Red
Curb Weight 335 lbs.